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Reading this reminded me a bit of Francesca Lia Block s The Hanged Man, minus the magical elements Stone explores how relationships change because of jealousy, secrets, and just plain growing up in easy to read prose Something dark tints everything as the plot unfolds and the characters present their version of Junior Year Decisions about sex are explicit in the book, but I liked the way Stone made these momentous choicesabout the way physicality changes or doesn t change the underlying nature of affection and connection between teens This was a good, moody read that wasn t melodramatically over the top. Not even worth the hour or so it took to read this Not good There wasn t an interesting moment of this book, and nothing I didn t predict This guy is so perfect and I can t stop thinking about him and he ignores me all the time Asshole Drugs Drinking Rape Where else could this go Also, the saying my skin stood up Stone used it twice What does that even mean It s alright to not use quotation marks for dialogue in some cases This was not one of those It was horribly structured so at times it was hard to tell who was speaking, and if they were actually speaking, or thinking. Friendship,love,and Unexpected Secrets Nadio And His Twin Sister, Noelle, Always Had A Unique Bond And Somehow, Keeley Shipley Fit Perfectly Into Their World But When Keeley Spends The Summer In England, She Comes Home Changed, Haunted By A Dark Memory As She And Nadio Fall In Love, They Try To Hide It From Noelle, Who S Jealously Guarding A Secret Of Her Own Slowly, A Life Long Friendship Begins To Crack Under The Crushing Weight Of Past Trauma, Guarded Secrets, Jealousy, Obsession And An Unexpected Love That Could Destroy Them This is one of those novels that, when I was finished, I wanted to hold it close and savor the little door it had opened for me It s one of those books that makes me want to wait a long while before I open up another book because I don t want to lose the glow from this one Some time back, I read a book called All Rivers Flow to the Sea by Alison McGhee and I felt the same way That book has lodged itself deep inside me and THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO TELL YOU is doing the same thing.I don t know what to tell you about the plot because the whole book was like a string I was following in the dark I just trusted the voice and the author to get me to the end It was this quiet, powerful thing It s True and vulnerable and tender and justSO achingly beautiful It s all heart, wrapped up in this package of gorgeous language You are a true wordsmith, Heather Duffy Stone I am a huge fan after reading this gem of a debut, and I look forward whatever you write next. This book is about a girl named noelle who has a twin brother and a best friend kellie who she preety much grew up with They were all best friends until keelie went away on vacation because her parents had to do this book thing about the lord of the rings Once she came back things between her and noelle drifted away Noelle meet this guy parker at a party his arms were covered in tattos Kellie began daiting Noelles twin brother but she had her own dark secreats to hide She ended up getting raped by a guy she meet while she was on vacation he was suppose to be her boyfriend but hurt her She told Noelles brother and he felt like he had to protect her Noelle lost her virginity to parker and one night when she went to parkers house because he invited her to his house party he broke up with her Noelle went crazy she yelled at a teacher in her class about her having her sunglasses on so she tld da teacher off The teacher called her twin brother and her brother got Kellie and went inti a private room in the principals office she tld her brother off and kellie becaus they were hiding their relationship from her They were in shock Noelle ran out of school went to her house and attempted to kill her self but didnt sucide because her brother and kellie found her before it was to late and took her to the emergency When she gopt out she got her self a job at a bakery which cooking by the way parker loved doing so anyways shes working their and one day parker shows up out of no were and she notices his new tattos but she tells him she has to go back to work and so yup that preety much was a good bye Noelle got a tattoo she felt like she needed her own story branded on her to A most unusual novel Quiet and intense, two qualities enhanced by its stylistic silence, this is a book that grows, expands, by a millionfold from first page to last. Oh god, this book was just devastating Its like the book should have a big red sticker that says, DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE A SUICIDAL B DEPRESSED C ETC I mean really I didnt cry granted but I was like, OMFG WHY Yeah, so not for those who are any of the listed above Its a beautiful story The dialog became a bit confusing here and there do to its unusual set up but all in all the book was just amazing Okay so I did want to punch a few characters hmm that seems to be a trend but I couldnt help it Some of them were just simply infuriating Okay and Ill admit I did look up a cookbook mentioned because Noelle said she wanted to learn what it was So what judge me I thought it was a date rape cookbook Okay so I did become a little imaginative here and there but oh well That was the beauty of the book It left you wondering what it was that happened what something was until the last chunk of the book Gotta love books like that Read it, I swear you wont regret it unless or an A B or C. This book was really interesting It really explores the confusion we feel in our teen years and the problem with the secrets we keep in moments of confusion I really enjoyed reading from Nadio s point of view, he was private, mysterious and fascinating The story got to me because they were all so confused and uncertain, that I could relate And we all tend to keep things inside us, unsaid.The writing was different, that felt nice She uses dialog in an interesting way, but it did feel confusing at times The plot was easy, it s a really short read The characters were good, just regular teenagers with crappy problems I always like books that explore the sibling relationship in this case, Noelle and Nadio not only are sibling but twins Which fascinates me.For some reason I love the cover It has a lot to do with the book If you re a confused teenager you should read this or if you enjoy light reads and teen issues this may be a book for you. This Is What I Want to Tell You is a heartbreaking novel that stole my breath away as I read on through the night, the characters compelling me to finish their story without pause At so many points in the novel I felt my chest constricting, my throat hurting like I wanted to cry but just couldn t I was sad I was angry I was shocked I was butterflies I found myself re reading passages and pages just to take in the simultaneous pain and beauty of Heather Duffy Stone s words again and again Told almost as a confessional in alternating viewpoints between 16 year old twins Noelle and Nadio, This Is What I Want to Tell You is the story of all the things we want to say but can t the things we should ve said but didn t It s the story of once impermeable bonds of friendship and loyalty stretching and breaking before our eyes, out of our control It s the story of the loves and losses that shape our lives But ultimately, This Is What I Want to Tell You is a story of survival of finding that one reason to keep going To love To hope. Although I was fortunate enough to read an ARC of this book some time ago, I couldn t jump right in to give it a review It made such an impression on me that I was afraid, am still afraid, that anything I say won t possibly do it justice That said, I can t NOT review it, because it s a book that you could easily pass by It looks like a lot of the YA books already out there When you read the back, it even sounds like a lot of the YA books already out there But trust me, this is a book unlike any other.This is What I Want to Tell You follows brother and sister Nadio and Noelle through the months after a summer vacation that changes everything The return of their mutual best friend, Keeley, from a summer abroad sparks changes that were already simmering, prompting Nadio to write letters to his father that he never mails Told in alternating points of view Nadio and Noelle s , the book illustrates the power of friendship, family, and the invisible ties that bind us even to those who are long gone But it does it all with such grace, such simplicity, that you re left KNOWING the book had a profound impact on you but not quite knowing why My teenage daughter and her friend each devoured this book in under three hours straight Yet, even as a 39 year old, I can say that I will never, ever forget this book.