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As I lay there being taken by two men my orgasm swept through me yet it was for another who had pleasured me only in the realm of my mindGiuliana never dreamed life would lead her to where she is now serving as a courtesan in the swanky vampire theatre Sanguelascivia in Venice Italy Some days she hates to admit she loves her job what woman wouldn't enjoy being sexually pleasured in a variety of new ways every day? She has been serviced by some of the most mouthwatering men she has ever laid eyes on And still other days she cannot believe she has lowered herself to this Then there are the Vampire patrons to whom she is expected to submit and service privately after the shows Her life at Sanguelascivia is in severe contrast to the simple life she once knew with her husband and child But she no longer allows herself to think of them It is too painful to face the lossGiuliana vowed she would never love again That is until she sees Vincenzo her first night at the theatre and something stirs deep within her Night after night she aches as she watches him with other women wondering when she will finally have her turn to be pleasured by him The only way she is able to endure her performances with the other men and oft times women is to fantasize about him pleasuring herWill she ever feel him against her skin feel his lips hot upon hers feel him moving inside of her? The Submission of Giuliana is an Erotic Novella focusing on an individual character from the Anam Céile Chronicles a series which centers around true love soul mates self discovery loss vampires lust and the faith in reincarnation set in the lush backdrops of rugged Ireland beautiful culturally rich Italy Venice and Florence amongst others It can be read alone or in conjunction with the seriesWarning Contains steamy Sensuality Explicit Sexuality Not intended for Readers below the age of Eighteen

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    I'm not going to lie I was looking for something nicely naughty to read and I wasn't disappointed Guys this story has girl on girl guy on girl guy on guy and guy on girl on girl Oh and vampires DO YOU SEE WHY I WASN'T DISAPPOINTED? I got a little of everything Except minotaurs But those are an acuired taste so I'm totally cool with their lackAnyway I don't think this needs to be said but this was a sexy little read Fairly uick although the courtesans were in no way uick themselves if you know what I mean it thrust heh Giuliana into a variety of different sexual situations as she longs for the one man in the troupe that she isn't paired up withTough life amirite???That's right she gets to have multiple orgasms with multiple partners something that she throws herself into with gratifying ease all while fantasizing about the man who stirs her loins to unimaginable heights It was pretty hotIt has also piued my interest in the other books in this series I am intrigued Very intrigued Well played Rosalind Scarlett Well played Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Normally I avoid erotica I’ve tried a few times to read some but mostly it just ended with me recoiling and wanting to use something drastic to get some of the images out of my head –like bleach It’s not that I don’t like sex scenes in a book far from it but I don’t need it to be vulgar crude or down right pornSo when Rosalind emailed me to reuest a review of her erotic short story The Submission of Giuliana I hesitated But at the same time I was curious So I investigated aka I checked out her websites her books reviews ect and was surprised by what I found I emailed her back and we got to talk about her books and why the erotic twist Rosalind explained and pointed out the exact same things I don’t like with erotica Rosalind wanted me to try even though I normally stay clear and wanted to know what I thought when doneI circled around the book for some time having some other things to be done with first but then one afternoon sat down and started to read And kept reading Without noticing I finished it in under an hour looked up and thought; why did it end?Yes it is erotica yes there is sex involved in the story duh but that’s not all there is to it The characters are well written their story touching and you’re rooting for them to find each other for there to be a happy ending When closing the book I found my mind wandering to Giuliana and Vencinzo wondering what happened after the book ended Hoping we would see them again Rosalind took my opinion and turned it around I was pleasantly surprised by her story and it was just the right kind of toe curling for me ; Where does this leave erotica for me? Well I can tell you The Submission of Giuliana is not the last book by Rosalind I’m going to read – erotica or not Will I read other erotica too? Maybe I will definitely keep my eyes and mind open towards this genre that’s for sure So thank you Rosalind Thank you for the chance to read your book and to see that there can be good erotica out there 3

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    This was a short little erotic read Guiliana is at the end of her means she is eating out of trash and garbage She has lost her husband and life as she knows it is over Until a stranger offers her assistance by giving her a beautiful place to live as long as she lives as a courtesan The trick is she is a courtesan to vampires This is also tricky because she has only ever been with her husband and it has not been anything but vanilla So when she sees that her acts on stage are out of her comfort zone she doesn't know if she can do it But in reality she has no choice Then she sees Vincenzo He is the one she want to be with But they never have acts together someone is intercepting them So I was like okay so vampires aren't really like attacking They're almost civil like Okay this is different Then it happens The night that changes her and could ultimately kill her And there is her Vincenzo he is her hero Then the story ends I know this is a novella but still I didn't expect the store to just end It was like okaythe story is moving alongthen I hit a wall and the book was over That was really the only thing I didn't like about it It just all the sudden ended And where did her boss go? And why does that chick hate her so much? Okay so maybe I was left with some uestions that needed answered All in all this was a hot short read

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    This is one of the most enjoyable reads I have had in a very long time For me it was a step outside my comfort zone in that I was reading a genre that was new to me But we have to dip our toes some time right?Anyway I'm glad I did I found the story engrossing and developed a deep fondness for Giuliana I felt her vulnerability and her sensuality She is one of my favourite characters in a long time and I cared deeply what happened to her in the story I loved too the historical setting and felt the author combined the erotic and historic content wonderfully wellEssentially this is an erotic novel I found the erotic content very tastefully delivered and felt it made for excellent reading It was one of the rare occasions while reading a novel that I enjoyed such imagery and actually looked forward to as the story progressed For a writer to evoke such things in me reuires a lot of talent and to me Ms Scarlett clearly has that in abundance An excellent read that is entertaining to the end from a very talented lady 55 from me

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    Really a hot book Loved Giuliana and her new blood courtesan job WIth the hot and steamy scenes on the stage and the tension behind the stages an entertaining read Short but powerful I only wished the ending would be different Finding love in the whore house doesn't seem like a happy end

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    A Newly Discovered World of Carnal ExperiencesAs one would expect with a story of a meek and prude woman transforming into a sexually charged highly desired courtesan “The Submission of Giuliana” is highly erotically stimulating throughout As with most vampire stories there is an ever present aire of mystery The reader never uite knows what is about to transform for Giuliana Is she going to have yet another erotic encounter of a lifetime or is she going to be drained of her lifeblood? It is most stimulating knowing the inner thoughts of a young woman who had never imagined being with anyone but her husband only a few weeks prior to having her first oral she had never even thought such a debauched act existed Ménage à Trois foursome MMF FFM FFF BDSM experiences “The Submission of Giuliana” is a fantastically sexually stimulating Novella which will leave the reader desiring for a little of Giuliana’s new life