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When The Dawn Breaks, A Hero Rises His Power Is Beyond ImaginingClark Kent Has Always Been Faster, Stronger Better Than Everyone Around Him But He Wasn T Raised To Show Off, And Drawing Attention To Himself Could Be Dangerous Plus, It S Not Like He S Earned His Powers Yet But Power Comes With A PriceLately It S Difficult To Hold Back And Keep His Heroics In The Shadows When Clark Follows The Sound Of A Girl Crying, He Comes Across Gloria Alvarez And Discovers A Dark Secret Lurking In Smallville Turns Out, Clark S Not The Only One Hiding Something Teaming Up With His Best Friend, Lana Lang, He Throws Himself Into The Pursuit Of The Truth What Evil Lies Below The Surface Of His Small Town And What Will It Cost Clark To Learn About His Past As He Steps Into The Light To Become The Future Man Of Steel Because Before He Can Save The World, He Must Save Smallville

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    I read this book after enjoying to varying degrees the other three DC Icons novels Wonder Woman Warbringer, Batman Nightwalker and Catwoman Soulstealer I was really hoping that the author could make me love Clark Kent A major problem for me with Superman is that he is so irredeemably boring Growing up, I saw Spiderman as the lovable nerd, Batman as the brooding bad boy, Wonder Woman was the queer feminist, and Catwoman was a sexy rebel Superman, though, was the douchey jock In Dawnbreaker he is described this way Kids at school already teased him about being too good Too perfect It was the reason he d started wearing glasses he didn t actually need And mixing in a couple of Bs on his report card. That s Superman Too good Too strong Too fast Too perfect He s basically the exact definition of a Gary Stu And this lack of realistic flaws and weaknesses yeah, yeah kryptonite whatever has always made him the least interesting superhero to me, and made the troubles he faces lack tension.Sadly, I don t think that was rectified here In fact, I think very little time was given to developing Clark as an interesting character Instead, this book seems to start on the assumption that you re reading it because you re into Superman already It skips characterization and moves instead to exploring the small town mystery.This, too, left something to be desired Clark Kent and Lana Lang must discover what is going on beneath the surface of Smallville From the possibility of people going missing, to big corporations messing with things they shouldn t Lana leads the pair on something of an amateur investigation, with Clark always there to flex his muscles as and when they re needed I found it really difficult to get into this plot and care about what they would find When things weren t boring, they were heavy handed and obvious, including the surprise villain who I find it hard to believe anyone will be shocked by.There is an immigration subplot which attempts to bring current political issues to this universe, but I found it very simplistic and unexplored At times, it felt tagged on and forced into the story The characters involved remain one dimensional stereotypes Similarly, Clark s romance with Gloria Alvarez lacked any excitement or chemistry Though Gloria herself and Lana Lang, for that matter outshine Clark whenever they are on page.Sadly but not that unexpectedly my least favourite of the DC Icons books.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    1.2.18 Update So Batman came out today, which is exciting and all, but this book is still a year away from its release date This is a crime and I will be suing Prereview So I m not a Superman fan He s too perfect with his sleek hair and too good of eye sight Flying around, saving people without even asking if they want to be saved Who does he think he is No, Clark Kent is where it s at Not only is Clark kind and nerdy, but he also has a steady career, which is incredibly sexy Whereas, Superman has a hobby He doesn t even get paid How does he afford health insurance Because someone has to pay for his kryptonite inflicted injuries I m still excited anyhow Despite the lack of Clark Kent appreciation.Bring on these superhero YA novels PetitiontoRenameThisBookClarkKent

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    This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book PrescriptionWonder Woman Batman Catwoman Superman Throw back to 2 or 3 years ago when this whole series was announced and we were all excited 4 Superhero books by 4 famous authors Looking back, we hyped it than it deserved and over all I was disappointed by this series TO be honest I didn t know the author before this series and apparently he s controversial and there is tea to spill when it comes to him I don t know the details and I needed to continue the series so I decided to read it This book and all books in this series, did not add much to our knowledge of the DC world I mean I just felt like I was watching a Superman episode but in a book format Now if you love one of these superheros, you will probably like their story and if you hate them then the same Batman is my least favorite hero and so was his book Now this is going to sound so lame so be patient with me but Superman is given that name because he is a Super Man I see many people complaining about this and saying he is overpowered I guess that was the whole point I will criticize the author for taking it so far as I know Superman is not a super genius, but the author mentions that he throws a couple of Bs into his report for balance In one scene, his glasses fall down and don t break and I was like what, we have super glasses now This is bullshit But Superman is supposed to be super powerful, he shoots laser from his eyes and his breath freezes things He can fly, I think whatever I try, people won t change their minds I just enjoyed Superman discovering his powers although sometimes it felt too convenient to drive the plot further I think the writing and the characters were better than I expected but I went with low expectations, so who knows The story was a story we know before so the book was short and fast paced but it is kind of written for people who already know Superman I think it should have been a separate entity Summary This book and this goes to this whole series has been average We expected something but got another I did not think it was bad, I enjoyed it than I did with Catwoman and Batman even But the whole series has been underwhelming

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    I would have given this book 3.5 but I think it deserved a round up rather then a down.This is a Smallville style Superman novel The writing is a bit slow, but the story is well written.For people who are fans of the Smallville series this would be a great book I am not such a huge fan I did like Clark getting used to his powers Gaining life experience I do think the community Vs racism angle was quite well done.The unlike the other books in the DC icons series this book stays pretty close to the the original origin story I think Matt de la Pena did a good job with that he had As well written as the book is it is not the most exciting story.A good modernisation of Supermans origin but, a new angle but nothing really ground breaking A coming of age type story then a hero s journey for me.

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    What makes me saltiest of all is the fact this book has a 3.8 rating and it s not even released yet Don t Judge The Book If Ya Haven t Read It Yet

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    Oh i did not realize this had a cover reveal Out of all the dc icons i am most excited about this one because omg teenage clark keeeeeeeeent

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    I thought this was the most well written of the DC Icons series It keeps the main gist of the Superman mythos intact Nor is Clark written as a lovesick dummy, like Bruce Wayne in Batman Nightwalker I liked the parallels brought in by dealing with the immigration issue when technically Superman is also an illegal alien Clark s supporting cast, Lana, Gloria, Bryan, Jonathan all serve a purpose I was also happy to see Clark and Lana s relationship was platonic Clark s struggling to figure out the normal teenage things out like girls in addition to dealing with these new powers This was probably the only one of the four books that I d like to see a sequel for.

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    Okay, soo as I predicted. I seriously loved this book Even though it was of a coming of age story for Clark than a badaztec superhero s story where he has it all figured out, it was still an awesome and entertaining read Reading about him transitioning and getting the hang of his powers was one of the great things about this book His friendships, and the events that were all shaping him to become Man of Steel was what made this a pretty great read This is definitely of my favorites outta the four books, for sure.