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Its AH MAZING u have to read this series NOW This was a fun read, even though most of it was boy drama I love when The Pretty Committee, or, New Pretty Committee, work together as a complete group And of course it s totally fake, but Massie does so much as an alpha At least in my school anyway, there were popular girls, but no alphas, and I don t know if there truly are in any school, but Massie really does so much to keep up her status I never liked Massie that much when I was a teenager, but weirdly, as an adult, I do 1 these plots are getting n circular2 unfortunately i remain unimpressed w the girls color combinations and outfit descriptions3 femininity heterosexuality as prison, pubescence as inductionWould you call that a lack of communication the man voice prompted him No, I d call it psycho Cam laughed with the rest of the boys, giving Claire an instant ache in her stomach, her legs, her temples, and her heart She would have expected Cam to understand Bella s point of view, not mock it Had her seemingly sensitive crush always been such a guy s guy The laughter died and Cam tapped a Bic pen against his Nikki notebook It was then Claire realized that maybe she d never really known him at all.welcome to hell claire This book was a very interesting book because it was easy for me to connect to myself It s about a group of girls in Octavian Country Day School and they basically have cliques like all of the people in every school This book has a Pretty Committee, which is just a popular group of girls who is pretty spoiled and self centered In this story, they all need to have dates for a certain party, and in the end, some of the girls do have dates, but they realize that boys aren t essential in their life All they need in life are each other, a shoulder to cry on, and they come to a realization that boys are a distraction from school I never fully read any books from the clique series, but i think the final message is very important to some girls If you have a bunch of supportive and a sincere group of friends, I mean, what can you ask for in life Massie Block Stands At The Threshold Of The Most Ah Mazing Secret Room At OCD But To Prove The Pretty Committee Is Worthy Of The Honor, The Girls Need Dates To Skye Hamilton S Famous Couples Costume Party On Top Of All That, Massie Has To Convince Her Old Crush, Chris Abeley, To Be Skye S Date Or Else They Can Kiss The Room And Their Popularity Goodbye How Will She Ever Get Her Girls Suitable Dates And Melt Chris S Heart She D Need To Be A Mind Reader Luckily For The PC, Alpha Status Just Happens To Come With ESP Not The Actual Superpower, But A Secret Weapon That Shows Them Exactly How Boy Brains WorkKristen Gregory Loves Supersensitive Guys, And Thanks To ESP, Has Her Eye On A Boy Who Loves The Notebook As Much As She Does So Why On Earth Is She Going To Skye S Party As The Bride Of Chucky Alicia Rivera Diss Missed Her Crush, Josh Hotz, For Having A Bizarrely Clean Room Then ESP Tells Her Josh S Sister Is Actually The Neat Freak, And Suddenly Hawt Hotz Looks Hawter Than EverDylan Marvil When ESP Clues Her In To The Fact That Guys Plural Like A Girl Who S Not Afraid To Eat, It S All Mozzarella Sticks For This Former Jenny Craig Groupie Will Gaining Six Pounds Make Her Regret Trusting Her Sixth Sense Claire Lyons As The Only Pretty Committee Girl With A Real Boyfriend, The Date Mission Should Be A Breeze But When Her Newfound Claire Voyance Tells Her Cam S Hiding A Huh Yuge Secret From Her, His Gifts Of Gummies Leave A Stale Taste In Her Mouth ESP Extra Sucky Problem Is Like ItThe CliqueThe Only Thing Harder Than Getting In Is Staying In the entire pretty committee getting DUMPED in the SAME ROOM at a UPPER GRADE PARTY is still the most brutal thing to ever happen in fiction Does anyone want to have a bonfire At least that way, this book and the rest of the series will actually be of some value I am assuming, of course, that the author did not write these books with some kind of reverse psychology ploy in mind by creating characters who are so vapid, materialistic and lacking in a single redeeming quality as to make young girls NOT want to be in the popular group Her constant name dropping of brands competes unpleasantly with her use of words such as huy yuge and hawt Her characters choices are ultimately cringe worthy and revolve around getting and keeping a boyfriend Unfortunately, their choices in boyfriends are just as mind numbing My particular favorite is the one who keeps shaking his rearend at his girlfriend What is up with that If the author actually drew these characters from real life, society as a whole should be very, very afraid. I am reading this book because my 13 year old sister is interested in these Clique novels I am so disappointed in this book it s all about brands, boys, and bratiness I m hoping there is some redeeming lesson at the end, but I don t have a good feeling A lot of pointless drama Only funny thing was the subplot with Dylan trying to act like a guy so boys won t find her prissy and unrelateable Of course she takes it too far and the guys complain that between the burping and constant fart jokes its like hanging out with Shrek. I ve just finished re reading this book and I have to say it s ah ma zinhg I don t know why there s so much negative reviews It might be because they re not the targeted audience It is a book set in middle school after all Re reading it reminded me of why I began to love reading 3 Characters The I read into the series, the ways the characters feel real to me Massie I think this book really challenged Massie Block in terms of being an alpha She was known as the trendsetter chic alpha of the seventh grade Everybody respected her, exceptSkye HamiltonIn front of Massie is an alpha like herself, only older and way experienced than she was She was pushed out of her comfort zone of how everyone is praising her and she s put in a situation where she had to mooch up just to maintain her alpha superiority I like that I love Massie s moments with Chris Abeley It feels all cutesy and innocent She may be OCD s 7th alpha but she s so young to experiencing her boyfest I love her relationship with Derrington but this book was clearly not for them Alicia She sounded like a total Karen Smith to me She didn t have her moment in this book She sounded dumb and way too girl to do anything I love her being all bitchy and sassy She s my favorite PC member 3 But her romance with Josh is sooooooo 3 Her love life is definitely my fave Dylan Dylan had her shining moment She just caught two ah dorable boys pining for her She s a tomboy dressed in girly clothes is the best way to describe her I love how she feels so real like a friend Kristen Poor K She doesn t much stand out here like most books She s always depicted as the poor girl with scholarship and love for soccer I miss Kristen s persistence over things I think to me, that was her most essential trait Claire Good gracious does this character annoy me No wonder Massie disliked her in the first book She can be such a whiny brat But what can you expect from a seventh grader who just got her first boyfriend She just felt like the same old Claire to me She s definitely my least favorite PC member but she was the most relatable one out of all of them Her relationships with the characters was really, realistic I felt bad for her at the end but she was a clingy girlfriend no doubt But I think it kind of shows the trials of experiencing boy crushes for the first time Storyline I love misadventures set in a school setting with goals and missions This book definitely had that 3 I loved the cliffhanger It s so intriguing I think that this book was a test to the Pretty Committee mostly Massie but to their clique as well They were the most popular girls in school, well respected, loved and admired for their beauty, wealth and fashion style Then one day, fate just decided to test their alliances to see how far they re willing to go in order to maintain their status I think that this was the beginning of the turning point for the Pretty Committee.