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When Sophie Stumbles Into Rhys World She Is Mere Whisper Of Herself A Shell Broken And Battered By Loss And Neglect A Weekend Away And Time With Friends Is What She Needs What She Gets Is A Sexy Alpha Male With A Mysterious Past, A Reputation Beyond Measure And A Need For Control Gambling With One S Heart Is A Dangerous Affair And Everybody Knows You Don T Walk Away From The Table When You Are Winning

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    Whisper, book 1 of 3 Sophie is ill equipped to handle the hot cold seduction of Rhys Slate Books in The Voice Trilogy Series should be read in order Book 1 WhisperBook 2 SpeakBook 3 ShoutWhisper book 1 follows library employee Sophie Noelle and playboy, heir and business mogul Rhys Slate as they attend an off site wedding Nothing, I repeat nothing could have prepared Sophie for the enigmatic, commanding and determined Rhys Well versed in the game of seduction with a penance for toying with this targets Rhys turns on the charm, while taunting Sophie with sex and secrets while villains stir on the sidelines..Eight words to describe Rhys Slate Taunting, charming, worldly, cocky, enigmatic, non committal, demanding and possessive.Seven words to describe Sophie Noelle Sweet, na ve, fiery, smart, reflective, meek and loyal.Whisper, told from Sophie s POV is a riveting game of seduction, secrets, jealousy and sex Ending leads right to book 2, Speak for the continuation of their story.Swoon worthy hero Mind blowing sex Villains and secrets brewing Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency 5 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating N A Overall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author Yes.

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    4.5 Smouldering StarsWhisper is one of those books where you fall in love with the heroine immediately Sophie just wraps you around her finger No man, no house, no job will ever be worthy of her But she s very humble, sweet and kind But leave it to the work of this author s literary debut to sweep me off my feet with Rhys Slate He s rich, in control, interesting, flawed and delicious At first you believe that there s no chance that anything can come from the pairing of this very real, very likable heroine and this playboy, blue blood, anti hero But at some point in the book you begin rooting for them Together, they absolutely smolder There is good conflict and resolution throughout The sex drips with sensuality I loved every scene I found myself wanting them to make it than a one night stand Then wishing for and And the author finds a way to grant each wish you have until the end, which leaves you waiting for book two What will happen Anyone s guess Looking forward to the rest of this trilogy and books from Noelle Bodhaine She has a very unique and enjoyable voice You can tell she doesn t just write books, she reads them Well done.

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    Can I just say I love taking chances on new authors because, 90% of the time, I find another to love This is Noelle s debut novel and it s freaking awesome It s got drama, action, emotion and hot, steamy sex Let s talk about Mr Rhys SlateWOW A tall, lean, alpha male with dark hair, green eyes and a little chest hair Hello hotness Rhys is a man who knows what he likes and can get what he wants He has his eyes set on Sohpie, a shy, naive, laid back 24 yr old who is attending his brother s wedding Rhys comes off as cocky, but there s chemistry between he and Sophie that neither can back away from What happens when the weekend is over and they have to go their separate ways There was jealousy, ups and downs, beautiful romantic moments and unsure feelings going on I loved both characters together and loved that Sophie was trying her best to break out a little There were also turns I didn t see coming, which made it hard to put the book down This is one book you don t want to pass on.Thank you Noelle for giving me the chance to read your first novel I can t wait for the 2nd part of this trilogy 3

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    I read this book as an Arc in exchange for honest review I Loved it because in a market saturated with set themes what comes out of it is a book written about two people who have been hurt Sophie is a strong female lead who is coming out of a bad relationship but finds out she is an independent woman who is desirable Rhys is a complex man who is intrigued by Sophie and what ensues is a slow seduction that goes up in flames and sets the book on fire I loved it and can t wait for the next installment ij this Trilogy.

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    WOW incredible book was hooked from the first page. This is a must read can t wait for the next book. I want it now. Well done Noelle bloody brilliant And very very HOT o Mr Slate is my new book boyfriend Xx

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    The opulent life style was over the top and the fling forgettable I was intrigued by the cover and the other reviews.It s a story about Olivia s lavish wedding and the fine details associated with the occasion A lot time is spent begging and swooning Sophie Rhys winds her up sexually and just when Sophie caves something happens to disrupt the night So far harsh words and distractions have caused problems for them to get their one night.Fantasy number one catch the attention of a sexually arrogant man that causes your body to combust when touched check.Fantasy number two to have a taste of the opulence life style with a wealthy man CheckFantasy number three to be propositioned by a man who claims he knows what you need and will give you exactly what you need for one night Check.Fantasy number four the hope to be something Wanting than just just one night Wanting to stake a claim on a man that cannot promise Check.Fantasy number five to make the other club members jealous that you are not the same as them Check.Fantasy number six offer yourself in ways you never have before and unravel the man to never want to let you go Check.Fantasy number seven a man set on rules and boundaries will no longer want them for a woman who is so different from all the others Check.Final fantasy have the white and shining knight save the damsel in distress from her ex Check.I m puzzled by all the 4 and 5 star reviews I had hoped for a splendid story that raptured my emotions, but it has not yet achieved that status It takes half way into the story before the fun begins All the teasing is finally over and the promises to be sated are warranted.I m reading the words but they have no effect on me Don t get me wrong they are some sexy saucy words but I ve read these same words so many times that they have lost their appeal I need a better understanding as to why Ryhs wants than one night and what the appeal is This is warranted in order to make this story different from all the others I have read like this one Adjective after adjective does not make a story The first half was the wedding and the second half has been sex No other story advancement I need some story with my sex Rhys to too smug Rhys bumps into several conquest at every turn Sophie can see the type of man he is and yet ignores the warning signs Sophie is a weak woman driven by lust So what if he can please you sexually Allowing a man to use you and break you is not sexy.I m shocked no mention of being clean or the need to use condoms People who have flings don t have sex without protection They are not lovers who can trust each other.

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    I wanted to like this, but in the end I just could not connect as much as I would have liked to You may like it.Sophie goes to her BFF s friends, Olivia s, wedding to Miami There Sophie meets the rich playboy, Rhys Rhys does not do relationships However, he becomes friends with Sophie and begins to spend time with her I liked that it was not insta love, insta sex, etc There is drama in the fact that Rhys has slept with majority of Olivia s bridesmaids and sorority friends Rhys also had something going on for awhile with a woman, Nadja, who he claims he hates but she seems to be around a lot I love drama especially ex girlfriend ex lover drama, but I was actually annoyed with it this time There was so much unnecessary dialogue and information that it took away from the story Less is in this case I wish the author would just allow me come up with own assumptions about feelings and characters The story had all the components that I usually love in my billionaire romance the rich playboy man whore, the heroine who has had to struggle, the type of cliffy I always crave, and the drama of ex lovers, but there was so much information that it too long to get to the actual point and story Everything just dragged Skim, skim, skim.The story is written in dual POVs, but the switch does not happen frequently.Side note If I was in Vegas, I would put money down that the marriage between Olivia and Matthew does not last.

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    Well hello there Mr Slate MeetRhysSlate I loved loved loved this story Rhys and Sophie are from different worlds but what I enjoyed most was how those worlds came together Rhys was dark and mysterious everything a woman fantasises aboutor is he I really liked Sophie from the beginning, she was vulnerable and then BAM Rhys walks in to her life like a tornado.I loved how this book ended I can t wait for the next book.

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    I don t write reviews very often simply because I find most books have ended up reading too similar for me, Noelle has a refreshing style of writing Cannot wait for the second installment of her work.