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Lucy warns her parents and little brother that there are wolves in the walls of their house, but they each insist that the noise she is hearing is made by mice, rats, or bats. Then the wolves come out of the walls, and it is all over. Or is it? Fortunately, Lucy has to return to get her beloved pigpuppet and, at her prompting, her family also return. Now they are living in the walls...

One of a number of children's book collaborations between author Neil Gaiman and illustrator Dave McKeanother titles include Coraline , The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish and Crazy Hair The Wolves in the Walls features an engrossing and somewhat creepy story, and mixed media artwork that perfectly captures the atmospheric thrills of Gaiman's text. I really enjoyed this one, and (as always) appreciated Gaiman's understated sense of humor. The text here is quite extensive for a picturebook, making this more of an illustrated short story, so I'd recommend this one more to middlegrade readers, than to the younger children who usually consume picturebooks. Needless to say, I'd also recommend it to Gaiman and McKean fans. Cute and a little bit spooky kid's book by Neil Gaiman. The illustrations are done by the same guy who did the Sandman graphic novels, so it's got that familiar vibe. I guess you could call it a bit "moody and atmospheric and artsy." It's very Gaimanish. Points for creating the word "squossucks." Lucy Hears Sneaking, Creeping,
crumpling Noises
coming From Inside
the Walls

She Is Sure There Are
wolves Living In
the Walls
Of Her House

But, As Everybody Says, If The Wolves Come Out Of The Walls, It's All Over Haha, okthe below review is one I wrote on Amazon.com in October of 2003. A review, I might add, that was found to be useful by 9 out of 9 Amazon members. Wow, I know, wow...

I recently read this book outloud to my cousin and he LOVED it! The book is so intuitive and allows so much expression and voice intonation. The characters are distinct individuals and I could instantly find their voice. The art is simply amazingI've been a fan of McKean for years. I really don't think kids should be underestimated in their intelligence to appreciate the interesting art that mixes striking artwork and snippits of pictures of reallife objects. There is more to the artwork than that, but that's another review.

Some may think this book will frighten children, but it seems more like a healthy lesson in showing how silly such fear can be. The book is more about defeating fear, as the family was able to get rid of the wolves so easily. In the end the things that seem so scary (monsters under the bed, etc) are silly things that can be defeated with a simple look. And it doesn't hurt that this book is written cleverly and with wonderful style.

I could go on and on about this book, but I will just sum up by saying: art is great, writing is great, story is fun and interesting and great for dramatic outloud readings, and the story is an excellent lesson in the silliness of childhood fears. This is a great story about parents not listening to their daughter and said daughter saving their home. It also has wolves...in the walls! It comes with a CD of Gaiman reading the story aloud, which I haven't heard yet...but if the readings from The Ocean at the End of the Lane I heard him give last week are anything to go by, it should be excellent. It is just the kind of story that should be read aloud, too, full of the rhythms and repeated refrains that fit with oral story telling.

McKean's illustrations are not readily described, which is a good thing because that means they are not cliched or boring. They seem to be some kind of digital fusion of photographic and painted elements that create a sort of collage effect I've not really seen before. They are very evocative of mood and are just as excellent as the story, which makes a doubly excellent book, overall.

Great stuff. I'm sure this would've been spookier if I had the images (I listened to it), but nevertheless it had the same delightful bedtime story vibe to it. Dave McKean’s illustrations are both haunting and hilarious at the same time. The wolves are portrayed as drawings made by a child, as it is implied on the front cover of the book. The wolves are also drawn in both a frightening and humorous way throughout the book. A great example of an image where the wolves display both terror and humor is in the image of the wolves being shown in creepy shadows as they are watching television and are laughing their heads off. Another advantage that this book has is the heroine Lucy. Lucy knew that trouble was about to begin and tries to warn her family of the danger of staying in the house, even though her family do not believe her at first. Then, when the family is in danger of moving away, Lucy has the courage to save their house from the wolves, despite her family’s objections, making her the heroine of the story.

“The Wolves in the Walls” have creative and scary illustrations by Dave McKean and have a strong heroine in Lucy, who saved her family from the wolves. However, the story falls flat on the scare factor as the wolves are only perceived as the usual unwelcome guests in the family’s home and the story is slowpaced as it took time for the family to decide to rush back to their home. If you want a story that is both actionpacked and scary, then read Neil Gaiman’s other books such as, “Coraline” and “The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish.”

From my Epinions review:
http://www99.epinions.com/review/The... This was super creepy, but very enjoyable! If your little is easily scared be warned! What a strangespooky little thing of a book (for kiddies?) with some very interesting artwork.
Ok. I am really spooked My kids really liked it. My eight year old son read it and thought it was good. He thought the illustrations were cool because the people had "spooky" eyes. I read it to my six year old son and my four year old daughter, and they liked it also. My little girl actually made me read it to her twice. Her only complaint was that the wolves were just regular old wolves and not werewolves. Go figure.
I think some younger kids might find the story a little bit scary, so be careful if your kids spook easily.