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From The Author Of The Art Of Inheriting Secrets Comes An Emotional New Tale Of Two Sisters, An Ocean Of Lies, And A Search For The Truth Her Sister Has Been Dead For Fifteen Years When She Sees Her On The TV NewsJosie Bianci Was Killed Years Ago On A Train During A Terrorist Attack Gone Forever It S What Her Sister, Kit, An ER Doctor In Santa Cruz, Has Always Believed Yet All It Takes Is A Few Heart Wrenching Seconds To Upend Kit S World Live Coverage Of A Club Fire In Auckland Has Captured The Image Of A Woman Stumbling Through The Smoke And Debris Her Resemblance To Josie Is Unbelievable And Unmistakable With It Comes A Flood Of Emotions Grief, Loss, And Anger That Kit Finally Has A Chance To Put To Rest By Finding The Sister Who S Been Living A LieAfter Arriving In New Zealand, Kit Begins Her Journey With The Memories Of The Past Of Days Spent On The Beach With Josie Of A Lost Teenage Boy Who D Become Part Of Their Family And Of A Trauma That Has Haunted Kit And Josie Their Entire LivesNow, If Two Sisters Are To Reunite, It Can Only Be By Unearthing Long Buried Secrets And Facing A Devastating Truth That Has Kept Them Apart Far Too Long To Regain Their Relationship, They May Have To Lose Everything

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    I am planning, sometime in the future, on re reading this book Barbara O Neal is one of my favorite authors, her descriptive abilities are powerful lush I have to admit that I couldn t dnf this story it wasn t boring or slow If anything it was for me too detailed, too dark.I admit I read to a certain degree to escape To experience things even if only on paper like visiting new places, foods, ideas or even time periods And this story did give me the first three of these things it was truly well written But it didn t give me enough hope I feel like you do when you eat too much of something really heavy and you feel it sitting in the pit of your stomach hours latter.Like I said, I plan on re reading this In the hope that I just picked the wrong time in reading this the first time Now the story is sitting heavily in my mind, and it is dark.

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    When We Believed in Mermaids is an engrossing, turbulent, and poignant book about two sisters, Kit and Josie When the story begins, Kit is shocked to see her sister in the background of a news broadcast from New Zealand, thousands of miles away from their home in California especially since Josie had been killed 15 years earlier When she goes to New Zealand to find her sister, Kit unknowingly sets off a chain of events that will impact her own life, as well as that of her sister and the life she has built Kit and Josie were such complex, fascinating characters, each of them reacting to the pain of their childhoods which left them emotionally scarred The flashbacks in the story give so much insight to the horrors of their childhood the neglect, the abuse, the addictions But they also show us the love the two sisters had for each other, the closeness they shared until it all went horribly wrong The setting of the book was fantastic, from the beaches of Santa Cruz to the beauty of New Zealand And the surfing The author s descriptions of the girls as they surfed from the time they were children made it feel like I was in the middle of those waves with them The pages of this book are filled with love love between sisters, the love of children for their parents, steadfast love, and new love and how love can somehow withstand everything that threatens to destroy it.

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    I enjoyed this book, even loved it But I got confused occasionally The story kept me interested, but I found it a little unrealistic But I read on and really liked the last half of the book no spoilers Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review of this book.

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    There is nothing like the connection of love between two sisters and the bonds they share throughout their lives This book is the story of two sisters, Josie and Kit, who are so close to each other growing up that it seems nothing would ever separate them from each other Their bond is unbreakable, or so it seems Secrets, heartaches, doubts, suspicions, and broken trust.will they be able to overcome so many hurtful events and find their sisterness again This story is about what can happen in life Josie and Kit have a very awful and painful childhood with parents who are on the edge of neglectful Josie and Kit come to depend on each other to survive and grow up There is a wonderful character named Dylan who enters their lives and becomes a big brother and looks out for them He has come from a troubled past himself But events happen and their lives are turned upside down I fell into the pages of this book It took me into the lives of these characters and wouldn t let me go The narrative alternates between Kit s and Josie s points of view As the story takes place in the current time, there are flashbacks to fill in the pieces of the broken lives they grew up with Ms O Neal wove these pieces together like a masterpiece My heart was broken for the heartaches and tragedies that Josie and Kit endured It felt myself wanting to draw them in To be there for them and heal their hurts There was so much emotion in this book for me I cried, I ached, I pulled for them to find their love for each other again Would they be able to find it in their hearts to forgive and mend their relationship back to what it was I love the setting in this book I felt like I have experienced Auckland and the beauty that it possesses I was on the beaches with Kit and Josie I was in the surf and feeling the solitude in the water surfboarding I saw the landscapes and terrain It was so descriptively written A perfect setting for two girls who believed in mermaids growing up There was a bit of mystery written into the story, too Sapphire House is intriguing What happened to the famous actress, Veronica Parker, who was living in there It was a thread throughout the book and a fascinating aspect to the story I thoroughly enjoyed this book I loved being in the pages and connecting with the characters I was yearning for them with all my heart I went on a journey into the hearts and souls of these characters It s one I ll remember for a long time I want to thank Lake Union, Netgalley, and Ms O Neal for the honor and opportunity to read this wonderful story This is a five star read for me.

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    Round up to 4.5 stars Review to come at AAR.

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    You re Going To Want To Read This Somewhere Where You Can Cry Wow This is a tragic tale, all around It is primarily about two sisters and the scars they share and the lengths they will both go to try to overcome them Amazing story, solid mystery though some of it becomes obvious earlier than the actual reveal This one will grabs you with the first line, has you tearing up a bit early on and then can have full on water works through the last quarter to third or so of the tale Light and airy, this aint but it is one of the better, intense dramas I ve read this year A remarkable contrast to O Neal s 2018 book The Art of Inheriting Secrets Very much recommended.

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    Heartrending and beautiful But this is no easy ride The sisters problems are real and crushing, and about halfway through I was far from convinced that they would resolve them, or their relationships The men in this story are villains or heroes, or both, and I found Dylan the most poignant, while Javier was the one I want to take home with me.But none of the men are able to step in and save the day The sisters must do it for themselves, and fight through very difficult histories to get there.If you re up for a lovely visit to New Zealand and a story you re going to want stay up all night to finish, I recommend When We Believed in Mermaids.

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    Moving story about sisterhood, love, and learning how to let go of the past in order to live fully in the present.O Neal has a gift for reaching deep into the soul and breaking the reader s heart and then mending it again If I have one quibble about this story was that the backstory wasn t revealed fast enough for me, I wanted to know quickly about the things that shaped the sisters as they were growing up, and some of it was only hinted at until almost the end.Other than that, this is a wonderful story told from the points of view of the two sisters, allowing the reader to feel their aching loss of each other and their anger and betrayal, as well as the love that survived it all Although their experiences are unique, the emotions behind what happened resonated with me and my own life experiences.Recommended for those who like emotionally heartfelt and occasionally heart wrenching stories of family and love.I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, all opinions are my own.

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    What a beautiful novel.I read this book in one sitting I just couldn t put it down So complex, so poignant and just a little terrifying Anyone who loves reading about family, relationships and secrets will love this book.

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    This book was a little cheesy for me The love story and all the woah is me stuff were a little too much and I found myself uninterested irritated Kit and Josie definitely had horrible childhoods, but everyone needs to move on and move up eventually I wanted to shake both of them.The dialogue was well written, though The descriptions of surfing, Sicilian home cooking, touring Auckland, and the art deco Sapphire House create beautiful imagery.I d recommend this book to anyone into love stories, family drama, and interest childhood traumas Could be a definite trigger for anyone who experienced childhood sexual or physical abuse, though.