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Digger Thrives As A Spy And Sneak Thief Among The Feuding Religious Factions Of Gerse, Dodging The Greenmen Who Have Banned All Magic But When A Routine Job Goes Horribly Wrong And Her Partner And Lover Tegen Is Killed, She Has To Get Out Of The City, Fast, And Hides Herself In A Merry Group Of Nobles To Do So Accepted As A Lady S Maid To Shy Young Merista Nemair, Digger Finds New Peace And Friendship At The Nemair Stronghold As Well As Plenty Of Jewels For The TakingBut After The Devious Lord Daul Catches Her In The Act Of Thievery, He Blackmails Her Into Becoming His Personal Spy In The Castle, And Digger Soon Realizes That Her Noble Hosts Aren T As Apolitical As She Thought That Indeed, She May Be At The Heart Of A Magical Rebellion Well I ve always had a thing for thieves so I liked it a lot The only thing that bothers me is that Dagger just seems a bit too good Like I get that you re a thief but like I didn t expect a climbing walls thief sort you know Characters were well developed, world building was clear Phandre s outcome was a bit obvious though. 3.5 starsI have mixed feelings about this book.On the one hand, I liked many things about it Publishers promise StarCrossed to be the next Megan Whalen Turner s The Thief like experience The book delivers on this promise, somewhat The main character, Digger, is a thief and an extremely unreliable narrator she lies, she steals, she has secrets It makes the story interesting and twisty The world of StarCrossed is wonderfully developed It is rich and all encompassing, starting with multiple moons and a pantheon of gods and ending with elaborate history and social order of the country Digger lives in After reading just the first couple of chapters I was amazed at the image of the world I had in my mind how GREEN it was You ll have to read the book to understand And then there is THE INTRIGUE A very good one which unfolds at a nice pace.On the other hand, there were some things that drove me nuts because they defied any logic Digger is a thief and a liar, so of course, she is not a very believable narrator But then she would do something that makes no sense Such as, portrayed as a maid, a servant, she manages to get various nobs noblemen to reveal treasonous information about themselves and others to her During casual dinner hall conversations Why would they tell her anything She is a nobody Or there is another instance One of the noblemen is arrested for treason and is being interrogated Digger manages to get into the room to talk to the prisoner under a lame excuse she has a tray of food to give to this prisoner For goodness sake, that person is tied to a chair Who would care if this prisoner is hungry if they are about to start torture It happens on several occasions and can t be explained away by saying that the narrator doesn t tell us everything I wonder why nobody questioned these lapses in logic while editing the book The other complaint is that the first part of the book is filled with characters that never show up again But I am guessing they will play bigger role in the sequel I hope one of them will become Digger s love interest This novel is pretty light on romance, unfortunately.And my last set of complaints is related to the book s design First, StarCrossed needs a map A lot of traveling takes place and the geographic location of various places is vital to the story, so a map would be a great help And second, the font is very hard on the eyes It is so small and blocky It makes the text look much denser than it actually is I think this particular font issuitable for some non fiction book rather than a YA fantasy novel.I know I ve been griping about many things in this review, and yet there is a certain charm to this story I want to know what happens next and how it all ends I will definitely read the sequel. I was one of few people I know who was underwhelmed by Bunce s debut, A Curse Dark as Gold Partly this was because it was oversold, rather like The Hunger Games was for me, and while both of those were good I never felt like they deserved the hype Still, A Curse Dark as Gold was a very solid debut, and I would have picked up StarCrossed even if I hadn t heard raves from a lot of people I respected.This book has me wondering if I should go back and detract a star from A Curse Dark as Gold to properly illustrate how much Bunce has grown Her debut was a solid and interesting retelling but didn t really grab me or pull me along, and the writing was hard to read StarCrossed is vivid, absorbing, much better written, and considerablyenjoyable because it doesn t feel like work, even once.The mythology of this world is wonderful I loved the polytheism monotheism conflict, and eventhe fact that it didn t seem to be drawn from any existing real world religions How many times have I read about pantheons that are basically Greek with different names This is not that at all Also, props to Bunce for making some of the most significant deities goddesses Albeit subtly, that changes the dynamic of the society very nicely.Digger, to me, was a very well crafted main character She was competent, but not omnipotent she made mistakes but I never felt like she was stupid she took a while developing emotional attachments to people but the reasons she eventually came to like them made a lot of sense Her history and the way it was woven into the plot was great I also liked that she was introduced with a love interest established, despite the fact that he died pretty much as soon as we met him no, this doesn t count as a spoiler because that seemed to preclude the possibility of romance in the rest of the novel Win The supporting characters all seemed very strong to me, and their politics and interactions interested me Meri, the innocent, grew a lot over the course of the novel, even if readers didn t get to see most of it The position she was in at the end makes me think that she s going to really mature over the course of the series, however long it may be Her mother, Lady Lyllace, was a wonderful mentor for Digger and kinda assumed a maternal role, which was very sweet Certain other characters whose names I can t disclose for fear of spoiling were wonderful if you ve read the novel, the carver was my favorite.The pacing of the climax of this book was very good I was a little confused as to who was where, but it came clear later, and the tension of the moment just kept me turning pages one after the other The denouement was also well handled, and neatly sets the characters off onadventures without resorting to cheap tricks designed purely to extort money from hapless readers Ahem Rachel Caine, Sophie Jordan, are you watching This is how you start a series While not quite as toe curlingly enjoyable as Brightly Woven or Armed and Magical were for me, StarCrossed is nonetheless a novel I d recommend highly to almost anyone.Oh, onething view spoiler I m still trying to decide if I ship Digger and Wierolf On the one hand, their conversations were just delightful On the other hand, as Isis mentioned in her review, a lot of their interactions weresibling like than romantic Also, there s an age gap of unknown years between them If anyone remembers how old the prince was, would you tell me please Mostly this is curiosity I love Daine and Numair from the Immortals Quartet by Tamora Pierce, after all, so age gaps aren t a huge issue for me.Even if I eventually conclude that they wouldn t be a good couple, can I just say that I loved Wierolf He was a nice humorous addition for a while and then turned completely badass when he needed to be hide spoiler On the surface this book appears to contain all of my favorite things intrigue and magic, thieves with dark Pasts, betrayal so tragic and conspiracy so vast Well, you get the picture view spoiler THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAAAAVORITE THIIIIIINGGShide spoiler