The Wedding MOBI È Paperback

An Oprah Winfrey Presents Mini Series on ABC Network Television Starring Halle BerryIn her last novel Dorothy West an iconic member of the Harlem Renaissance offers an intimate glimpse into African American middle class  Set on bucolic Martha's Vineyard in the 1950s  The Wedding tells the story of life in the Oval a proud insular community made up of the best and brightest of the East Coast's black bourgeoisie  Within this inner circle of blue vein society we witness the prominent Coles family gather for the wedding of the loveliest daughter Shelby who could have chosen from a whole area of eligible men of the right colors and the right professions Instead she has fallen in love with and is about to be married to Meade Wyler a white jazz musician from New York A shock wave breaks over the Oval as its longtime members grapple with the changing face of its communityWith elegant luminous prose Dorothy West crowns her literary career by illustrating one family's struggle to break the shackles of race and class

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