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Kapilar Having Know About Velpari Comes To His Kingdom With Expectation Of Having Different Experience He Is Not Let Down And Together With Him We Are Taken For The Ride On Velpari And His Dynasty In Other Plot Pandiyan Dynasty Is Getting Ready For Marriage Of Its Prince And As Gift For The Event Comes Deiva Vakku Vilangu, A Unique Species That Could Solve A Big Problem That Dynasty Faces On TradeThe Animal Is Main God Of Velparies Dynasty And Pandian Wants It To Be Stolen What Happens There On, Could Pandian Steal It Is Velpari Able To Save Their God

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    Amazing book by Mr S Venkatesan Yesterday I completed the book Unable to recover from the story This is an epic story So much of knowledge about our ancient Tamil legends Knowledge about Natures, Love, Peace, Medical, Animals, Plants, Time, Stars, Mountains, War is amazing I couldn t able to understand the effort spent by Mr Venkatesan in creating this story Thanks again for creating this beautiful Velpari.

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    Velpari a novel that gave the impact of how people in TN would be when ponniyin selvan got released Though it came in a weekly for almost 100 weeks we could keep track of the story for those 100 weeks such was the impact of the novel In this fast world achieving such an impact requires an absorbing story line, interesting facts, different plot, good detailing and lots of research The novel has all of them The things that made me awestruck in part 1 are the following 1 Explaining the life of people living on ghats 2 Their fitness, food habits and living habits 3 Their knowledge on nature and love they show on each being 4 Knowledge of kings on astrology stars time 5 Reason behind importance being given for karthigai star 6 Explanation on how time was calculated during those period 7 Kings difficulty in trade, how and why they used and traded people 8 Festival celebration in ghats and how different it will be 9 Practices followed to educate younger generation to know about forest, hill and nature 10 Fighting techniques used and how even animals can be used in the way we want without their knowledge 11 Different kinds of plants, animals and birds that lives in forest 12 Messaging technique followed by people in forest 13 Artistic knowledge of people who give gifts and the pun on it 14 Cunning attitude of big dynasties to tame people and extend their border 15 Medicinal knowledge of people and how easily they use them without big fuss on the happening All of these made this book a stand out Almost 2 years have past and still I remember them though not in detail shows what metal the book is made of Go for it, a must read U will be taken to different world, enjoy the experience ride.

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    As an avid reader of Tamil historical novels, I always had Ponniyin Selvan as the benchmark Velpari, according to me is on par with Ponniyin Selvan if not a notch above it The novel begins with Kabilars travel to Parambu malai to meet Paari and his people One of my favorite characters Neelan joins Kabilar and leads him to Paari Neelan questioning Kabilar like a kid and his ignorance about poets and words is hysterical Paari meeting Kabilar for the first time and deciding to carry Kabilar on his shoulders is one of many goosebump moments in the novel I have heard people address lean kids as Dhevangu Not even in my dreams did I imagine this animal would have so much history that can bring a war The novel travels thru the world of various plants, flowers and animals The author scores by explaining the significance of each plant and animals to this novel Arubadham Kozhi, Sunda Poonai, Thogai Naai, Verti Elai, Naakaruthan Pul are few instances My beloved characters apart from Paari and Kabilar are Neelan, Myila Neelans lover , Uthiran, Angavai, Alavan, Keethani , Thekan, Mudiyan, Ravadhan, Kaalamban, Porchuvai, Thesai Vezhar, Karungai Vaanan and Ilamarudhan s horse Aala.Few of goosebump moments are Neelan asking Kabilar if the Ocean is bigger than Paari s kindness,Suulivel fetching Verti Elai to win Thuudhuvai s love, Kaalamban s reaction after knowing he was fighting with Paari, Neelan jumping onto horse Aala, Porchuvai s visit to Kabilar, Thekan carrying Ravadhan in his hands.This novel rich in Tamil history, ends in a war between Paari and Moovendhar The war is basically between people who believe in equality and Virtue and people who want to destroy it Almost 500 pages of war sequence gives us precise and in depth detail of planning and execution Special kudos to Su Venkatesan for writing such a culturally rich novel Equal appreciation to Manian Selvam as well for all those pictures Never a dull moment in this 1400 pages novel Amazing narration

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    Velpaari will definitely be in my All time Favorites.First of all, don t judge the novel just by reading the first 300 pages, because they are just preparing the base The pace of the novel takes a different path from then on After that, you will be immersed into the story I didn t get a feeling like I was reading this novel It feels like, I traveled back in time and I have been watching the whole events among the characters in the novel as a third person The writing is so deep If you are into reading Tamil novels, then don t ever miss this novel To be frank, when I initially started with this novel, it felt so ordinary It took me almost a month to cover first 300 pages I completed the rest of the 1700 pages within the next 20 days I don t have any words to express the amount of detailing in every page The war sequences and attacking strategies in Velpari are terrific At many places I even thought how the author was thinking in such a way Hats off to Su.Venkatesan s vision for blending such a fantasy into the history This book made me a fan for Su.Venkatesan s writing Awaiting from him.

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    After a long time, Su Venkatesan s Velpaari kindled my interest in reading a Tamil Historical Fiction The Tamil Historical Fiction section is filled with stories of the Three Dynasties Chera, Chola Pandya but the author s take on a small chieftain whose name is well known for a short story on his charity but nothing The author builds the world of the Parambu Tribe in the first part and it shows the extensive research on his part I am yet to ascertain the facts fiction part of the details mentioned in the book but he gives fascination account of the lifestyle of the people, animal plant s nature etc The author has brilliantly linked the story of Lord Murugan within this and I really liked his take on him Apart from this, the second part deals with the author s effort to make the King Paari even larger than life picture which he was already in Tamil s people mind Some of the war tactics, war heroism were overboard but it s historical fiction why should we put a break to author s imagination Anyways, its a fantastic read and I have enjoyed his previous book as well Kaaval Kottam Good to see a new book on this genre and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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