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'He was a traitor a rabble leader a rebel a liar and a pretender to the throne We have tried to forget him here'Now a year after Yehoshuah's death four people tell their stories His mother flashes between grief and rage while trouble brews between her village and the occupying soldiers Iehuda who was once Yehoshuah's friend recalls how he came to lose his faith and find a place among the Romans Caiaphas the High Priest at the great Temple in Jerusalem tries to hold the peace between Rome and Judea Bar Avo a rebel strives to bring that peace tumbling downViscerally powerful in its depictions of the realities of the period massacres and riots animal sacrifice and human betrayal The Liars' Gospel finds echoes of the present in the past It was a time of political power play and brutal tyranny and occupation Young men and women took to the streets to protest Dictators put them down with iron force Rumours spread from mouth to mouth Rebels attacked the greatest Empire the world has ever known The Empire gathered its forces to make those rebels payAnd in the midst of all of that one inconsequential preacher died And either something miraculous happened or someone lied

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