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A woman disappears leaving behind an incendiary diary chronicling a journey of sexual awakening To all who knew her she was the good wife happy devoted content But the diary reveals a secret self one who's discovered that her new marriage contains mysteries of its own She has discovered a forgotten Elizabethan manuscript that dares to speak of what women truly desire and inspired by its revelations she tastes for the first time the intoxicating power of knowing what she wants and how to get it The uestion is How long can she sustain a perilous double life?

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    This book was basically irritating It starts off with a letter from the anonymous author's mom to the publisher saying that her daughter disappeared with her infant son and her carbaby's stroller were found atop a cliff but no bodies were found She found this manuscript though So does the manuscript give insight into the woman's disappearance? Der not at all It's just this woman who is basically an asshole telling of her dissatisfaction with her brand new marriage it starts on their honeymoon and her sexual adventures with various strangers It held my interest for a while mostly because I wanted to find out whyhow she disappeared but when the woman gets in a cab and tells the driver to meet her at a hotel with several of his greasy cab driver friends for some raunchy stranger sex then I was ready to vomit After a few of these attractive cabbie orgies she is torn between one of her other lovers and her husband who she pretty much hates So what does she do to resolve this? She gets pregnant Excellent idea assholeIf you want to read about a woman's sexual awakening then try Anais Nin If you want to read about a woman who is trapped in a depressing marriage try The Awakening But you don't need to read this bad porn because I just told you the whole plot you're welcome

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    I know there’s a lot of controversy around this book Firstly let me just say – this book is not about sex it is about sexuality It is not about the act; but instead the thoughts behind it Yes this book contains explicit scenes – but unlike most general fiction novels cough The Bronze Horseman cough we are given snippets of boldness to accommodate a softer understanding I suppose it just has discourse I suppose it’s something close to literature As a reader I felt encouraged to view these explicit scenes as circumstances of society – rather than acts of passion There was something very raw and harsh about them; like they were there to mirror a cold streetNot all women are on Gemmell’s side many women find this text disgusting and I suspect this is one of the reasons the whole novel is in 2nd person It’s funny how Henry Miller can be considered a hero among men and Gemmell a slut among womenThe fact that this book raised so much controversy over censorship only enhances Gemmell’s meaning She had to write it ‘anonymously’ as a woman in the 21st century Why? Because female sexuality is still taboo Within the text the main protagonist is mirrored against an old Victorian’s secret writing Gemmell is a clever girl; she knew what her critics would say Has much changed for women’s sexuality since the 1800’s? Or are we still forced to hide our animalistic tendencies so than man conforming to some draconian myth what a woman is?

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    I absolutely hated and possibly despised this book so much so that I will have to re read it to reassess my harsh judgement of it in the hopes that I was just being a young inexperienced and intolerant sod at the time What I find appalling gee that's a strong word is that the book sells itself on being unashamedly honest and this may be so in its efforts to express forbidden sexual desires But in the areas that really count for something it uses brazen sex to shock and blind the reader to the fact that it has absolutely nothing to reveal about personal responsibility relationships love marriageand growth The hypocrisy of this book doesn't even allow you to enjoy the erotica

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    Raw Painfully honest Unflinching Unbearably beautiful I devoured The Bride Stripped Bare by Nikki Gemmell in one day Since this is my first foray into erotic fiction I had very little idea of what to expect Lots of sexy sex I imagined But The Bride Stripped Bare absolutely floored me from the very beginning Sexual descriptions aside which were not cover to cover as I had preconceived The Bride Stripped Bare had every element I desire in any novel Literary writing of high caliber The Bride Stripped Bare is written in a very tricky unusual second person point of view present tense As a reader I'm so used to the first person device which instantly places me in the main character's mind; however this perspective achieved the same but in a immediate intimate way By the constant you I actually felt that I inhabited the nameless character The good wifegood daughtergood friend who after learning a devastating secret embarks upon sexual discovery which she chronicles in her diary You have a book given to you by your grandfather that's a delicious catalog of unseemly thoughtsThat a wife should take another man if her husband is disappointing in the sackThat a woman's badness is better than a man's goodnessThat women are valiant than menThat Adam was sinful than EveIt was written anonymously in 1603 It's scarcely bigger than the palm of your hand The paper is made of rag not wood pulp and the pages crackle with brittleness as they're turned You love that sound it's like the first lickings of a flame taking holdIt smells of confinement and secret things My copy of The Bride Stripped Bare is stuffed with bookmarks because I found so many remarkable passages ranging from visceral to stunning provocative or just simply profound Profundity because it's not merely about sex or sexual acts but comments truthfully without romanticism about love betrayal friendship transgression marriage parental relationships even motherhood Every woman who reads this will gasp not so much with surprise but with repeated affirmation Gemmell wrote what women secretly feel what they tell themselves what they hide and what they desire An emptiness rules at its core a rottenness a silence when one of you retires to bed without saying goodnight when you eat together without conversation when the phone's passed wordlessly to the other An emptiness when every night you lie in the double bed restlessly awake astounded at how closely hate can nudge against love can wind around it sinuously like a cat An emptiness when you realize that the loneliest you've ever been is within a marriage as a wifeDespite the fact that the nameless main character embodies the experiences and emotions of most women and the other characters could stand in for archetypes the typical husband the close friend the mother all have rich detailed specificity to them They have complexity and nuance which ring true The plot has a recognizable trajectory chronicling love from its honeymoon stage to comfortable couplehood then its disillusionment and resurrection again mirroring what most couples go through Within this framework the nameless character loses and finds herself until the final scene in which the reader is left pondering what really happened Did she? Didn't she? It's literally a cliffhanger and that's all I will say about thatAnd now to the good part The sex is good yo As I read The Bride Stripped Bare I found myself saying Oh my god What? Oh out loud As I stated above the novel isn't sex from cover to cover It progresses from chaste down there to bolder explicit then right out climactic aria of erotic fantasies Some of it is authentically mundane Some repulsive and shocking Some educational All of it is riveting I'll leave you to discover the graphic passages for yourself For now this What you loveThe arch of the foot its bones rake splayed Wide blunt clean fingernails Michelangelo wrists Cleanliness The nape of your neck nuzzled Your eyelids kissed Burrowing deep under the blankets Clothes to be drawn off slowly in exuisite anticipation Cold smooth walls you are rammed against The sound of a lover's breath close to your ear Your hair pulled back when he's inside Your name spoken aloud just before he comes Connecting a holiness fluttering within you both Seduction that's slow intriguing uniue by flattery extravagant gestures text poem scraps on napkins filthy e mails that should never be sent love letters scrawled on Underground passes a line composed in lipstick on your back as you sleep written backward to be read in the mirror; oh yes all that

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    This was the first book with any type of erotica theme that I'd ever read I remember being absolutely scattered as I followed this woman's journey of her seeking something that was just so simply destructive She was an effervescent woman looking for something that elusive high that kept the bar being raised so much after every encounter Too dangerous as it cannot have a never ending satisfactory and successful 'high' It will all fall down and she will have to pick herself up This will be too difficult as going back to everyday will make her sluggish and unable to cope with the mundane A dangerous pursuit with only bad results

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    Whilst my initial expectations behind the concept of this book were that it promised to be a revolutionary and original chronicle about a women's journey of sexual awakening I was very uickly disappointed and amazed myself that I managed to persevere until the end considering that turning every page and chapter felt like a chore For me the author spent far too much time trying to create a book that is different just for the sake of being differentThe book is laid out in a complicated mix of lessons diary content and story telling It begins with a letter from an anonymous author's mother to the publisher that explains she has found a manuscript left in the belongings of her missingpresumed dead daughter Depicted as a good wife that is happy devoted and content in her life with her new husband the anonymous bride's story unfolds a secret self Very uickly the woman tells of her dissatisfaction with her brand new marriageShe believes her marriage offers her a sense of security but little else and then an act of betrayal on her honeymoon propels her into a world of desire fantasy and recklessness She discovers a forgotten Elizabethan manuscript presented to the reader as a lesson at the start of each chapter which dares to speak of what women really want With the use of this the bride embarks on a double life discovering what her desires really are and how she must go about satisfying themWhilst her problems and issues with marriage seemed real reasonable and probably familiar to a lot of readers her actions to solve them seemed illogical ridiculous and unbelievable The chapters were annoyingly short and the use of the Elizabethan manuscript seemed pointless confusing or plain irritating in my opinionGroup sex with cab drivers an infatuation with a very unlikeable Spanish man and a planned pregnancy with the husband that she finally decides she does love after all make it a yo yo story that tries to get the readers sympathy but fails to do so in every wayNothing seemed to sit right for me in this book With an end that is so peculiar and abrupt I can see that the author is trying to leave everyone to wonder and speculate about what really happened to her and her baby It was a relief to finish the book and once closed I far from wondered or speculatedI just forgot all about it straight away

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    The best second person narrative I have read ever This is languid and beautiful and biting tragic and edge of your seat I started the book and within the first chapter I was committed The litany on loop in my head? This can't end well It is the story of a woman's search for herself Discovering and then re discovering identity in the face of and in reaction to other people's expectations What is perhaps even horrifying is her own complicity in the architecture of her life She is as much to blame as anyone else I loved that this was not an easy book I loved that everyone was a villain and that everyone was a heroIt is hard and frightening and terribly real I identified It's extreme in places but there is a truth in the prose That somewhere out there somewhere in the world there is this woman That all women carry fragments of her She is you

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    I found this book kind of confusing I had trouble deciding what it was supposed to be erotica? chick lit? mystery? And yet it didn't seem to be uite any of those things It wasn't erotic enough to be erotica had too much sex to be chick lit and wasn't mysterious enough to be a mysteryThere were parts of it that I did like I thought her husband was a real jerk so I could see why she would be looking for and I was glad when she met Gabriel This is where I think it would make good chick lit It could easily have been a perfectly acceptable story about a woman whose husband is the bad guy and she has an affair with another bloke who is everything she's dreamed of and they run off together and everyone lives happily ever after But that's not what happened Instead she goes off into this weird sexual world of her own which doesn't uite follow on from or solve any of the problems with her marriage or her own life Her problems were definitely real but what she decided to do about them seemed really illogical to me I couldn't figure out what she thought she was going to achieve or even what the point was It's like she considered all the possible actions she could take and deliberately chose the one that would be least helpful and least relevant to her problems Call me crazy but maybe talking to her husband about her problems would have worked out better?The sex described also wasn't really shocking or interesting or even erotic In fact it almost read like a man's idea of the kind of erotica women want to read a kind of tired cliche about the hidden desires of repressed suburban housewives and it really didn't speak to me at all The part with the cab drivers I actually found uite unrealistic and hard to believeI found the style of writing a little confusing too The limited use of punctuation and referring to the character as you instead of in the third or first person meant that in some passages with dialogue it was hard to know what was being spoken and what wasn't I had to re read a few paragraphs to sort it outIt had some promising ideas but just didn't really come together for me

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    Oh myFirst off I had no idea that this book was basically written porn I usually base my book selections on covers descriptions and a page or two of the bookThis one has an odd cover Or I should say it had an odd cover The newer editions seem to have flesh The description included so much raving about the book and it was a bestseller The edition I had said it was written by an anonymous author Anonymity is always intriguing Finally the first few pages involve a woman and her son that have gone missing and all that is found in her abandoned car is this manuscript The book is supposed to be the manuscriptAll of that adds up to a presumably good read It was not It held my attention but only in the way that a bad series holds your attention because you need answers There are no real answers and most of the book is about sexual exploration AKA disgustingly freuent sex with complete strangersSome people may find some sort of social commentary hidden in the pages of this book I found it a bit gross and in the end I still didn't get any answers WTF

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    I should say I skimmed the sex scenes Why? Not my usual reason The bride was just so alien to me a woman who married her husband because she could be herself fakes her orgasms? I just didn't grasp the idea of a woman who lets her husband wipe his cum on her face but doesn't mention any of the dissatisfaction she feels with him to him It was akin to listening to a dead fish that no one notices it doesn't flop any She was unsympathetic from the get go because she was supposedly being herself while also going to great pains to explain how she served her husband's needs on a near constant basis So I didn't care about her discovering orgasms and I find it difficult to believe that a woman who never masturbated to find out what she was missing would have a satisfying extramarital affairShe was a terribly frustrating and passive woman who just sort of fell into things while weirdly engineering things like choosing to marry Cole The writing was cold distant and clinical I read this while I had time to waste and before it was tossed into a skip It went in without a momentary pang