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LA artist phenom Julia Santos appeared to have it all After a nearly two year long dry spell her creativity was at its peak and she had her muse and model Jacob Hartley to thank for it He brought the fire and raw sexuality back to her sculptures and into her bedroom and a sense of security that only one other person in her life had ever given her At last she had found the perfect balance between her professional and private lives until the day a single call from someone in her past threatened to tear her world apartFearful of losing all she’d worked so hard to accomplish Julia delved deeper into the hedonistic lifestyle she’d come to rely on to give her an escape from the horrors of her past Instead of bringing her comfort her sexual urges lead her down the path of destruction; not only for herself but those around her With Jacob fighting for his life after a near fatal motorcycle accident and Julia on the brink of death herself Fate and her Guardian Angel Daniel intervene and transport her to a safe haven called the IslandThere she’s given a choice stay on the Island and wait for her next rebirth or go back and fight to be with the one who has been there for her through every lifetime Will she take the easy way out and leave all the pain behind or will she choose the long and hard road reliving the horrors of her childhood in order to have her happily ever after with the Mistress of her dreams?

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    This is the story of Julia a free spirited and damaged Sculture artist told in the present and also 13 years previous The chapters go back and forth between the past and the present and also tell the story from the POV of her former boyfriend Jake who was a hunky male modelThey had an erotic affair and he loved her and proposed but she couldn't commit to him view spoiler because she was cheating on him left and right most flagrantly with a doctor in the hospital hide spoiler

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    I'm not one to read romances or erotica but I read this on a friends recommendation I was uite surprised at the depth of each character and the degree of tension created from the suspenseful undertones that weaved throughout the story I found myself even identifying with various characters or friends with those attributes The characterization was that engaging Each scene where the various trysts between one another was written in a plausible realistic tone The scenes contained the right balance of sensuality and primal dirty raw imagery that readers of this genre enjoy Yet even some of the sex scenes conveyed the emotional bonds created between some people that anyone would readily relate adding that realism that makes for a good readThis book is about the power of love and forgiveness Of Julia learning to forgive the one person needed so she could finally see the love that was always there for the taking It's about understanding how much of an impact not being judged can really make a real difference in how one truly sees things I gave it 4 stars due to mechanics rather than content Their were a couple minor editorial errors in terms of word usage and one transition between places Everything was spelled correctly though from my recollection These were minor and I only pick it out because I am appalled in general at the stuff editors pass off as edited Not the fault of the author by any means However editors need to understand the negative impact a poorly edited book has on the author That vent aside this is certainly one of the best edited writing I've seen in anything written over the last few years

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    The Surrender of Julia Now and Forever by Tammy Dennings Maggy is a great piece of erotic fiction with explicit scenes and paranormal elements It is cleverly constructed with separate narratives that portray different times and places and even different point of views angles One plot line takes place in Los Angeles another in Las Vegas 13 years later The spotlight shines first at Julia from an outside perspective and shows how Julia is perceived by the brother of one of her lovers bu then the story gradually moves closer to her story in the past the present and the somewhere inbetweenLove triangles guardian angels and overcoming ones inhibitions and blockages are the themes and the author has done a great job at exploring her characters not just Julia but also many of the side charactersJulia's character development and 'surrender' are however handled particularly very wellThe writing and the sex scenes are very passionate and well done and show the personal issues expressed I got really drawn into the storyline of arrogant doctor Mario just one of many people in the bookThis is raw and imaginative but also deep and sensitive writing much than I had expected from erotica which goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover I am very impressed

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    5 StarsThe Surrender of Julia Now and Forever has a lot to offer from varying perspectives and a span of over a decade There were so many surprises in this book from Julia's past to her present including love triangles and overcoming personal obstacles and even a bit of self discovery The erotic tones of the story were well done with expressive and descriptive language that puts you right there in the room with Julia The secondary characters are eually enthralling as their lives intertwine A very well executed story on all accounts Bravo to Tammy Dennings Maggy for bringing these characters to life Reviewed by CJ

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    Review in progress for this 3rd installment of the Now and Forever series 3 Loved it 3

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    Unfortunately I just couldn't get into thisFirst the synopsis isn't much good because you find out the answer to that from the get go You are basically told the end result first then read about the past some weird spiritual intervention stuffDidn't seem anything like the synopsis made out plus contains one helluva messed up main female

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    I loved this book and could not put it down The characters are real and I was rooting for Julia frm the beginning I can't say much other than read it

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    Ugh So not good