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“I never fathomed I would know such immense pleasure as he has shown me I might even be happy if only I can acclimate to this way of life”The year is 1499 MoroccoWhile dreaming of returning home to receive the expected proposal of Mathieu young Celeste is instead sold to a procurer for the Sultan by her parents while on holiday to Rabat Morocco from Paris FranceShe is scared and very angry The other harem women dote on her and prepare her to be presented to the Sultan instructing her on the ways of love Her encounter with him is better than she feared and he makes love to her gently introducing her to her first pleasures of the flesh holding her in his arms the duration of the nightIn the afterglow of passion Celeste begins to think perhaps her life will not be so bad She thinks she has never felt so loved so alive He continues to call for her several days in a row Her feelings escalate and she believes she is truly in love for the first timeThen one day she is called into the Sultan’s chamber along with two other women and expected to perform with them Disgusted and confused Celeste must watch him pleasure and be pleasured by the other women as well as participate if she wishes to remain in his favorWhen she becomes pregnant he seems overjoyed and she is delighted to be able to give him a child But will Celeste be able to continue to please him or will her jealousy get the better of her? Will she ever truly adjust to life as a harem wife?'The Awakening of Celeste' is an Erotic Novella focusing on an individual character from Soeis Book II of the Anam Céile Chronicles a series which centers around true love soul mates self discovery loss vampires lust and the faith in reincarnation set in the lush backdrops of rugged Ireland beautiful culturally rich Venice and Florence Italy France and Morocco amongst others It can be read alone or in conjunction with the seriesWarning Contains steamy Sensuality Explicit Sexuality Not intended for Readers below the age of Eighteen

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    Celeste is a great erotic novella It is beautifully written from the perspective of a young French girl who was chosen to be the latest wife of a sultan while vacationing with her family They young girl Celeste is thrown into a world foreign to her and expected to act as the rest of the hundreds of wives The eroticism involved in the wives prepping Celeste for the Sultan is most arousing and the love scenes between the Sultan and Celeste are both beautiful and sexually stimulating at the same time Rosalind Scarlett wrote a wonderfully sensuous story with “The Awakening of Celeste” My heart ached for Celeste the whole time which was difficult because the story is extremely stimulating in other ways as well I could picture all the scenes as if I were there myself I would love to see this story as a summertime movie You won’t be disappointed with this novella Rosalind Scarlett writes some of the best erotica out there She gets your blood pumping without leaving you feeling dirty for reading

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    Well then This isinteresting Let's just go over something really uick hereSay you're hanging out in Morocco with your wife just chillin how you do and some guy comes up to you and goes Hey I work for the Sultan Give me your daughter so she can join the harem because she's bangin' hot and I want her I feel like PERHAPS your first response would not be welllllllllllllllllllllllllYOU GOT IT PAL HERE SHE IS BOY IS THIS GREAT OR WHAT BYE DAUGHTER NEVER GOING TO SEE YOU AGAIN HAVE AN AWESOME LIFE IN SEX SLAVERYLike the book makes it clear these are people who only care about money Their money Making their money The Sultan's adviser does not even pay them for their daughter they will never see her again or see any of the wealth of the Sultan whatsoever What is the point? What do they gain?I don't know man The sex scenes were pretty good I enjoy how it ended Can't really get beyond the wholedonating their kid thing