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While Sifting Through Closets Of Junk In The Mansion They Have Rented, Qwill And Koko Uncover A Mystery Involving The Suicide Of The Former Owner And The Murder Of A Potato Farmer By The Author Of The Cat Who Wasn T There

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    Again, a delightfully written story with beautiful descriptions of cats and their behaviour The stories do leave loose ends but as the stories themselves are light and not serious this does not seem to matter too much The stories are well written with a good use of vocabulary, syntax, stylistcs etc a good holiday or hospital read.

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    I really enjoy all L.J.Brauns Cat who books, they come high on my what shall I read again list All very much of the same thing , but pass a very comfortable half hour after a hectic day Especially love the cat descriptions as my situation is such that I am unable to keep a pet.

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    It catches you off guard from the start throwing you into the grip of a bygone tragedy, contains mysteries that all tie together in the end Murder, suicide, fraud, blackmail,theft, fires and Blizzards it has it all If you love cats you ll love Ko Ko and Yum yum expressive antics Can t wait to buy the audio version to see if it does it justice.

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    Have read all her books before, love the stories every time.

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    Clever cats and their well trained human resolve another crime with sniffs, scratching and claws, if only they could speak

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    What can I say, I ve never read a Cat Who book that I didn t like.Awesome fun, shame Lillian won t be writing any , I ll miss her clever whit highly detailed characters Wish her final book had been published, I know a lot of fans are disappointed too, but, real life gets in the way sometimes, doesn t it

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    Just another one to bring my collection up to date, though there are still four or five to go to bring me up to date I ve started reading the whole series again in sequence and they are wonderful.

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    a good read