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Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Girl, From New Teen Writer Siobhan VivianEmily Is Ready For A Change She S Been In The Same Town With The Same Friends For A Long Timeand None Of Them Really Understand Her Art But When She Goes To Philadelphia For A Summer Art Institute, She Suddenly Finds Like Minded People One In Particular, Fiona, Intrigues And Challenges Her But There Are Some Things Emily Is Going To Have To Find Out For Herself Like What The Balance Is Between Life And Art, And Which Is Important When Push Comes To Shove

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    I find it hard to review Same Difference There is nothing wrong with this book except that within a few days I will probably not remember I ever read it Same Difference is your standard coming of age story The main character Emily feels a little blue, her best friend has a new boy friend and Emily feels left out To break the routine of being the third wheel, she decides to pursue her newly found artistic aspirations and attend a summer arts program in the big city nearby Philadelphia Although originally Emily just wants to improve her drawing skills, very soon all her Philadelphia experiences become focused on fitting in with her new pink haired wrist cutting fishnet wearing pretentious artsy classmates Suddenly Emily s old life her old friends, her caring family, comfortable home becomes too vanilla and she is too willing to reject it all As you can guess, the rest of the story is Emily s journey to find her place in relation to these two very different worlds.Same Difference is a very inoffensive novel, dull even There is no edge or excitement to it, the conflicts are resolved almost painlessly The romance is lukewarm at best While carefully written, the characters do not stand out in the crowd of the ones I ve read about in YA fiction Emily s journey to self discovery is moderately compelling, but her final self I am not pleased with She becomes a better artist but a much worse friend and daughter IMO In fact, I still fail to understand her rage against her best friend and family who have been nothing but supportive of her artistic aspirations.Who I think this novel will appeal to are readers interested in art Siobhan Vivian does a great job describing Emily s experiences both in her arts school and in the artistic environment in general Unfortunately, such details tend to leave me cold in literature unless written very well.

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    Emily feels trapped Trapped in Cherry Grove, a suburb that practically exudes pool parties and backyard cookouts Trapped with her best friend Meg, who has recently gotten a boyfriend and isn t paying as much attention to her And trapped in a school where art isn t appreciated So when Emily is offered to go to a prestigious art program over the summer of her junior year, she accepts immediately However, now she s stuck between two completely different worlds her hometown where everyone tries to be identical, and the artsy area of Philadelphia, where being unique and standing out is as important as living.I m sad that I m only giving Same Difference three stars Some of the reasons would spoil the book, so I ll just say the ones that don t First, most of the side characters were majorly annoying I wanted to tell Fiona to shut up the entire book Same thing with Robyn, Meg, Emily s mom, etc Even Emily, sometimes especially at the end with Meg Also, Vivian didn t really wrap things up well It seemed as if when she was writing the end of the book she realized what a bad place she put herself in plot wise and gave up.There were good parts, too I enjoyed Emily s struggle to fit in and find who she really was I liked her sister Claire I enjoyed the contrast between Emily s hometown and Philadelphia, and the imagery with the numerous art pieces mentioned throughout the book Overall, I would recommend this book to an aspiring artist.

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    Emily is searching for something real Summer in her hometown of Cherry Hill doesn t feel fun any as it should, especially since her best friend Meg got a boyfriend So she decides to attend an art program in nearby Philadelphia She figures that since she s always liked drawing, this will be a chance to discover herself without everyone else s expectations weighing her down But is a change of scenery really all that Emily needs to forge her own identity Because it seems like Emily keeps running into the same old problem with friendship, boys, and personal insecurities no matter where she goes.As she did in her debut A Little Friendly Advice, Vivian crafts a realistic portrayal or life as a teen Readesr will be swept up in Emily s life, in all her awkwardness and struggles to define herself because of Vivian s vivid writing At some point, I stopped thinking of Emily as just a character and her life as just a story all due to how real Vivian makes Same Difference seem, and this made me care about Emily even Vivian does a fantastic job of capturing a point in a young woman s life where nothing is definite and personal identity is just beginning to blossom in a way I was especially able to relate to The incorporation of art only adds another dimension of depth to Emily I truly enjoyed the juxtaposition of Emily s city life versus her life in suburbia, including the friendship spites and boy troubles, because it demonstrated in a way that humanity with all its blessings and flaws is universal and that escape can t define who you are.Fans of Vivian s fantastic first novel A Little Friendly Advice, as well as Readers who enjoy Lisa Yee, Courtney Summers, Sarah Dessen, and Deb Caletti, will most definitely want to check out her latest Readers who like Vivian s writing will likely want to check out A Map of the Known World by Lisa Ann Sandell, which will be released early April.reposted from

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    Sixteen year old Emily struggles to discover her identity as she goes back and forth between an art program in Philadelphia and sunning in the suburbs in New Jersey I really enjoyed reading this book, and will probably read the author s first book, A Little Friendly Advice soon A little predictable, but definitely enjoyable Fun and interesting, and I ll definitely recommend this at my library However, one thing really bothered me about the plot SPOILERS AHEAD Emily is a REALLY bad friend to her best friend Meg I can t even really understand what Emily was mad at Meg about when it was Emily who was being so mean The plot point about Meg and her new boyfriend was the weakest part of the story But that still does not excuse the fact to me that Emily was practically begging to be Fiona s friend again when Fiona was obviously using Emily and did something horrible, but when Meg is a good friend and comes to Emily s art show despite Emily being a huge bitch, and is a GOOD FRIEND, but Emily s basically just like, hey whatever Cool we ll be friends again But where s Fiona All right that was quite the ramble One other thing that bothered me Meg and Emily, two very rich girls, as the book points out, plan to go to TRENTON STATE together Completely unbelievable Rutgers believable Trenton State Sorry, no.

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    I would have given this book four stars, because it was great, but not quite to the five star mark But then this happened The girl in the book is going to summer art classes at the art college in Philly After her first week, she s still self conscious about her J Crew tanks tops she s way too suburby, she feels So one morning she takes a Sharpie to one of her tank tops and draws a picture of her now deceased cat Meowie Right there on her tank top I read this on the lightrail back from work When I got home, I found a t shirt of my own, got out my own Sharpie, and drew a big flower right down the front of it The I showed off my new shirt all weekend long with my college friends in Omaha The fact that the book inspired me to do this earns it a whole extra star What I really loved, in addition to the art inspiration, was the understanding this author has of two really important kinds of friendships One, being the friend you ve had forever, the one who you share a huge part of your history with, but as your lives go in different directions, you have to work to keep sharing that history future with each other And the other friend is the one who you share a really specific time with in your life, the kind of friend who is really hard to explain, but they just bowl you over with how amazing they are and how they open your eyes And again, when your lives take different paths, you have to work at keeping the friendship going And when these two friendships intersect, well, it s either wonderful or disastrous I like that Siobhan Vivian gets these dynamics Because, as usual I think with YA books, this dynamic doesn t change just because I m not in HS any It still happens, and it s good to be reminded that this happens to everyone, and it s been happening for years, and we all continue to grow in good ways through these relationship changes.

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    I thought the cover for this book was very intriguing And I think that was part of the reason why I picked it up I was disappointed with the inside content though I thought Emily was a little stereotypical and not as well developed as I would have liked Her friends, family, and town seemed a little too nice and somewhat shallow The art concept of the book was interesting, I actually felt a slight itch in my fingers to put the book down and draw something As far as Emily s new friends at the art school, I was not impressed I saw how she was struggling to see who she was, but I thought she may have taken it a little far I was never really startled at any of the little plot twists or nuances, I pretty much saw everything major coming Spoiler here I didn t care for the relationship between Emily and Yates, I felt like it was a little too unrealistic I kept thinking, why would he find her interesting and I was disappointed with Yates lack of character in some of his actions If they had truly cared for each other, they would have not taken such risks in their relationship Yates needed that TA and RA position, and he knew what a relationship with Emily would lead to Emily took some bad advice from her friend and ended up hurting Yates If she had cared for him and wanted what was best for him, she would have steered clear of Yates so that she wouldn t cost him his job End of Spoiler There was minimal swearing that I put up with, but it would have definitely made the book better if they had kept it out I was also disgruntled with some of the moral stances in some of the characters I did not view circumstances in the same easy light as they did, but I saw it as something far serious I can t say that I would recommend this book, I found it flawed and lacking in substance to make it a worthy read Taken from my book reviews blog

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    Reviewed by Angie Fisher for TeensReadToo.comHow many of us can truly say we know who we are, especially as teenagers Emily is no different Sure, she has had the same BFF forever, will graduate from high school next year, and her family seems pretty together Take away those three things, and she has no idea That is, until her art teacher recommends her for an invitation only summer program in Philadelphia Though she has never thought seriously about her artistic ability like everyone else, she only took the class because it was an easy A , Emily decides a couple days a week taking some art classes in the city is a perfect way to take a break from all the blah What follows is Emily s journey between her hometown, where everyone is trying to fit in, and her new surroundings in the city, where the struggle is in trying to stand out Attempting to navigate both worlds isn t easy, and Emily will lose herself before she can truly find the self discovery, and the self confidence, she will need to become the person she is meant to be As in all life lessons, there are losses as well as gains along the way Those living through adolescence and their teen years, as well as those of us who have actually made it through the experience, however scathed, can truly appreciate Siobhan Vivian s SAME DIFFERENCE Though we would never choose to go back and live it all again, Ms Vivian has given us a gift in allowing us to follow Emily in her effort to answer the question many go through life never having the strength to ask Who am I

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    I am able to see bits and pieces of myself in almost every book I read, but it is rare that I find one that so accurately reflects the teen I was and in some ways even reflects the adult I am now Emily is a regular girl who is a talented artist OK, that part isn t like me AT ALL who does not realize the extent of her ability She willingly downplays her skills to make her dominant friend, Fiona, stand out and feel better about herself Even when she is given the opportunity to shine, she can t fully enjoy it because she feels guilty that Fiona is not the one receiving the attention Emily is so much like the girl I was, that it almost hurt me to read parts of this book I wonder if I would have recognized myself as easily if I had read this book as a teen

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    This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for reviews 3.5 star rating Siobhan Vivian is literally the master of writing a perfect relatable contemporary novel for teenagers willing to look for something fresh and different Same Difference was a novel that really touched my heart Yes, it wasn t perfect, but it was pretty great, and it changed the view that I had on books with a different protagonist than whom I m used for, someone who s free to say what she d like and doesn t care what people thinks of her Emily may have seemed to create a Plain Jane role, but she was an artsy person who might have not known what life she had planned out, but once she met people who respected her and fit her personality, she realized that she was a person to be respected and honoured for her talent smiles of cheesiness But no, this book wasn t cheesy at all Yeah, she did fall in love with her teacher, but don t other magnificent stories feature that kind of romance Just take a look at PLL by Sara Shepard Ezra and Aria Teacher student romance But that novel honestly made it all look hideous, while this was okay, and he saw Emily and Fiona drinking alcohol, which does compare to other teen issues found today which Vivian is fantastic at sharing , which kind of made it even okay since he was into their kinds of stuff, too And hey, they both enjoy art and the feeling of it But the thing is, Vivian s characters weren t memorable It s been a little over a week since I finished this book, and I can t seem to remember the guy s name.Ummm awkward silence You see, I still don t remember But that s not the point here Yeah, the love interest kind of sucked, but the best thing was that this book hadn t relied on the romance If it did, then this certainly would ve gotten a lower rating since there wasn t too much of a connection between the two other than their talents and hobbies The main point of this book was that Emily was trying to find who she was as an artist, and who her real friends are, as all she s ever had was Meg, her best friend.Emily signs up for an art program during the summer in Philadelphia, the nearest big city to her small town She s passionate with painting, but she doesn t feel like she s that big of a professional compared to the other people in her class There she makes a few enemies who then turn into friends and explore her life while she changes and moves on to the person who she really is deep inside, at the same time as falling in love and being happy Yeah, the concept was pretty awesome if you ask me, and only certain authors can actually do it right Some would ve made this into a clich disaster where we actually begin to question who we are ourselves and laugh at the stupidity I love the feeling that Emily had to art and how passionate she was to succeed and be unique That was diverse compared to most contemporary romances, just like The List was when I read it a few years back How does this woman honestly come up with these ideas Emily was a successful character, as was Fiona Not to be judgmental, but I felt that some romance between them would come up when they met, as the way Emily described Fiona was kind of too perfect and addictive if you ask me But in the end, I realized that she was just desperate to find a person like her who understands her love of art, since Meg could never have.Next off, the plot. That was another tweak that I had a tiny problem with I guess I can explain to you that this was a very slow book You ll need some time to get into it though it s pretty short if you ask me Vivian here has created a protagonist who s trying to speak to readers, to let us know her story so we can fully understand the main concept and point of her decision to go into art and proceed with her talent I fully respected her but I do wish that since this was a contemporary, for the pace to go faster as even her and her teacher didn t even get to a big jump in their relationship until somehow the end when they kissed, you guessed it rolls eyes The funny thing is, Emily s from a small town in New Jersey You d never expect her to be so narrow minded as Meg, her best friend was because she s never been into a city situation or found a hobby in her life where she is able to succeed Cherry Grove is an awesome place, but I guess that it s not for someone like Emily who dreams big and wants out of everything and to rebel Hey, you guessed it she did eventually rebel against her parents because of the influence of Fiona as to change her clothing and her room and do shadow art Every teenager goes through that scene and spark in their lives, no At least, that s how I feel it is, and I ve been through that as well so I can understand.With a story that s very easy to relate to and with a shocking finale to the choices that she made, Emily, our protagonist, was one of the favourites that I ve read about in a while She took a stand, led her talents into something bigger, and Vivian, our author, was truly magnificent with the way she had presented Emily s thoughts into readers minds and left it there Though there were some mishaps with the supporting side characters, I can truly say that I m happy with the way this one ended up, just like her previous novels that I ve read I ll definitely go for , and we won t need the same difference next.

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    This book had a plot arc that I could totally get behind It was subtle, no grand gestures, no cliched bullshit I thoroughly enjoyed it.Emily is a 16 year old boring New Jersey suburbanite Her summertime fun plans have usually include laying by the pool, going to Starbucks, going to Dairy Queen, all with her cheery best friend Meg But Emily has just taken an art class in school and found that she has an aptitude for drawing So her parents signed her up for a summer art program 3 days a week in Philadelphia the scary big city.The second Emily arrives at the campus, she realized what a fish out of water she is The other kids are all artsy weirdos with colorful hair and bizarre fashion choices, and she looks out of place with her brand new art supplies and mall bought clothes.Then Emily meets Fiona, the weirdest, loudest, most artsy kid of all Her big thing is tracing shadows with chalk, and she balks loudly at people who value things like craftsmanship and skill over radical ideas She s all attitude and no substance Fiona has no patience for people who aren t constantly sucking her dick over how perfect and amazing her art is She throws tantrums when given constructive criticism during critiques I was initially worried at the breathless, awestruck way Emily described Fiona I went to art school with people exactly like Fiona, and they are some of the most obnoxious people I ve ever met I ve also been friends with people like Fiona It s alternately exhilarating and shitty However, Siobhan Vivian has obviously been friends with someone like Fiona too, because she got it exactly right In Fiona, Emily gains a marginally talented, batshit frenemy who gets a thrill out of influencing Blank Slate Emily, but cruelly screws her over when Emily s art gets chosen for the juried art show instead of Fiona s As you can imagine, the things Emily experiences during the course of her class in Philly make now feel like an outsider in her New Jersey suburb Now, she s a poseur in both worlds After having Indian food and Bahn Mi, Starbucks doesn t taste as good After running around to radical galleries on First Friday, going to Dairy Queen after a high school baseball game doesn t cut it And after flirting with a sexy cool guy teaching assistant, whatever boring jock she was supposed to like doesn t hold the same appeal Side note her love interest was described as possibly black or Hispanic, but it was only mentioned once, and the author didn t make the book about that How refreshingly progressive The third act has the shit hitting the fan with both her New Jersey school friends and her new Philly pals crush Emily has so much trouble balancing the two aspects of her life that she screws it up in both places But, she s able to start repairing it Fortunately, and lesser authors might have gone this route, Emily doesn t resolve things by just throwing away one part She doesn t just disavow her lame suburban existence in favor of being like Fiona She realize that that s a big part of who she is But becoming a cool artist is also important to her, so she decides to stop worrying so much about fitting in in the suburbs She stops letting her mom choose her hairstyle and pick out all her clothes and room furnishings She goes back to the suburbs, lets her modest freak flag fly, and looks forward to a couple of years in the future when she can apply to art school in the city and develop it even Her friends, while they haven t had the same experiences she has, aren t bad people and start liking this different new Emily And the book ends with her hoping that maybe someday Fiona will calm down and forgive Emily for being talented than she is.Beautifully written I m looking forward to reading of Siobhan Vivian s work.