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So i'm doing 'Murri gets a dress' for my drama. So I had to read seven stages of grieving, to know the background for the examiner.
I was so touched by the story, it was so amazing! I loved it!!
Thank you Wesley Enoch and the amazing Deborah Mailman!! I feel like this is one of those things that would be more impactful when performed, as opposed to just read as text. The school is doing this for Year 12 next yearit would definitely be better seeing it performedits hard just reading it. Heartbreaking, beautiful and incredible. I would love to see this in performance. This was a very touching and meaningful piece we did for drama in school and what I liked about it was the fact that it was very emotional and thought evoking. In its explicit portrayal of the realistic events and consequences that Aboriginal Australians faced due to colonisation,I felt like it achieved it's purpose in acknowledging the harsh injustice people don't often talk about and what I gained from this was a better understanding and awareness of the other perspective.
Whether it was comical or tragic, the symbolism and imagery used in getting the message across worked, but I fear that I could not suggest this as a book to read, rather as a play to analyse if you do want something confronting. I think it’s 3.5 stars... Possibly one of the worst plays I have ever read. Others have told me they strongly disagree so I have often gone back to it to reread it. I think for sure that this time has to be the last as it's obvious I'm not getting what others are getting out of it. For the issues explored I much preferred the play Stolen by Jane Harrison, I'd recommend it to anyone interested in that part of aboriginal history. A lot more emotive and engaging. Also a lot more fun to perform, I had a lot of fun working with the piece. powerful and local, difficult to perform. Needs great actress to bring it alive, an aboriginal one or someone who believe and perhaps undergo the same struggles and painful experiences in her life. Like the life of the character. Or maybe.... a chinese indonesian? Scripts are meant to be performed and it’s hard to judge this textso much is missing from what a live show would generate, from larger design and direction decisions down to the smaller, nuanced elements shared between actor and audience.
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