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Part Of The Proceeds From The Sale Of This EBook And The Other EBooks Of The Sanctuary Moon Anthology Will Go To The Full Moon Farm A Sanctuary For Abused And Refused Wolf Dogs And Captive Bred Wolves J S Life Has Been Tough Ever Since His Father Disowned Him For Being Gay, But When His Abusive Boyfriend Kicks Him Out, Things Get Even Worse While Searching For A Shelter To Spend The Night In, J Is Accosted By A Strange Man Who Needs A Place To Hide Despite His Fear, J Agrees To Take The Man With Him To A Safe Place Will Helping The Stranger Turn Out To Be Yet Another Mistake, Or Will It Lead Him To Happiness At Last

10 thoughts on “Stray

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    I really wish this short story was longer It was great

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    4.5 starsThis is so far, my most favorite story from Cassandra Gold Hunter and J meet as stranger, when J helps the older guy who needs a place to hide J is not without problem himself Being kicked out out of his home and having an abusive boyfriend, J s life is not pretty picture Hunter is completely taken by the 19 year old and he feels protective But he is a werewolf and he doesn t know how J will react to that I like the fact that it takes time for the story to build foundation of the relationship even during that short course It feels fulfilling and the ending is pretty sweet

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    That one was pretty short and I wish it was longer because it is such a sweet story.When I read the title I expected the wolf to be the stray and not the human J has been abused by his roommate, who has thrown him out of the house On the streets he meets Hunter, who is on the run from the scientists, who want him as a lab rat It s adorable to see how the distrustful Hunter learns that not all humans mean harm and that there is one in particular, that he wants to protect.

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    Three and a half stars A lot is packed into this short story Perhaps a little too much as it seemed rushed and not fully developed It was still a sweet story and for a good cause, but it left me mildly unsatisfied.

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    3.5J is in an abusive relationship and Hunter has escaped being experimented on and tortured.This is a short sweet story

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    A pretty okay read, but I bumped it up to 4 stars because the writing made up for the lack of true plot or follow up J was such an interesting character, I really wanted know about him, his history and how he got where he was Hunter was interesting at first, but honestly to find out he was really a rather well to do man and such kind of took me by surprise His character seemed too rough and gruff for that, even after he recovered from his flight at being captive Inconsistent, is the word that comes to mind.If the story had been maybe five or ten pages longer, with the follow up of their starting relationship gone into detail, it may have been a much better and smoother transition.

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    Not a bad story, just not much to it The story itself is only 37 pages with big font , so it took maybe a half hour to read, if that.

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    3.5 stars

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    I really enjoyed the story but I wished it was longer.