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In her debut novel Emma Hamm brings us to a new world The mining town of Silnarra is not an easy place to survive in Convicts and the poor work alongside each other to gather gemstones sold to the rich and famous Their lives are put on the line every day as they descend into tunnels that were built long before humans found them Rumors of monsters lurking in the depths keep the miners wary of shadows Disappearances frequently occur in the darknessJane Penderghast has two younger siblings relying on her She has to resort to desperate measures to keep them all alive Women are not allowed to work in the mines but it is the only way to earn money in this cursed place She will do anything to save her family even lie and work in the belly of the earthIn a moment of fear and confusion she realizes that the rumors of goblins are true These strange creatures that live far below her town bring her into their world What she finds there is both astounding and heartbreaking A goblin warrior a dying race and a chance at a life she never expectedTo become a Goblin Bride is no easy thing

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