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“How is it that I can experience so much pleasure even as my world is crumbling down around me?”It is the Year 1633 in HungaryKatja is the stunning daughter of a peasant family Since childhood she has been best friends with Štefan the dashing son of a banker As she developed into a voluptuous young woman she realises she has always been in love with him dreamed her whole life around him She has never imagined another life than one with himThen one day Štefan comes by with some devastating news for her which drives them into one another’s arms In one day as all of her dreams come crashing down Katja is familiarized with the bittersweet pleasure of passion for the first time with the only man she will ever love The 'Falling of Katja' is an Erotic Novella focusing on an individual character from Soeis Book II of the Anam Céile Chronicles a series which centers around true love soul mates self discovery loss vampires lust and the faith in reincarnation set in the lush backdrops of rugged Ireland beautiful culturally rich Venice and Florence Italy and Morocco amongst others It can be read alone or in conjunction with the seriesWarning Contains steamy Sensuality Explicit Sexuality Not intended for Readers below the age of Eighteen

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    An amazingly well crafted short story that is a background piece for the author's series of vampire books Katja and her lifelong love interest discover their feeling for each other in time for a heart rending event caused by the patriarchal absolute decision making tree Always a bad idea but it makes for an excellent story driving deviceWell edited and heat inducing I give it a five for five you pick the unitshttpwwwFalling Katja E

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    The Falling of Katja is an emotionally moving story We get to see the innermost thoughts of a girl coming of age and falling in love The tragedy of it is everyone except her knows she cannot possibly ever make a life with him Rosalind masterfully describes Katja’s deflowering in one of the most erotically hot scenes I have ever read The act of passion is a simple one of two young people who have only known one another The portrayal of desire love and tragedy is an exuisite read which will leave you wondering if there is of the story to come