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Awarded 1st Place by Paranormal Romance Guild's Reviewer's Choice Award '2014's Best Paranormal Erotic Romance Novella' “I know that I should not allow myself to be vulnerable to a Vampire like this but he has me so hot how can I possibly deny him? Besides he is far than just a Vampire to meHe is my Vampire And I am his”Gretchen has worked at Sanguelascivia as an erotic performer and blood courtesan for several years done it all seen it all She thought she had grown numb to the Vampires whom she was reuired to service It was just a job They were just the clientele That is until the night Lucius shows up While on stage in the midst of her performance Gretchen first locks eyes with him his gleaming blue eyes never departing from her With every move she makes she feels him watching her making her hotter by the second She fully expects him to be there after the performance to reuest her services but to her surprise he is nowhere to be seen Perplexed Gretchen tries to brush him from her mind yet hard as she may try she cannot What is it about him? No man— human or Vampire— has ever had her feeling uite like this has ever penetrated her soul as he had And she isn’t sure whether she likes it But one thing is sure there is no denying it What is happening to her?Then soon again Lucius is there boring into her with those cryptic eyes And once he disappears before the end of the night She finds herself fantasizing over this Vampire— something which she never thought she would do Gretchen resolves the next time she sees him she’ll be damned if he’s going to slip away again without speaking to her She will take matters into her own hands if she must She will reuest himWhen at last she realises her long awaited private session with him Gretchen discovers Lucius has a delicious secret which she never thought possible And just as furtively as he appears so does he vanish once Left with so many uestions she can scarcely wait to see him again And Lucius only feeds her preoccupation with him sending her expensive gifts in between his random visits Inferring a sense of urgency this enigmatic Vampire suddenly asks to come away with him to Paris to be his bonded blood servant— and lover Relishing her sexual freedom Gretchen has never been one to desire this arrangement so many others hoped for However she fears that if she lets him go she will never see him again feel him again But what will be in store for her once she leaves the familiar comfort of Sanguelascivia?

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    As usual Rosalind Scarlett has given us another sexy sexy novella set amongst the performers of Sanguelascivia We get to meet up with several old favorites Vincenzo seems to be a favorite of everyone myself included and see the various storylines from a differing point of view ahem Guiliana's awakening to the pleasures of lady love being one of themBut we also get to see Gretchen fall hard for a vampire she sees only in the midst of her performances onstageFrankly Lucius gets under her skin and she can't shake him Considering her fantasies about him before they ever meet in person Lucius has a lot to live up to Surprisingly enough he measures upAnd he has a secret that's a doozySexy and not for the faint of heart Gretchen and Lucius's romance steams up the sheets Gretchen's role as a courtesan alone is enough to make this story sexy Her deeply erotic fantasies about her mysterious vampire adds a little something extra Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    First off I would like to thank the author for kindly providing me with a copy of The Seduction of Gretchen to read and reviewGretchen is a young woman who works as an erotic performer in a club that hosts vampires although she feels nothing towards the vampires themselves she relishes in the ecstasy and the daily orgasms performed on her and in groupsShe wouldn't dream of feeling for the vampires she would never think of another life with a vampirewould she?During one particular performance Gretchen can sense something different than the other timessomeone's eyes are on her yes all are on her whilst she's performing but this is different??Shen Gretchen seeks the admirer she gets than she's bargained for when she comes eye to eye with the most perfect blue eyes to ever grace a manor vampire?The scenes in this book were erotic and in such detail you could practically play the scene out in your head ;The story is fast paced and the reader won’t be bored at allThis was a uick read for me with being only a hundred and odd pages long

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    Steamy and sexy That is how I would best describe this novel From the beginning we are taken on a sex laden historical journey with Gretchen From a normal girl from Holland to an erotic performer at the Sanguelascivia sex club for vampires in Venice Gretchen seduces and services them on a nightly basisLife is rolling on nicely for her until one night a vampire walks in and steals her heart But unbeknownst to her he has a secret that can change it all for themThe sex scenes between them are very well written and descriptive without it sounding mechanical In a genre that doesn't always have well written stories Rosalind Scarlett is a star that combines the erotic with a well told storyHighly recommended for those that enjoy the erotica genre

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    An intriguing journey into another world The Seduction of Gretchen is a uniue and fascinating story of one woman's journey into the world of vampires and erotica Gives an amazing POV into the psyche If erotica is your genre them this writer should be at the top of your list

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    You can see the following review also here The author gave me this book in exchange for an honest reviewWell that was hot I didn’t know what to expect from this book but believe me I wasn’t expecting that it would be so erotic From the very beginning we are introduced in a place where sex is in a whole new level This is the story of Gretchen a young woman who works as an erotic performer in a club that hosts vampires And then one day a very special vampire comes in and she’s lost to himWhat I liked about this book was the detailed erotic scenes because they were very well written and gave us the atmosphere in this erotic club The story is fast paced and the reader won’t be bored at all I have to be honest and say that I don’t really like Gretchen At first I found her naïve and then I didn’t like her attitude I found it kind of odd that she fell in love with a man while she was making love with others I liked Lucius even though he didn’t convince me that he was in love with her He’s passionate and mysterious the perfect combination If you are in a mood for something erotic then this is your kind of read

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    As the author of this story I have thoroughly enjoyed writing 'The Seduction of Gretchen' and the blooming relationship between the main character Gretchen and the Vampire with whom she never in a million years expected to fall in love Lucius It is filled with anticipation longing passion as these unlikely two find unexpected love for the first time with one another Gretchen an erotic performer at Sanguelascivia was living a life fueled only by lust for her licentious nightly carnal performances with the promise of varying partners and jaded against the Vampires she has been serving for than four years And Lucius a 500 year old French Vampire who has never allowed himself to open his heart to love But the very moment the two make eye contact for the first time something inside changes them forever whether they had wanted it or not leaving them baffled at their sudden transformationI believe you will delight in reading their story as I have in sharing it