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The Girls Of Octavian Country Day Pack Up Their Warmest Cashmere Coats And Their Tiniest IPods And Board The Bus For A President S Day Class Trip To Lake Placid But Bears Aren T The Only Scary Thing Out In Those Woods The Briarwood Boys Are Staying In A Cabin Just A Few Yards Away, Which Means The Girls In Massie S Underground Clinic For Kissing MUCK Might Have To Find The Guts To Put Their Money Where Their Well Glossed Mouths Are Kristen Can T Afford To Go On The Trip, But That S Not About To Stop Her Dylan S Mom Is Smooching Her History Teacher Alicia S Crush Josh Has His Eye On Someone Else And Claire Is About To Do Whatever It Takes To Get Cam Back

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    Makes your inner badgirl want to come out Maggie

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    a lot of blatant male gaze stuff here someone will write abt it someday probably not maybe me dylan s obsession w her weight stays making me uncomfortable i don t remember if i ever read her book or if she ever even had one but i imagine it also continued to toe the line of pro ana discourse massie is especially self centered in this one it makes the friendships seem that much performative although she and claire are least affected by that i m still fixated on adrienne rich s conception of the lesbian continuum because i m very boring and predictable i m half joking honestly, apple should pay lisi harrison her royalties for coining the term ipad that uncomfortable kissing scene you ll know once you read it which, obviously, all my goodreads friends will cam is an lgbtq ally

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    I enjoyed this book It was very girly, cute and fun I liked the idea of how the girls go on the trip with the guys At the beginning of the book, I was a little confused with the Pretty Committee s relationship with Claire They were treating her like a friend but they seemed weird about it They seemed kind of shaky and like they didn t open of the door to their clique fully, so to say Why were they treating her that way I thought they were cool.I know that Massie loves her friends I learned that in the first book But if she loves them so much, then why she treat them like her little followers or dogs She leads them and doesn t treat them so fairly She treats them like she doesn t care about them or love them I wouldn t want to start a problem or drama but I wouldn t take it I would NOT be treated like a background dog Speaking of dogs, she treats her dog, Bean better than she does her so called, friends I thought Alicia was acting unfair on the trip and was distancing herself from the Pretty Committee I thought that Alicia was playing nice girl for a little bit so she could get revenge on Claire without Claire realizing it knowing it So she won t see it coming In the end, I was right Again, another Massie topic came up amongst my post its I thought Massie was very selfish She was caring way too much about herself than her close friend who s been lying on a wood floor for two days She doesn t care because she is way too obsessed with herself She is supposed to be a friend but she is not Everyone us obsessed with themselves a little bit, but Massie is a little too much That is what makes her a real character But, towards the end, I was impressed with Massie because she made everyone apologize to each other out of her friends so they would stop fighting and all be friends again I have to give her credit for that I really thought this book was great I like all the cute names for thing like lip glosses and stuff It was interesting and I enjoyed the cliffhanger ending It made you want to read the next book and I am I also learned how important and fun lip gloss is

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    This was a fun read, honestly It s set in Lake Placid, a place I ve vacationed at a lot, and while my vacations were never as glamorous as it was in the book, it was still fun trying to picture everything The drama was fun, too Not that I d ever wish to be that age again, but I couldn t stop smiling, recalling all my petty fights with friends, the nervousness with boys I had crushes on, etc Massie was especially funny in this book, and though I wish Alicia had been a part of this story, I did enjoy it On to the next one

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    The Clique Gone WildMassie Block The girls of Octavian Day Country pack up their warmest cashmere coats and their tiniest iPods and board the bus for a President s Day class trip to Lake Placid But bears aren t the only scary thing out in those woods The Briarwood Boys are staying in a cabin just a few yards away, which meansthe girls in Massie s Underground Clinic for Kissing M.U.C.K might have to find the guts to put their money where their well glossed mouthes are Kristen Gregory Can t afford to go on the trip Will she rot in Westchester all alone Not likely Dylan Marvil Finally skinny after a bad bout of the flu Will she stay skinny when she sees her mom smooching it up with her history teacher Cause that s enough to make anyone yak Alicia Rivera Knows her crush, Josh Hotz, has his eye on someone But who Alicia s the hottest girl at OCD So he must like herright Claire Lyons Gets a crazy haircut and a bloodthirsty new enemy, but none of this matters since Cam has taken his heart and his gummies away from her She ll do whatever it takes to get him back

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    This was a fun book with a L O T of drama See my book review from below DRAMA When Octavian Country Day OCD school goes on a class trip, each member of the Pretty Committee PC , the coolest girls at OCD, has a secret or some personal drama Massie, the PC s head alpha, lied about having kissing experience to hold a kissing clinic to raise money for her friend, Kristen, a member of the PC no one except the PC knows Kristen s family couldn t afford the school s trip fees Will the girls of the clinic believe Massie or ask for refunds Alicia, the second command of the PC, has a crush on Josh Hotz but knows he has his eyes on someone else but who Will this reveal Claire s, another one of Massie s friends, terrible secret of her kissing Josh in book 4 Invasion of the Boy Snatchers And last but not least Dylan, PC s diet obsessed diva, is dieing of embarrasment Her famous mother, Merri Lee, and her teacher are flirting openly in front of the whole school What will come of this Will all the PC members be able to resolve the drama FIND OUT IN THE BOOK

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    After Alicia s sassy cousin Nina, who stole everyone s heart, was proven for the devious thief she really was, Massie expected all to adore her once again Yet, she overhears some of her fans planning to get in touch with Nina for some boy advice Massie can t have her admirers thinking she hasn t any experience with boys, so she starts Massie s Underground Clinic for Kissing M.U.C.K even though she s never kissed a boy herself The Pretty Committee Massie, Alicia, Claire, Dylan with the exception of Kristen, who couldn t afford it, are off to Lake Placid for their school trip Massie hopes to get some real experience there Massie rides with Derrington on the bus, but fakes motion sickness so she won t have to talk to him She always gets nervous and embarrassed when she s around him When Derrington tells the M.U.C.K girls that they ve never kissed they feel taken advantage of and cheated Massie cooks a plan with Claire that lets the M.U.C.K girl s catch her and Derrington kissing to prove them wrong Cam is still upset about Claire and her kiss with Josh, but then Massie comes up with a plan for Claire to go to Cam s cabin, in disguise as a boy, to fix things Claire tells him that she didn t know he was avoiding her because of Alicia s fake Spanish soccer spell and that she thought he dumped her, so they promise to meet each other the next day to kiss Cam s first time Claire thinks Alicia, who has a crush on Josh, overhear that she kissed him They cannot talk that day as if it were their wedding day, so when Massie s plan for the M.U.C.K girls to catch her and Derrington kissing interferes with her meeting with Cam she asks Alicia to give him her note saying she ll be late When Claire arrives she finds Alicia flirting with Cam in revenge for Claire kissing Josh Claire is heartbroken Massie suggests Cam dresses as a girl and apologizes to Claire for he had never gotten Claire s note and had felt betrayed They kiss A pair of Claire s underwear is found outdoors, but instead of telling them that Layne, who borrowed them, did she blames it on Alicia for revenge Everyone believes it because she really had taken some Claire offered and they tease her All the girls run out, but then Dylan catches her famous TV show host mom snuggling up with her geography teacher She is so upset she reveals that Kristen is on the trip and hands her breakfast under Massie s bed where she s hiding Dylan runs out, Kristen runs out, and then Massie, Alicia, and Claire run to their friends to support them They end up lost and have to sit still for hours so a mysterious creature won t hurt them until Claire shoos it away with a gummy worm Soon, they finally meet up with Mr Myner, their geo teacher, and Dylan s mom Everyone is horrified when the Pretty Committee is expelled I found the girl s tactics to get their crushes unique and fun The camping trip was so planned out and vividly described that I felt as if I were experiencing it with the girls, too I was also surprised that Kristen came, and loved that all was right with Derrington and Massie and Cam and Claire in the end I can t believe that they were expelled though since there are usually happy endings in this series.

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    In this book ALicia, Claire, Massie, Dylan go on a trip to a camp with their geography teacher Kristen can t afford it so she has to sneak to the camp without her mom knowing so when she gets there only Massie knows that she is there and she hides under Massie s bed and eats the leftover food Plus she studies all of the maps and trail routes so when they get lost she sort of knows where to take them Only amazingly Dylan somehow gets them back to camp After that their geography teacher gets mad at them and he talks with the principal and their mothers and in the end they get expelled from school for the rest of the school they were in So now they can t go back to school until 8th grade is over Also they don t get to see their boy friends that they had just made up with it was sad for them At least they can go shopping all the time now I learned that you have to follow directions to not get in trouble and do what you are told and if you are poor you should just stay back at home.

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    massie charged these girls 20 A PIECE to KISS a MOOSE HEAD and learn HOW TO BRUSH THEIR TEETH

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    The clique goes camping.Dylan s mom tries to film the whole thing like its the Amazing Race for kids Claire tries to win back Cam Massie wants her first kiss with Derrick but is trying to teach a class on kissing called MUCK at the same time a dead moose ends up with a lot of lip gloss on his lips Kristen couldn t afford the camping trip but sneaks in They all get expelled.