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There Are Only Twelve Days Until The Christmas Bash Ivy Is Throwing At Steve And Gareth S Penthouse How Much Trouble Can A Small Pack Of Shifters Get Into In Less Than A Week While Working To Plan The Perfect Party, She Keeps Her Eye On All Of The Members Of Her New Family Each Day, A Different Couple Seems To Be Moving Closer Together, And She Hasn T Even Brought Out The Ruddy Mistletoe YetAt The Heart Of It All, Though, This Party Started With A Wish Three Years Ago For Only Happy Christmas Memories After The Worst Time Of Ivy S LifeBe Warned, Things Get Hot And Spicy In This AnthologyTwelve Days Is A Holiday Anthology From The Blackbird Series By Dahlia Donovan Book One, Ivy, And Book Two, Natasha Along With The Ivy Short Masquerade Are Currently For Sale On

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    I received this from the author in return for a fair and honest review.O.M.G This has got to be the first book that has had me sobbing within the first 5 pages This chapter sets up the scene for the rest of the book with the gap including Ivy, Natasha and Masquerade This is NOT a book of short stories but rather snippets, snapshots if you will, into certain characters at specific times and will definitely leave you wanting and right now I will admit to going back and rereading both Ivy and Natasha simply because I didn t want to leave the Blackbird Pack just yet I didn t read Masquerade but only because that is the latest book so I ve not long read it.So many characters, so little time How I love each and every one of this Pack and going by these tantalising teasers, I am going to LOVE each and every one of the stories when they come out I know I shouldn t play favourites but I will admit to loving Elaine, our feisty cougar shifter I love her prickly, no nonsense attitude and can t wait to see how her and the smooth Alim work together Anything I read with Elaine in it automatically brings a smile to my face as she shoots her mouth off to her pack mates.The perfect festive teasers that will draw you into the world of the Blackbird Pack and all their friends and family too Love them and highly recommend them to well just EVERYONE

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    This book was such a joy to read Ivy has planned a holiday party , and the story shows you various pack members in the days leading up to the party You will cry, you will laugh, you will get turned on, and you will get to know several of the characters a little better than you had known them before We get to see of Ivy and her wolves, Darren and Natasha being playful foxes you may not be able to look at your Christmas decorations without snickering after their story , and we get to delve into a few characters we haven t met or explored before I enjoyed getting to know about Elaine Previously, she was just a narky tech girl, but here we get to see a little inside her head Seeing Josh and Alicia together is a tease for the next novel in the series They are sweet and playful We get to see a little bit of Dane and Jezza, we learn a bit about their relationships with Ivy and Alec, and we realize they aren t necessarily just playboys We get a wee glimpse at Tabatha, a pack doctor and wolf who is attracted to Dane We get an endearing story about Judith and the other pack doctor, Carl This one is very touching, sweet, and will warm your heart Meeting Lorcan and Ronan is a delight This couple I m most excited to learn about.The stories are a perfect bridge between the novels The added depth to the characters makes me love them even than I did before If you haven t started this series yet, I must ask why If you love romance, shifters, and a bit of spicy fun, this is a great series Even though there are so many characters, the stories are so well written, you can follow along with ease You will get sucked in and feel like you are a part of the Blackbird world, and you won t want to come out.

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    This is another small snippet of Ivy, Steve, Gareth and the rest pack, and it lays down from furture books too I was given the ENORMOUS honour of beta reading this book, and watching it change, develop and grow has been great fun.Ivy is determined to celebrate Christmas properly this year And plans a party That everyone MUST attend Much to their annoyance The 12 days before the party, we get a little bit of everyone Ivy Steve, Ivy Gareth, Darren Natasha, Jezza, Dane Tabatha, Rosie Sammie, Elaine Alim, Judy Carl,Josh Allie, Lorcan Ronan and Roger Fyfe Now, if you are a follower of Ms Donovan and her Pack, and have read Ivy and Natasha, you ll recognise some of these names And some you wont We are introduced to new characters, here, some of the shifters variety, and some not ANd thats what I LOVE about this The new characters have as much to say as the established ones.We also get a little bit of ALec, Ivy s husband who died 2 years prior to her meeting Steve and Gareth And let me tell ya, when I was sent that chapter to read, we had something going on in our family that was so eerily similar, I was freaked And I cried Its a sad snippet, but it might not hit you the same as it did me.We dont get any actual party, but thats cool, it really is But it is a wonderfully festive, sexy, sweet, funny, painful and lots of other things, short story to keep you hanging on for ALicia, who is up next, or to introduce you to Ms Donovan and her Blackbird Pack Its a very unique pack, and Donovan is a unique writer If you haben t read her work, please try, even if its just this one Her humour is amazing, and comes across so wonderfully 5 super shiny Christmas stars With some tinsel And baubles And dont forget the twinkly lights

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    Its twelve days and counting until Ivy s Christmas party for the pack family and it seems that Christmas wishes and dreams just may come about this holiday season The pack of shiftersare getting up to mischief and relationships are forming Can these horny, alpha shifters make the most of the days leading up to this holiday party I mean, Gareth and Steve have never had a blasted festive office party before, so, since Ivy has been bonded with her two hot, hunky alpha wolves she s decided to take it upon herself to push her closest friends and family together for some eventful, holiday cheer not to mention explicit sex Catch up with the pack and come along for some X rated seasonal fun, it will delight and leave you wanting of these zany, witty shifters.I have enjoyed getting to know these wonderful, hot and sex crazed characters Dahlia really knows how to hook and keep you interested in the ever, fast paced adventures they get into This novella is just a small, festive taste of what s to come in their continuing stories.

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    Dahlia Donovan is such a tease She has introduced a number of new potential couples to us and I am definitely excited and impatient for There are also old favourites that we know and love in the form of Ivy, Steve and Gareth, and Natasha and Darren The beginning was so beautifully poignant as we find out about Ivy s husband and the difference Gareth and Steve have made to her and her life What I like about these teasers is that they are all so different no couple or potential couple brings the same chemistry to the table An absolute joy a Christmas treat that I loved I can t wait to find out about the next couple from Blackbird I will be impatiently waiting In case you hadn t guessed, I am an absolute fan of this series

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    This book is an anthology for the series It is about the twelve days leading up to Christmas Each day is about a different couple in the series Whether they are currently together already or will be in a future book This book is really a preview of what to expect in the future I haven t read the other books in this series but after reading this they are definitely on my TBR list I can t wait to read them and am looking forward to the books previewed in this anthology I have found my next shifter series to follow for sure The characters are very interesting and seem to work wonderfully together There were lots of laughs in this book as well as some steamy parts I will be keeping my eye out for these books.I was given this book in return for an honest review.

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    Its twelve days until ivy s Christmas party, and in those twelve days you get a different story about a member of the pack Each day gives you a snippet of a pack members relationship or soon to be relationship.This book seems like short stories but you can t really consider it short stories since the stories continue in the series I liked this book because you become closer to the members of the pack, it explains their feeling and relationship or soon to be Its hot and steamy in all the right places, keeps you guessing, and grabs your attention enough to know that you want to continue the series 4.5 stars Bridgett

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    I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.This was fun short read We get a bit of all the characters in this book and sneak peeks into some characters who I hope will get their own books in the future It s full of mischief, hot steamy scenes and some little peeks into new relationships forming It s a wonderful little story and I look forward to reading from this author.Review done in conjunction with Nerd Girl For information regarding our reviews please visit our fansite at

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    Twelve Days, a nice story of the Blackbird characters.The way the story started is good I love that got a glimpse of some of the upcoming characters that will soon have their own book in the series.In this book, I saw how the characters are interesting. Even Judy and Carl As the party comes, the characters meet the others that may be the one for them Eeekk Ms Dahlia created a nice story that will make your Christmas interesting and will left you wanting .

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    This is another novelette about Ivy and everyone You get to see tidbits of new characters who will be getting their own stories coming up And you also see of the happily ever afters of those whos story has already been told A good short addition to this series.