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Wondrous Strange is one of those gems that I stumbled across completely by accident I was in the book store looking to grab the second book in the BIFN series and of course I had to spend some time browsing while I was there The cover of this book gorgeous yes caught my attention, as did the title Both of them put me in mind of Wicked Lovely It was too much to resist Without even reading the inside flap, I grabbed the book and headed to the register This was a fortuitous happening I m not going to say too much, as to not give anything away since you know me well enough by now to know that I will hound you until you read this but I couldn t get enough of these characters The story is chock full of fae lore, which is fantastic for those already mildly versed in it whether through the myths themselves or vicariously through other authors such as Holly Black or Melissa Marr and explained enough that complete novices in that world will not be lost The first half of the story is very whimsical and fun So many of the little details that I crossed made my lips turn up into that grin that makes my husband shake his head tolerantly at me the smile of a satisfied and enchanted reader The last half of it made my head spin with the suddenness of some of the plot points That sounds like a negative, but it honestly wasn t The chaos of that part of the story flows with the sudden chaos and confusion of the main characters It works Well The romance is sweet without being overtly cheesetastic Parts of the interaction between Kelley and Sonny are hilarious, as he isn t quite accustomed to some modern speech patterns, and they sort of baffle and confuse each other when they first meet and later as well It s a cute and sweet little commentary on communication that I really enjoyed.The end was satisfying again with the looking hopefully to the future as opposed to the everyting is so happy with rainbows and pants that never wrinkle ending though it left me desperately hoping that a sequel is in the works PLEASE LET THERE BE A SEQUEL IN THE WORKS.All in all, I m very pleased Evenso that my copy of the book is a first edition I have a suspicion this author is going places. Unreadably bad.If I found a fairy horse in my bathtub, I d call animal control Come on, you re mature enough to move to NYC on your own and make a living as an actress but you don t know how to call the police It probably didn t help the book that the main love interest s name is Sonny, and when I think of Sonny, I think of an annoying, chubby little boy in 4th grade who annoyed the f out of me. Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestI didn t post any status updates for this stealth review When you re as busy as I am, you want to have a book on you at all times At any given moment, I have one to two books in my purse, even if I m just going to the hair salon You never know when you might be kept waiting WONDROUS STRANGE was my most recent book purse and I finished it in just two days.I was a bit hesitant about starting this book It came out in 2009, at the start of the post TWILIGHT YA paranormal craze, except it s about faeries instead of vampires These trends are cyclical and right now, faeries are popular again because you know who wrote you know what, and I honestly don t get it, because I d take vampires over faeries any day But then, I figured it out.Faeries are basically the Kardashians of the paranormal universe They re beautiful and they have nice clothes and they command attention but what do they do Yes, we know that they re magical but what do they do apart from being larger than life and slightly supernatural and getting into petty squabbles for no apparent reason We don t know The glamor lies in the glamor or the glamour, if you re a faerie , and from there, it just becomes a cyclical argument consisting of self hype and pixie dust Vampires are like the counter culture version of vampires so, like, I dunno what that would be in terms of pop culture punk rock Grunge there s the whole blood thing, for start, and then there s the fact that they re dead and tied to the occult Faeries are like the squeaky clean version of vampires immortal and powerful without that whole gross and dead and bloody thing.Anyway, getting back to the book, the main character is a girl named Kelley who is involved with the Avalon theater company in New York Due to a fluke, she was promoted from understudy to Queen Titania this is called foreshadowing in the play, A Midsummer Night s Dream Then one day, she meets a weirdo in a park and ends up rescuing a kelpie from a pool in Central Park, and that ends up pulling her into the supernatural world of the faerie.The Samhain gate to Faerie lies in Central Park, and the time when it opens is drawing close The faeries are pulling their usual games of intrigue, but this time it smalicious than usual one of them is planning on starting up the tradition of The Wild Hunt a ruthless band of faerie hunters who kill and raze until enough blood is spilled to satisfy them And this time, they ll want difficult prey.Obviously, since this is a YA paranormal book, the heroine is not all that she seems, has a secret past, blah blah blah, etc Likewise, the hero is not all that he seems, is instantly attracted to the heroine, must betray his nature to be with her, blah blah blah, etc By the end of the book, they are already saying I love you actually, it s I love thee, which makes it extra pretentious Because of course.I m not sure if I would have liked this as much if I was reading it at home, surrounded by my infinite array of options, but as a captive audience trapped in the middle of a very slow bus with nothing better to do, it was okay The writing is actually very gorgeous, and I loved the way the author incorporated faerie mythology into the storyline, and interwove theater into it Especially since I recently read another YA book about theater called ECHO AFTER ECHO, which left me wanting .The beginning of this book is much better than the end, however In the beginning, I was getting total Labyrinth vibes, and this is important, because Labyrinth is the yardstick by which I judge all books about faeries and goblins The lame insta love and lame love interest cost this book an entire star, though I hated Sonny For a semi immortal, he was incredibly immature and lame There are boys at middle school dances withmaturity than Sonny.All complaints aside, I liked it enough to buy the sequel this book and the sequel are 1.99 ea on Kindle right now , so I suppose I can t really complain It kind of reminded me of Julie Kagawa s Iron Fey series, except with a less swoon worthy hero and fewer intrigue action scenes.3.5 stars I see that most people seem to have really liked this book, but it really rubbed me the wrong way It felt very flat and predictable I would have liked to have had a sense that there was real danger at hand, but the writing lacked the necessary tension to pull off the New York City apocalypse scenario See The City s End Two Centuries of Fantasies, Fears, and Premonitions of New York s Destruction I generally really enjoy books like this, but it just didn t draw me in I love the cover art, though That said, I ll most likely read the next book in the series when it comes out I think this author has a lot of potential, and I sincerely hope that she grows as a writer. Always choose a book by its cover ahem.First, a disclaimer I liked this book Despite what I am about to say next.Definitely better written and far less angsty than Wicked Lovely, somewhat lacking in the descriptive area esp in comparison to the Marillier I just read Wildwood Dancing but the story ties up nicely and the characters are amusing It washumorous than I expected, which was good It was less dramatic than I expected, which was not so good I know, ambiguous, huh I expected it to bebalanced, and I feel it tipstoward the less serious The romance is a bit flat and undramatic, and makes me wonder if this is series material currently I m thinking not, unless Livingston ups the drama ante Not enough conflict Twilight haters will probably hate this, too I would recommend this for someone as young as maybe 11 or 12 since there is little in the way of R ratedness On the MarySue issue, ding We have a winner Shiny, twinkly, nothing wrong with her, everyone loves you MarySue.It did really make me want to re read A Midsummer Night s Dream, which is the thematic basis for the book.I ll keep this book but I doubt I ll read it again Man, I wish we had half stars I d give this another half up, for Bob and possibly Lucky. Reviewed by The Story Siren for TeensReadToo.comI loved it, I LOVED it I love it so much I want to marry it If you are a fan of faerie books, you ll want to read this one If you ve tried faerie books before, but didn t like them, you ll want to read this If you aren t a fan of faerie books, you ll still want to read it It s that good Incredible characters, incredible writing, incredible plot It was really just so fantastic, it s hard to find the words to describe it I never in a million years would have guessed this was a debut novel The key to my heart is great characters and storyline, and this book had it all and then some Even the minor characters stood out to me, and they were fascinating Like Chloe she is a siren, has a very minor role, and yet she is very memorable As well as a few other characters. but I don t want to give all the goods away Completely original plot I figured a few things out, but other things I was oblivious to until they were revealed I ve read other faerie books about the faerie royalty if you ve read Melissa Marr you know what I m talking about here Not that I d even compare this book to Marr s because they are at totally two different ends of the spectrum And I don t mean that in the quality of writing, because they are both fabulous writers Did I just write fabulousdon t you just love the plethora of f adj Do you think I m subconsciously doing it because of the whole faerie thing freaking fantastic fascinating fabulous faeries I promise I did NOT do that on purpose Great writers write what they know what movie is that from Never Been Kissed I think that statement definitely has some truth to it Kelley is an actress a struggling actress to bespecific The theater scenes within the novel were marvelous notice no f here so I wasn t surprised to learn that the lovely Lesley Livingston herself is at home on the stage I wonder if she knows any faeries personally I think the thing I loved most about WONDROUS STRANGE was Kelley She is an exceptional female protagonist I was instantly drawn to her character She s honest, she imperfect, and she doesn t pull the Bella card When a cute guy tells her that faeries are real, she reacts like a normal person and laughs in his face LOVED IT And I must mention Sonny Ah Sonny. Mom, can I have one Yeah, that s really all I m going to say about him, because if I tell you, they you re going to want him, too, and you can t have him because he s mine No really, I m not going to tell you how incredibly cute he is, and how he kicks major faerie butt, because he s all about protecting the mortal world from the mean faeries. And yet, he can still rescue the damsel in distress even if she is mean to him and laughs in his face I simply cannot say enough good things about this novel I highly recommend you grab a copy of this book It would make an awesome Christmas present And I m eventhrilled to mention that this novel is the beginning of a trilogy Seventeen Year Old Actress Kelley Winslow Thinks That Playing The Role Of The Fairy Queen Titania In A Production Of Shakespeare S Midsummer Night S Dream Could Be Her Lucky Break If She Can Pull It Off But When She Meets The Handsome Sonny Flannery, Kelley Has To Face The Shocking Truth That The World Of Faeries Is All Too Real And That She Is An Unwitting Part Of It Sonny Warns Kelley That She Is No Mere Mortal, And That She Is Being Haunted By Powerful Forces From The Faerie Realm Now, Kelley Must Come To Terms With Her Heritage And Her Growing Feelings For Sonny If She Wants To Save Not Only Herself, But Also The Human World That She Holds Dear The story is meh.The characters are dum, it is appalling how stupid Sunny is This is another case of TSTL characters No, thank you. Slight spoilers I write this review as I stare at my Pretty Pretty Princess board game.Why Because this book makes me wish I was a ginger fairy princess myself, so that I could take Kelley s place and think rationally rather than try to save a half ton horse, especially when it s a kelpie and trying to kill me so it can eat me Or try to prevent hypothermia by taking the hottest shower ever THAT LL help meI got to page 80 something, and I just couldn t kid myself, I was bored out of my fucking mind I tried to see saving a horse as interesting, but all I could think of was It s a goddamn horse, can t pull a HORSE by yourself in a lake And when she BLACKS OUT from trying to save this thing, we go to Sonny s chapter But when we go back to Kelley, she is entering her apartment.The fuck How the hell did you not drown Sonny didn t save you The kelpie sure as hell wasn t saving you or maybe it did and completely butchered its own myth because plot device.Anyway, the whole horse plot was the only thing that stuck cause I thought, Lol horse in the apartment But it wasn t done correctly for me to laugh and find it grand I just found it boring The prose made a horse chilling in a bathtub boring.Kelley as a character started out poorly It is never explained how she got to her apartment other than contacting her roommate Tyff If she s part of a rinky dink play, how is she even getting money for the apartment Parents Aunt Second job Sudden inheritance of a great sum All I got was, Baww she is in NYC performing and she is missing that family of hers BULLSHIT Gimme facts.Sorry, I just can t go further There is nothing fun about this book Maybe it s the following of Shakespeare which I doubt , maybe it s the whole fairy thing which it could be , but I have to stop reading I m too bored and I don t wanna losebrain cells I gave the book two stars one for Fuck it All, and the second because who knows, maybe it gets better in the pages I missed.I m gonna go play Pretty Pretty Princess. I m a huge Shakespeare fan so I loved all the references Also really liked Bob and the kelpie horse There s a great twist you won t see coming If you re in the mood for fairies, give this one a try.