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An incredibly timely terrifically witty and moving debut about a young writer's assistant on a late night comedy show and what transpires when she accepts an invitation from its enigmatic host to spend a long weekend at his mansion in ConnecticutJune Bloom is a broke cynical twenty nine year old writer's assistant on the late night comedy show Stay Up with Hugo Best Hugo Best is in his sixties a beloved icon of TV and humor and a notorious womanizer After he unexpectedly retires and a party is held for his now unemployed staff June ends up at a dive bar for an open mic night and prepares for the sad return to the anonymous comedian lifestyle What she’s not prepared for is a run in with Hugo at that dive bar Nor for the invitation that swiftly follows Hugo asks June to come to his mansion in Greenwich for the long Memorial Day weekend “No funny business” he insistsJune in need of a job and money confident she can handle herself but secretly harboring the remains of a childhood crush on the charming older comedian and former role model accepts The exact terms of the visit are never spelled out but June is realistic and clear eyed enough to guess Even so as the weekend unfolds and the enigmatic Hugo gradually reveals himself their dynamic proves to be much complicated and less predictable than she expectedAt once hilarious and poignant brilliantly incisive and terrifically propulsive Stay Up with Hugo Best is an incredibly timely exploration of sexual politics in the MeToo age and the unforgettable story of one young woman’s poignant stumbling into adulthood

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