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Each Year, The Storyteller, Hassan, Gathers Listeners To The City Square To Share Their Recollections Of A Young, Foreign Couple Who Mysteriously Disappeared Years Earlier As Various Witnesses Describe Their Encounters With The Couple Their Tales Overlapping, Confirming, And Contradicting Each Other Hassan Hopes To Light Upon Details That Will Explain What Happened To Them, And To Absolve His Own Brother, Who Is In Prison For Their DisappearanceAs Testimonies Circle An Elusive Truth, The Couple Takes On An Air As Enigmatic As Their Fate But Is This Annual Storytelling Ritual A Genuine Attempt To Uncover The Truth, Or Is It Intended Instead To Weave An Ambiguous Mythology Around A Crime The First In An Ambitious Cycle Of Novels Set In The Islamic World, The Storyteller Of Marrakesh Is An Elegant Exploration Of The Nature Of Reality And Our Shifting Perceptions Of Truth

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    Super knjiga Ima i nastavke Prodala sam je pre nekoliko godina Deretu, trebalo bi da su je ve objavili

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    Marocco, Marrakech, Piazza Jemaa el Fna, sera M sa l khir Buonasera Permettete che mi presenti Mi chiamo Hassan Sono un cantastorie, sovrano di un regno pi vasto di qualunque altro possiate figurarvi il regno dell immaginazione Che lingua parlate, stranieri Ditemi, da dove venite Da lontano Capisco Sedetevi, vi prego, e unitevi al mio circolo di ascoltatori Una storia come una danza Servono almeno due persone perch possa prendere vita una che racconti, l altra che ascolti.Ed io mi sono messa seduta, gambe incrociate, e ho ascoltatoHo ascoltato tante storie senza ascoltarne veramente una.Grande atmosfera, questo s , e ne sono rimasta mio malgrado incantata Hassan un cantastorie scaltro, abile, un superbo affabulatore, ha in volontari complici che a loro volta incatenano con le loro parole, al mistero aggiungono mistero, e insieme vi conducono per sentieri che si intersecano, si confondono, si sovrappongono e si disgiungono, fino a farvi perdere nei meandri di un labirinto di parole e di immagini abilmente edificato, di cui solo lui conosce l uscita, perch solo lui ne ha la chiave Ripeto molta atmosfera basata su ambientazioni incantevoli, a volte tenere e dolci, colme di magia e poesia, a volte invece dure e amare, quasi violente, ma sempre suggestive, e su sensazioni di profumi ed essenze, colori e sfumature, su tempi, battiti e ritmi evocativi ma una trama vera e propria non c E non c uscita dal labirinto, non c chiave L importante per una sera ancora aver incantato e incatenato il pubblico, perch un cantastorie, un superbo cantastorie, crea le sue mitologie, pu rendere vera ogni cosa Pu far sembrare vera ogni cosa.Perch questo, in fondo, solo un lento, articolato e illusorio racconto che non ha fine, pieno di misteri, di vita e d a Cos la vita, dopo tutto, se non un fugace capriccio La luna, il gatto, il poeta, questo circolo di ascoltatori, siamo tutti sulla stessa pagina Tra il labbro e il talismano, tra la gola e la voce, tra il cuore e la speranza, c sempre qualcosa che palpita, qualcosa che vive e muore la speranza O la pazzia forse il mare l a Guardate eccolo li, muto, tremante, qualche timida occhiata, un gesto effimero, una poesia sul kif, una sera di delirio, e poi il nulla l a Ha cinque sensi, sette suoni, nove vite, undici illusioni cedevole un fiore che cresce negli oceani pi profondi una candela guizzante, un impronta nella neve, un paese bellissimo, un frassino meridionale una chiamata e un imprecazione e un prolisso incantesimo da ripetere ogni sera una fotografia, un lamento, una cronaca, un dipinto nel vaso di Pandora, in un parco soleggiato, nell Albero del Corvo esultanza, confusione, solitudine, perdita, sogno l a Il pi bello di tutti gli uccelli.Marrakech Porta aperta sul deserto LdM Paese Marocco RC 2019 Alphabet Titoli C RC 2019 Lo scaffale traboccante RC 2019 Abbatti la TBR 19 Africa

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    There are two things that make me really anxious about a book a rainbow of different ratings, and a book about somewhere from someone who has no real connection to the place I gave in though, basically because of the title, and hoped for the best And my bravery was rewarded.A few years ago, there was an interview on Swiss television with Syrian German author Rafik Schami The original topic was of course Syria s political situation, but the interviewer also delved into the differences between the Western and Middle Eastern style of writing Rafik Schami pointed out that whereas Western authors usually are just that, authors, he sees himself as a storyteller because there is a rich history of storytelling in that part of the world He then proceeded to tell a ten minute story, and it was one of the best interviews I ve ever seen.The difference between writing and storytelling is the immediate reaction from the audience It has to be entranced and engaged, and a different audience will create a different feel to a story In doing this with the book itself as well as within the story, Joydeep Roy Bhattacharya has set himself up for that rainbow of reviews, but if you are ready to engage enough, and if you are willing to create your own story out of your reactions to what is being told, you re in for a great ride I m not sure that billing this book as mystery is all that helpful Sure, the story is about a young couple s disappearance and searches for its cause, but you should not read this book just to find an answer to that story The real theme is the storytelling how it can bring people together, how a story can change, how even our own perception can change when we interpret it through the veil of the fiction we ve created Contrary to my initial fears, Marrakesh is not just a setting, but a living, breathing part of this book You get to know some of its inhabitants, and you see the influence of its long history on the perception of the people who live there I m not sure I d recommend this book if you just want to learn something about Morocco But I would if you re searching for an insight into Middle Eastern culture, and into the nature of stories themselves Review can also be found at 238 books in 238 days.

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    Did not find this magical Frustrating read Felt that the narrative was trying too hard to be enchanting I felt anger at the repeated beauty of the woman of course she was the typical standard of beauty Why couldn t she be Asian Or, for that matter, any other ethnic grouping What I did enjoy was the various types of people that were woven in the tale the blue skinned man, the Berber, the fortune teller, etc But, as stated, not one of my favorite reads Although this is not a normal practice for me, the novel was tossed without a second thought into the paper bin.

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    So I never actually finished this book I only made it about 100 pages in, but it was that bad 100 horrible, slow, painful pages and I do not regret NOT finishing this book I can t wait to sell it back Sorry to my fellow book club readers This is the literary equivalent of gouging your eyes out with a half teaspoon.

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    The following extract appears on page 307 of this novel, a mere 20 pages from the end I listened to you with a growing desbelief that soon turned to anger Your story was not onlu salubrious, it was a thoroughly misbegotten endeavor There was nothing in it to emulate, no universal values or aspirations, nothing nothing at all worth salvaging If there was any truth in it, it lay in its level of degredation, truly one of a kind My sentiments exactly after reading this book For someone like myself, who is married to a Moroccan, who truly knows Morocco well and has a relationship with the country itself, its people, its culture As a person who loves Morocco as her home this book is a sore disappointment.This is clearly a tourist s novel I can t imagine its author having spent than a holiday there, or spent much time with Moroccan people at all He is able to describe the locale well, and has done his research into artisana etc However, his characters, especially in dialogue, brought not one iota of a true Moroccan voice Every single character in this novel spoke with a highly educated register, using the vocabulary of a well versed poet even the poorest, uneducated street performer One, unbelievable, two, Moroccans tend to keep things simple and direct I have many Moroccan friends who tell me stories, and not one of them dances in circles the way the Hassan of this story does When I read the acknowledgements section of the book, I noticed not one Moroccan name was thanked Surely if you were writing a story about Moroccan people, you would at least enlist the aid of at least one local in order to create a realistic portrayal It certainly felt as if he was just making it up Regarding Jemaa el Fna One has to wonder if the author ever visited it after dark Well into the night it s bustling with foreigners ans Moroccans, yet he makes it sound foreboding and empty save for the most devilish of Morocco s underworld Had this novel been written about another country that I wasn t so familiar with, would I have liked it better Perhaps a little In terms of plot, it s not a bad mystery story I m afraid the inaccuracies in its depiction of Morocco killed it for me though.

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    This was an enchanting book in every sense of the word I was charmed by the weaving of the storyline in and out I felt as if I was in Marrakesh weaving in and out of the alleyways and souks Every year the storyteller comes to Marrakesh to relate a story of a foreign couple who disappeared years before He comes in search of solving the mystery by relating and engaging the audience in remember their view of that night Every year it is with a different effect This book has an Arabian Night feel to it I loved it and found it casting and weaving a spell as Hassan draws out his audience to participate in the story You are left to draw your own conclusions as to the ending Was the main character truth or beauty, you decide.

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    The mystery element and the voices of and collaboration among the storyteller, Hassan, and his listeners make this novel compelling Will those who find themselves in the Jemaa el Fna be able to solve the puzzle of the disappeared strangers Will our narrator turn out to be a puppeteer manipulating the evening s events Or will the novel bear out Hassan s father s advice that a story must not have a clean resolution Suspense and contemplation, philosophy, fiction, and myth mingle as the tale and the night draw to an end.