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10 thoughts on “The Fortune Cookies of Weevil (Graphic Sparks)

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    I love my 7 year old daughter, and she loves graphic novels and, apparently, bad bug puns, so I let her read this to me. She enjoyed it, but I found it eye-rollingly bad. Why bother with this when there are far superior graphic novels for children? Try Cleopatra in Space or Zita the Spacegirl instead.

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    V.colorful, Adequately drawn and written story about super-heroes Tiger Moth and Kung Pow and their adventures against The tsetses, Weevel and the Fruit Fly Boys. The characters are insects, they go to Starbugs and speak w/lots of puns.

    If i had to choose between anything Marvel is publishing now and this to give to a third grader, i give them this. But there is so much being done of quality that suggesting a library use its money here is a stretch.

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