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Enjoyed this, but not as much as Carry The One Was surprised that some elements from this novel were repeated in CTO visiting the bath house, using some of the same character names It was well written, funny and interesting enough to hang with it, but I felt it needed a little than just main disappearing lover plot The ancillary characters were interesting enough to merit some deeper delving into their exploits. Not my cup of tea. Christine Snow, A Successful Chicago Therapist, Sets Out To Find Her Vanished Lover, The Sultry And Elusive Travel Photographer Taylor Hayes Forging A Trail That Leads Into The Heart Of Morocco, Seven Moves Tracks Christine S Gradual Recognition That No One Can Ever Really Know Another S Soul Bearing Anshaw S Trademark Style Funny, Hip, And Laser Sharp This Is A Tightly Told Tale That Resists The Bookmark As Well As Any Thriller Chicago Sun Times A Reader S Guide Is Now Available This book was dissapointing I always want to support LGBT writers and stories but this one left much to be desired I felt like it was a bunch of rambling with no actual plot or character development I got to the end and thought, what was the point of this I really enjoyed reading this book Anshaw s character development was excellent and it really made me feel like I had a good understanding of who everyone was she really brought them all to life Her vivid descriptions of their daily lives so closely paralleled reality that, at times, I felt like I was really experiencing them I will admit, however, that I was expecting and really hoping that the book would end differently It was slightly disappointing because I don t think I got what I needed from the ending If it hadn t been for how wonderfully the rest of the book was written, I would have given it 3 stars This is my first introduction to Anshaw s work and it has me very intrigued about the rest of her work Great readI d say you should read it up until the last 3 pages then maybe fantasize your own ending, lol p A well written story, and yet have you ever sat in a high end coffee shop or restaurant and overheard a story at a nearby table You spend your time listening into someone else s drama, intrigued and yet without commitment you will never see this person again so you aren t emotionally involved in their tale of woe and insanity That s how I felt reading Seven Moves I never emotionally invested in the main character, Chris, but rather, in the story itself I wanted to know how the story ended, not what happened to Taylor or how Chris fared or what happened to Daniel Oh I know that s me, not the story most fiction leaves me this way I m just sayin.Addendum On a personal note, this came to me afterwards, as unexpected inspirations are prone to do One small sequence at the end of the book deeply affected me Taylor notes Snow unexpectedly kind Chris Snow is the main character one of the very few notations about her and Chris can t even remember that particular kindness It reminded me that we can never fully know the impact our unexpected kindness will have on anyone I decided to re establish an old but recently foregone daily ritual saying good morning and good night to online friends While Chris ruminates over re establishing her life via daily rituals like bathing and cooking, it brought up in me the fact that I had been embarrassed into stopping my own small ritual, my own unexpected kindness Yes, I actually had people, well, challenge me for such minor greetings they weren t important enough to post to Facebook why clutter your wall with such trivialities After reading and thinking about Seven Moves, I realized that this was one of many daily tasks rituals that I enjoyed, that kept me connected and sends a kind message to others in the world The day after finished Seven Moves, I started again with my greetings and farewell biddings, and I feel better for it Thank to Carol Anshaw, the world will be, for a few people in a small way, unexpectedly kinder. Seven Moves is a intriguing story of a woman, Chris, who s searching for her possibly missing lover The lover, not known for her dependability or responsibility, might have just left the relationship, might be wandering about, or might actually have had something nefarious happen to her Over the course of the search for answers, Chris finds out than she bargained for about her lover s past and present And, Chris herself enters into a new life as if her lover is never going to be heard from again even before she finds out whether or not that s the case A strong, lyrical book by the author of the acclaimed Aquamarine VERY well written and full, fleshed characters makes this a great piece of fiction. At first I thought Seven Moves wasn t a strong as Carol Anshaw s other novels Carry the One being a true powerhouse , but then I found myself going back in my mind to the tiny turns of phrase and human details I started to feel sad that I wasn t still reading it I read it once already a few years ago but couldn t quite remember the twists and turns of the plot, but I did remember a lot of the great details some are so haunting The moment when you discover the title s meaning is truly a great one, one that reminded me of what good writing is all about I d say Seven Moves is a good summer read, for folks who are into that. Sloow slow slow slow slow I expected after loving Aquamarine For someone who loves texture it seems excruxiatingly detailed I think it would have been a great short story and held greater depth and intensity with a dash brevity. There are a few authors whose work has so touched or moved or awed me that I have this tendency to hang onto their works, unread, saving them like some literary squirrel might hoard the very best nuts Anshaw won her place in this group with her first novel, Aquamarine, and that, sadly, explains why it is 2017 and I have only just now cracked open the vintage 1996 nut that is her second novel, Seven Moves While the public s reviews for this book are not quite as glowing as for Aquamarine, I think this sopho work is even better It does not rely on the sci fi time traveler device that cleverly framed the first work It is, instead, the story of what it is like for the partner who finds herself, suddenly, hanging in mid air, mid life, mid moment, when her partner suddenly, and with seemingly little motive, disappears The bereft main character is Christine Snow, a psychotherapist, who is left to play detective, to slowly, sometimes painfully, dig out a better understanding about just who this woman was and why she might have left I don t want to give away any spoilers, but I found Chris s emotional journey to be both believable and heart breaking.