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Not as good as her other seriesIf you re looking for a book as good as Ivy s Lost Sentinel series this isn t it It took me a while to figure out why I didn t like it as much but I finally realized it s the male main characters and lack of shared information In Lost Sentinel we get to know the male characters, we learn about them as the female main character does We get glimpses into their past, their different personalities, their passions and interests and see how they are growing to care for her All in the first book In This book, The Hidden, we get NOTHING about them We don t know their place in the society until later we get a vague idea they re somehow in charge , we don t learn anything about their backgrounds or personalities, their likes or interests, or see any reason why they care about the main character No hints about how they love her toughness or spirit or anything Same thing for her, we have no idea why she s wanting the men as they both treat her horribly, don t give her any info about the world, don t give her any insight to their personalities, just nothing This is so upsetting to me as Ivy is capable of writing great characters with great depth and all the feels as evidenced in her other series With these 2 guys I just don t care about them or like them because I don t know them The other disappointing part is the world building In her other series she did a great job of building the world but leaving some stuff a mystery for the heroine to figure out This book was really stingy with the info and I felt really uninformed and frustrated rather than being immersed in the world and falling in love with it too I don t know if I ll read the second book I might just read it on KU first and not buy it right away I you want an amazing series, check out Ivy s other series The Lost Sentinel Fun story but I don t like the main charactersSo I have read every other book from thus author and loved them She is a great writer and is fantastic at creating strong, intelligent female characters.That being said I couldn t really get into this book It wasn t bad, there were moments I laughed and I like the story I guess I can t really relate the the main character nor do I like the main love interests I like how the lead female has a sense of humor but she just seems to be too ok with being in the dark about things I know she wants answers but she spends weeks there and doesn t really do anything to figure it out It bothered me because I just can t relate to that If I ended up in a new world you best believe I d be asking questions and studying all I could to figure out what is happening I think it s just a matter of my own personality If there were people who were so obviously trying to control me by withholding information that was important to my life I wouldn t just stay there and train, I would investigate.I also just hate the caveman bull that the guys are doing It s not attractive and it started to get tiresome by the end of the book The whole mine concept is only attractive when it goes both ways Not I m going to beat up anyone who actually could be good for you while I also was just making out with another woman I get that he doesn t want whatever bond he has and I understand that she doesn t understand they have a bond but still, it s justbothers me.I do like the supporting characters and I will pick up the next book Ivy has a great talent for writing regardless of whether or not I am connecting with the main characters in this book. And lucky me, I might as well have a rotisserie chicken living inside of me for all the help my newly discovered gryphon is Perfect Just fucking perfectGryphon shifter protag Rotisserie Chicken Fuck HELL YASSS Completely investedWow, what a book If you love books about shifters or paranormal enthusiasts, or have never read a paranormal book before, read this one It has everything you could possibly want in the first book of a series A kickass feisty female lead, hot stubborn alpha love interests Hilarious banter and references to things you as a reader can relate to An awesome and intriguing plot, plus it s not a book about werewolves if the cover hadn t already hinted at that I cannot wait to readfrom these chracaters. I really liked this, and I can t wait for book 2 The only reason this lost a star is because both love interests have been pretty disappointing so far I assume this is a slow burn and the guys will get better, so maybe it isn t fair to take a star for that, but seriously a stronger romance is the only thing that could have made me enjoy thisI imagine the later books in the series will get all 5 stars. MehI love Ivy Asher and her Lost Sentinel series This new series is an interesting take on gryphons I haven t read about them before so it was new and a refreshing new world That is where the appeal stops however The majority of this book was the constant emotional fighting between the FMC, Fallon, and her may be mates Ryn and Zeph They are just pure domineering a holes with hardly any redeemable qualities Ryn is not as bad as Zeph but that is not saying much The book hardly progresses since they keep Fallon in the dark most of the time You get small tidbits here and their but then the bickering, hating, emotionally abusive vitriol from Zeph it just took away from the book They seem to have a mysterious insta attraction connection but after the ending I don t see how Zeph can redeem that kind of hate It was beyond unfair and OTT for the characters to basically not teach her their ways No wonder she flounders so much Her Gryphon at least is badass lol Pidgeon is a take no sh t kind of shifter lol.Overall, disappointed in this book I may read the next one and hope for better, but I won t be waiting with baited breathe. Such a delicious treatI love this new series and the female lead is all awesome sauce snark and passion I want to punch a few male characters in the junk and the others, I think of other stuff and junk, Ha , I can t wait for the next installment The cover is cool as hell btw That ending though omfg don t do that to me Ooookay Some peeps asked why I dnf d so here we go First of all, I just didn t like the MC Her defining characteristics is horny and mean I don t mind the horny part, but the mean part just makes me not like her at all lmao It d also be cool if she hadthan two settings Secondit had this weird creepy rapey vibe going on view spoiler There s this whole bit that took up like 15% of the book where she must be cleansed of magic so they can figure out if she s telling the truth even though they have a teenaged magic lie detector right there and it involves people grabbing onto her naked body, threatening her with naked men holding her down and getting all up in her biz Cuz you know Magic lying vaginas are a thing to be wary of So She escapesAnd then it happens again anywayBut worse cuz she s yelling rape, two love interests are naked, forcing their hands all over her, she s crying and yet turned on anyway I was really disturbed hide spoiler I Am A Latent Wolf Shifter Or So I ThoughtThen Life As I Knew It Changed In A Flash Or Accurately, An ElectrocutionI Ve Woken Up In A Strange Place, Surrounded By Strange People Who Hate Me They Re In The Middle Of A War, And I Look Like I Belong On The Wrong Side Of It If That S Not Enough To Qualify As A Really Bad Day, I Now Have Wings And A Strange Animal To Figure Out, Because It Turns Out That There S Not A Damn Latent Thing About Me If I Want To Live, I Have To Prove That I M Not The Spy I M Accused Of Being Then I Need To Figure Out How The Fuck To Get Back Home Before All Hell Breaks Loose Too Bad My Animal Has Zero Interest In Working With Me Unless It Has To Do With The Two Hot Assholes That Lead This Rebel GroupI M On My Own, In A Place I Ve Never Even Heard Of, With Threats I Don T Know How To Defeat And Lucky Me, I Might As Well Have A Rotisserie Chicken Living Inside Of Me For All The Help My Newly Discovered Gryphon Is Perfect Just Fucking Perfect