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How gorgeous is THIS I read Ms Argyle s Witch Song novelthan a year ago and I really liked it Her world of witches and Guardians was very exciting and I loved the thought of witches having power through their songs There were some pacing issues that I didn t care for and a whole secondary plot that would have beensuited in a sequel since in my opinion it made the first book overly long However, I still really liked the novel and was pleased to see that there was another novel about the world of witches and Guardians In book two of her Witch Song series we still follow Brusenna otherwise known as Senna who due to her saving all of the witches in the last novel is now an Apprentice Finally getting to work with other witches Senna has never feltalone Someone is targeting Senna and trying to delay her attempts to lift a curse that the witches leveled at Tarten in the last novel Readers also get to catch up with Senna s Guardian and also betrothed Joshen All in all I found this novel was much improved when it came to flow and through the main character Senna The novel had very short chapters and all the while you can feel the tension building in the novel until the very end I also loved that Ms Argyle introducedback story into the history of the witches and that we had somesongs that were not introduced in the last novel However, there were some issues that I had with some of the writing that ended up distracting me For example, in one passage we have Senna traveling and to do that a soul leaves a body Well then all of the writing afterwards talks about how the air felt against Senna s body, how the wind ruffled her hair, etc To me that was strange since I had just read she left her body so I really don t follow how she was able to feel anything There were several other parts of the novel that had writing such as this which made no sense as you read Also Senna s relationship with Joshen I thought were clumsily done Joshen and Senna s fighting throughout the novel made very little sense since Senna acted as if Joshen was betraying her by wanting to keep her safe Considering the fact that both of them are portrayed as older teens in this novel I can excuse common sense from them but other than that I felt like it was a poor move to try to introduce a not needed love triangle into the mix Finally, though I liked the main plot and Senna finding outabout the witches I really didn t understand how such secrets were kept from all of the witches at Haven Especially since we have Senna talking about them with a main character who recalls what happened in the past As I said things like that made no sense in the overall story.I still really did enjoy this novel though I had the issues I mentioned above. Amber Argyle has, without a doubt, become a firm favourite of mine Her writing is amazing and her attention to detail is phenomenal She has never failed to grab me right from the start and take me on a magical, often times tragical, journey Every one of her books has been action packed and intense They have caused me to cry, to gasp, to shout out and to have a book hangover This one is no different May contain spoilers for book 1 Brusenna is once again in a fight for her life She thought that after defeating the dark witch, her life would be easier now, but she is wrong She has to defeat a muchdangerous foe and try to save her fellow witches All the while trying to have a life with Joshen Can she do it, or will her story end tragically I fell in love with Senna and Joshen after book one, and this one just cements it Senna is such a worthy heroine She knows her own mind and even when she is told not to do something, if it s the right thing to do, she will do it no matter the consequences She is strong willed, kind, capable and loyal She has been through so much, and evenduring this one, yet she stays true to herself Joshen is such a dolt How could he be so stupid and not trust Senna after everything You will have to read it to see what I m talking about My heart was in my mouth wondering if they would make up or not I love these 2 and they are perfect for each other so I m glad it was all sorted.The plot is once again extremely fast paced I loved that we get to see the dark witch again and what Senna does for her just goes to show her character There are secrets revealed, lives lost, friendship destroyed, and even worse, a deception that is hard to take Basically we have a book filled with everything a great book should have Everything about this book, and indeed the series, can be summed up in one word amazing It s a book that once you start, be prepared to be up all night because you won t put it down The world Amber created is magical and one I know I will revisit again and again Highly recommend her work and I can not wait to readfrom her.Melissa Reizian Frank has such a great voice for this series It feels like she is the perfect Senna and really gets the story Her tones inflections are perfect and she brings this story alive. O.M.G If Witch Song was amazing, Witch Born was downright mind blowing Usually, I m not one to dwell on the ending of a series if the characters get their closure and or their HEA, I m OK with it and I move on this time though, I really, really feel like stalking Amber Argyle and begging her to writebooks in this world I didn t want the story to end sob If you loved Witch Song, but you re worried that Witch Born might have some second book in a series syndrome symptoms Do Not Worry In fact, read it as soon as possible, because Witch Born is so much MORE After reading the first book, I didn t think the second one could get better, but I was wrong More tension, suspense, intrigue, mystery, action, adventures, drama, heartbreak, butpower, magic, wonderment, beauty, love and hope as well The plot thickens, the stakes are higher and everything changes the characters, the world around them, the power of the elements, and nothing and no one is what they seem any You never know what to expect, if you can trust or believe anyone There are twists, turns and dangerous, scary, unpredictable situations all throughout the book Phew, what a ride Senna thought that once she saved Haven and the Witches, all was going to be well But she was wrong There s no peace and happily ever after at Haven Actually, living there is not easy at all there s tension everywhere the Witches don t trust her, some of them fear her and she still has a lot to learn But she does her best to adjust and to recover after the events from the previous book Not an easy thing to do, when her life is in danger again there seems to be a new, bigger threat on the horizon, there might even be a traitor in their midst and everyone keeps secrets from her, even the people closest to her Some new powers and old legends surface and no one is safe any She knows something huge, dangerous and life changing is going to happen, but she doesn t know what Yet Her powers are changing as well, but, unfortunately, her power came with a price a burden every Witch born bore, especially one as strong as her She feels helpless, overwhelmed and out of control, but, as always, she s fierce and determined and she s set to do anything to figure it out and to put an end to all the chaos around her I refuse to live in ignorance and helplessness But when she digs deeper, she finds out scary things that should have never been uncovered Things that could change everything Things that could be the answer to all the weirdness that s been happening lately Things that could threaten the balance of the entire world and once again, she s caught in the middle and she seems to held the final answer.And like that wasn t bad enough, things with Joshen are not going well either he loves her, he wants to protect her and he would do anything to keep her safe, even if that means to stay in her way and to try to stop her from getting involved in anything that could threaten her lifeSo I m just supposed to accept that I might lose you His voice was thick with anger She rubbed her face I am Witch born It s what I am He took a step towards her What you are is my loveBut all she wants is to keep fighting and trying to make things right in the world againI spent too much time on Haven doing the smart thing, she replied Now I m going to do the right thingLike I said, in Witch Born the stakes are even higher Senna s powers grow and grow every day, no one trusts her and she can t trust anyone either there s danger, secrets and conspiracies everywhere around her and there s somethingpowerful and dangerous than anyone ever imaged even existed coming from some higher forces Obviously, she has to act Fast But at least this time around, she s not alone when she sets out on her journey to save the world That doesn t mean she s safe though she makes new allies, as well as new enemies, and when the situation gets seriously dire, she has to turn to unbelievable sources for help.There were so many twists, surprises and OMG I would have never seen that one coming moments in the second part of the book, they made my head spin While reading the last chapters of the story, my stomach was twisted into knots, my mind was reeling, my emotions were all over the place, I was gripping the edges of my seat and I even got teary eyed at some point When something totally unpredictable and heartbreaking happened, I literally just wanted to scream WHY HOW COULD YOU DO THAT But I kept reading, my heart in my throat, my fingers crossed, hoping for the best And of course, I loved every second of it The ending was bittersweet full of action, tension and impossible situations, yet emotional, sweet, and heart melting it brought the hope and closure the characters and their story needed It was perfect.I really liked how the characters and their relationships developed They went through a lot, changed and learned a lot about the world and about themselves With every new challenge, Senna grew and learned to believe in herself, in love, in a better future.Just like in Witch Song, in Witch Born the nature, the magic and the elements are as much characters of the story as the Witches and everyone elseWind was like a half wild colt full of wild energy Earth reminded her of an old man with arthritic bones slow and sleepy Water was like a temperamental woman full of secret moods and hidden places Sunlight was a playful child subject to sulks and fits of laughter And plantsAdd to all that the beautiful, lyrical writing, the stunning world building, the fast paced plot, the strong characters, and you get a magnificent and no, I don t think I m exaggerating at all saying that story that will stay with you for days I feel like my review doesn t make the book justice, but I highly recommend it Also, if you like books like The Iron King, Born Wicked or The Girl of Fire and Thorns, I m sure you ll enjoy this one maybe evenOh, and I need to mention the scene from the cover It was so beautiful, so magical, yet so vivid and realistic, I could only stare in awe at my screen A soft touch startled her She looked down to see a moth skimming along her palm Another landed on her wrist She brought the insect close, studying the intricate patterns on its wings A third moth clung to Senna s smallest finger, its tiny legs tickling so she had to fight to keep from wiggling and scaring the moths away. The rest of the scene is kind of spoiler y, but it was all amazing and played an important role in the story.Initially posted on my blog at Review copy provided by the author in exchange for my honest opinion. Brusenna Thought It Was Finished She Defeated The Dark Witch, Saving The Witches From Imprisonment And Death She Found Love And A Place To Belong But She Was Wrong A New Threat Merges With The Old As The Witches Dark History Begins To Catch Up With Them Only Brusenna Knows The Extent Of The Danger And How To Stop It, Though Doing So Might Cost Her Everything Including Her Life Starting this, I was wary this was going to be unsatisfying.Well, this was unsatisfying I wasn t satisfied.The main character didn t satisfy me.The love interest wasn t satisfying.The world building wasn t satisfying.The character development wasn t satisfying.Did I mention I was unsatisfied Because I m unsatisfied.I was also unsatisfied about finishing this.To be satisfied, I will be continuing this trilogy.Are you satisfied I m not. Witch Born is book two in the Witch Song series, and the last one centered around Brusenna Senna has defeated the Dark Witch and saved Haven, but something else is beginning and she s becomingpowerful as time goes on It was a real treat to be able to finally get back into the world of Witches and elements, and in a different format There may be spoilers for book one below this I was a bit worried that I wouldn t remember all that happened in the first book since it s been awhile, but I found it easy to slip back into the world Argyle has created Senna is having trouble moving past the devastation they have wrought on the country of Tarten, and wants to put the world to rights However she finds herself in the middle of another battle, one that the Witches of Haven thought long over Witch Born is a book centered around coming into one s own, and putting aside differences Senna is not thriving the way she had hoped in the tutelage of Haven, instead she feels stifled and isolated Many of the witches do not trust her, others simply don t like her, and a few wish to keep her cooped up and out of harm But Senna longs to fix Tarten, and in trying to do so she finds herself brimming with new power and finding a veiled threat I really loved getting to learnabout the Witches lore, and gettingexplanations of how the four elements play into the structure of the world There is a ton of action, vivid magic, and a lot of twists turns as Senna tries to discover the unseen threats origin and fix Taren As short as this novel is I still found it to be rich in descriptions, and I could easily picture the dusty lands of Tarten, the tall ancient trees of Haven, and the dangerous swells of the ocean.I love strong female characters and that is one of Argyle s strongest points in her writing The witches in this book are fierce and independent, and for the most part live apart from men and outsiders Senna s journey in this book is just as much about finding her own independent strength as it is about finding her power Her relationship with Joshen is still sweet, and a great addition to the story but I really appreciated that Argyle took the time to force Senna to find herself without Joshen and to find that she can stand strong on her own.While I will admit that our narrator, Melissa Reizian Frank, is not among my favorites I did enjoy her rendition of the tale I m notorious for being ansty with audiobooks since I read much faster than they can, and I did feel a bit of that with this one as Melissa s pace is a slower one However I did enjoy her accents for each of the regions, and thought she gave the witches voices of their own.I m a bit sad to see the end of Senna s journey, and what an end it was, but I m glad I got to enjoy yet another one of Amber Argyle s rich tales. This and my other reviews can be found at Dark Witch has been defeated and Senna is engaged to the man she loves, everything should be perfect, but it is not Haven is not the paradise she thought it would be, Tarten is still suffering from the witches curse and there is a new threat that could destroy everything Senna holds dear Witch Born is a brilliant sequel which has lots of twists and turns and is muchunpredictable than Witch Song Also this book isaction packed and involves additional characters than the first book.Senna has really grown up since the Witch Song but she is still finding out who she wants to be in life, which causes tension between her and those who care about her I really like Joshen in this book as he is everything a love interest in a light YA fantasy and while they may be away from each otherin this book you can still tell they love each other very much.I really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait to see what else Amber Argyle is going to write I would recommend this series to people who like Shannon Hale and Gail Carson Levine. I m a tiny bit conflicted by this book It did pick up rather quickly from the ending of the first book, and very quickly pulled me in, and built up the action nice and fast, which made this rather difficult to put down The build up to the climax was even better, but to my mind, the wheels fell off during the climax, and the resolution didn t help matters I think I am invested enough in the world that the author has woven that I ll need to finish the series. Second books in a series are always tricky The first can be a home run, and the second has such high standards to meet that, on its own its good, but as part of the series its a stinker Or, the first can be just average, nothing great, and the subsequent books get better and better The trick is then luring readers into being interested.Witch Born was kind of a mix of the two Witch Song book 1 was excellent, and Witch Born was equally awesome We see Senna as a stronger character in a lot of ways We see Joshen as stronger in some ways, and yet not as strong in others And Senna s mother seems to have crumbled a little bit as a person, but not as a character We are introduced to a lot of new characters that you hate to love but love them regardless.The book was filled with mystery and intrigue There were definitely a few plot twists that surprised the heck out of me In short, I was completely enthralled and engrossed for the days I was reading Witch Born.It wasmature than Witch Song, simply because Senna and Joshen aremature Don t misunderstand, Witch Born is still very clean No swearing or sexual content Just some kissing and a few instances where Senna realizes she s not completely modest in her shift And, of course, some fantasy violence.The ending was good in showing that all endings can be happy, but there is no such thing as a perfect happy ending Not to mention it makes me excited for the future of the series.My only complaint, which may not qualify as a complaint butas an observation, was that since it s been so long since I read Witch Song, I was sometimes lost Ok, there were a lot of times when I was a little lost I felt a tugging in my memory where I thought, OK, I think this was important in the first bookbut I don t remember Or, Who It frustrated me simply because I think I would have emotionally connected to the book a little better if I could remember the details from the first one It might have been nice if the author could have given a fewprompts instead of just expecting the reader to remember everything However, that is very tedious to write, and can be boring to read through if you recently read the first book.My advice is just make sure you remember Witch Song before reading Witch Born But make sure you read Witch Born It was definitely worth it, and I cannot wait for the third book It might be a while since Witch Born was just released yesterday And PS I know you love that cover as much as I do.PPS I just found out this could be the final book in the Witch Song series, which makes me very sad Though the ending was left open for , I can see how it would be a goodbye as well And if that s the case, I m satisfied Though if you re reading this Amber Argyle, I d be a lot MORE satisfied if there were three books in the series I m just sayin.