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Although Aine O’Hara still hasn’t decided for sure whether she is ready to accept the proposal of the gorgeous Locke Sterling— the one where he will be her Dom and she will be his Sub— she cannot deny that she is absolutely becoming swept up by his enigmatic charms And there is a good chance that she is at risk of losing her willpower in the process She is fully aware of this even as she impulsively agrees to go away with him on an out of town trip Aine isn’t naïve she knows exactly what will happen when she is alone in a posh hotel room with a man like Locke Sterling And if she feels like this already what will it be like after he seduces her? One thing is for certain she knows she will never be the same after going away with him The uestion is what will she be?When he makes love to her the sex with him and the way he makes her feel is so amazing she is sucked in It feels so good to let go of her control to just take the pleasure not worry about anything else for a while It looks like it’s beginning to be a uestion of not if she will accept his proposal but whenBut when an urgent call from the hospital regarding her mother’s condition intercedes will it pull Aine away from Locke or drive her further into his possessive arms? Then he does something which surprises her even than their proposed arrangement and melts her heart How will she ever be able to refuse him now?THE SENSUALLY EROTIC 'MASTER OF INTRIGUE' SERIESPERSUASION Vol I NOW AVAILABLE on SEDUCTION Vol II NOW AVAILABLE on SUBMISSION Vol III Coming February 2015POSSESSION Vol IV Coming April 2015INFATUATION Volume V Coming June 2015ADORATION Volume VI Coming August 2015PASSION Volume VII Coming October 2015DEVOTION Volume VIII Coming December 2015

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    The buildup Anastasia Rose created in this sensual book was excruciatingly stimulating and the payoff was certainly worth every bit I'm eagerly waiting for the next book to see where the training will lead next

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    Seduction is the second book in the multi volume erotic romance series Master of Intrigue It shows the independent Aine as she ventures into the unfamiliar world of BDSM as she is drawn into it by the irresistible Locke Sterling Although her original intent was to consider this solely for the sake of finding a way to save her mother she will find she gets much than she initially bargained for And she isn't entirely sure if that is a good thing or a bad thingI hope my readers will enjoy reading this series as much as I am enjoying creating it