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Top Hunters And Writers Contribute To This Exciting New Adventure Series Follow The Trails Of Hunters The Original Storytellers As They Interpret Signs, Examine Tracks, And Chase And Catch Their Prey Or Fail To Listeners Can Curl Up With The Best Authentic Hunting Fiction And Non Fiction, Bringing The Great Mount Kenya And The Prairies Of The American Bison Into Your Living Room From Theodore Roosevelt And Gene Hill To Rick Bass And Charles Dickens, Remember Classic Hunting Tales And Discover New Stories Of Hunters Luck, Camaraderie, And Use Of Smarts On The Trail The Thrill Of The Chase And The Passion For Outdoor Living Are Elegantly Brought Together In This Exquisite Volume, Certain To Delight Both Hunters And Short Story Aficionados With Work By ThanOf The World S Most Eminent Authors And Hunters, Including Theodore Roosevelt Zane Grey Ted Nugent Aldo Leopold Rick Bass Philip Caputo Geoffrey Norman Gene Hill And Many

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    A very comprehensive and entertaining collection of authors, story telling and thought provoking as well I give my blessing for the inclusion of Rick Bass and I regret that you missed Russell Annabel, that Alaskan guide, hunter and story teller He certainly deserves to be in this book Annabel could really write action stories about the sourdough of the North, with a great deal of descriptive authenticity as well as humor Whereas, Bass is on the reflective, beauty in description side I have read most of what each has written They are kind of opposite ends of the spectrum in a sense, yet both area rogues in another sense This collection is almost complete without Annabel I did have a hard time with the olden days section, which could have been omitted in favor of Annabel, as far as I am concerned Every serious Hunter should read this collection Although I didn t relate to 100% of the selections, there is a wealth to please every hunter or retired hunter

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    This is a rare collection of stories about hunting Each section focuses on a specific topic or animal Very highly recommended I wish they would re issue this with a better presentation Cover fontsize They story choices led me to discover many new authors that I became interested in.

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    The editors have done an excellent job of collecting interesting hunting stories selected from the works of numerous authors Some of the authors are quite well know, others much less so This is a great bargin for 500 pages of generally well written hunting stories It is also a very good pick up and put down book for this busy time of year.

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    The stories were good but it took some time to ready my way through this book.

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    My husband likes to read these hunting stories He doesn t like to read novels, so it s good that this book isn t a complete story, but several stories.