[ Free Best ] Trident K9 Warriors: My Tale From the Training Ground to the Battlefield with Elite Navy SEAL CaninesAuthor Michael Ritland – Cekhargaproduk.co

As A SEAL On Combat Deployment In Iraq, Mike Ritland Saw A Military Working Dog In Action And Instantly Knew He Found His True Calling While The SEAL Teams Had Used Dogs In The Past, They Never Had Dogs Trained Specifically By SEALs, For SEALs To Fill This Void, Ritland Started His Own Company After He Retired, Training And Supplying Dogs For The West Coast SEAL Teams He Knew That Less Than % Of All Working Dogs Had What It Takes To Contribute To The Success Of Our Nation S Elite Combat Units He Searched The Globe For Animals Who Fit This Specific Profile These Specialized Canines Had To Pass Rigorous Selection Tests Before Their Serious Training Could Begin The Results Were A Revelation Highly Trained Working Dogs Capable Of Handling Both Detection And Apprehension Work In The Most Extreme Environments And The Tensest Of Battlefield Conditions Though Fiercely Aggressive And Athletic, These Dogs Develop A Close Bond With The Handlers They Work Side By Side With And The Other Team Members Truly Integrating Themselves Into Their Units, These K Warriors Are Much Like Their Human Counterparts Unwavering In Their Devotion To Duty, Strong Enough And Tough Enough To Take It To The Enemy Through Pain, Injury, Or Fear For The First Time Ever, Listeners Get An Inside Look At These Elite K Warriors Who They Are, How They Are Trained, And The Extreme Missions They Undertake Saving Countless Lives Asking For Little In The Way Of Reward From Detecting Explosives To Eliminating The Bad Guys, These Powerful Dogs Are Also Some Of The Smartest And Most Highly Skilled Working Animals On The Planet This book is all about statistics didnt find it as fascinating as others I read but well told could have had lotstoryline about the dogs which is what I was expecting, understood the meaning of the book which was the main thing Thank you for the book, had waited a while to get it so was really looking forward to reading it, and it was worth the wait really enjoyed it and loved reading about our K9 Heros, and now it has lead me to a few other books so am looking forward to lots of reading. Alook into Dogs trained to detect and track Ive been around dogs all my life and work dogs and i found this book informative and a great read Thoroughly loved it and if you love dogs youll find a book that shows the bond and trust between Dogs and their handlers and the soldiers that trust so much in these dogs Excellent book. very good book about our four legged friends it just goes to show what man and dog can achieve Fantastic book both as a training and in site manual to just a good read about operations in the middle east and the heroic work being done by dog and man would recommend has even helped me with my dog. Very good read What would our soldiers do without these loyal friends