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INDIEFAB Award Finalist For EducationEarly Childhood Educators Need To Be Cognizant Of The Disconnect Between Public Policy And Classroom Practice The Success Of Children They Teach Depends On It This Book Analyzes How Ineffective Practices Are Driven By Unexamined Public Policies And Why Educators Need To Challenge Their Thinking In Order To Make A Difference In Children S Lives A Very Complex Story About Public Policy And The Importance Of Teaching Is Told While Entertaining And Engaging The Reader Throughout I think this book is a great explanation of what is wrong with early childhood ed in America and how it got that way It also gives a picture of how things could be if changes were made and the general public and legislators had a real understanding of the research surrounding child development A good read for parents, educators, and especially politicians. Excellent dissection of early childhood education and how to fix itThe best part of this book is the latter half where the author describes a classroom wherein the faults of our current ECE system are fixed I ve read a lot of books on this subject but few of them offer up so complete a solution There is a lot to unpack in the description of the ideal pre k setting, and a lot of it can even be used by parents at home This is a book that should be read by educators, caregivers and parents. I found the information regarding the background of Head Start, Pre K, Preschool and Kindergarden interesting I wish I had attended a children s garden before starting elementary school The chapter that made the biggest impact for me was chapter 6 Envisioning a Preschool Classroom that Works for All Children I was able to take away many things that would make a huge difference in our homeschool Definitely recommend for all families with young children. Quick read which provided some insight on the warring forces in ECE right now, and an argument for how research says we should move forward. This truly changed my thinking and my practice A great easy quick read I downloaded a sample couldn t wait to buy the kindle version read it in its entirety A definite must read for parents, teachers early childhood educators. Empowering and articulate I needed some encouragement to continue to challenge our current climate of data mining in early childhood I found it here A must read for early childhood professionals. I only have an indirect connection to early childhood education For a while I worked for a mentoring nonprofit that linked 3rd graders to college student mentors Nevertheless, this book was quite meaningful to me based on what I do know about the education system Disclosure Michael is a college friend of mine Teaching to the test has been the norm for so long, but what progress have we seen Two teachers in my family one of whom is an art teacher had to tailor their lessons to ensure high test scores Seriously The solution is succinctly stated here innovative educators are creating human classrooms that are tailored to meet the individual needs of children, providing maximum autonomy with a minimum of hoop jumping In these classrooms, children participate voluntarily in groups and regulate their own ability and comfort level to participate in social interaction Teachers do not view individual differences as deficits that need fixing, but value children for who they are In short, all children find themselves in an environment in which they are able to be themselves page 147 Isn t this what we want If those involved in early education could absorb and establish these common sense practices recommended in The Great Disconnect, our children and our society would benefit substantially Another benefit I understand now that after around 5 years teachers give up and seek other kinds of work I believe these innovative practices would also encourage teachers to stay in their profession.