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Twenty eight year old Riley Carrington has always been a daredevil and though her girlfriend and boss Joanna Armstrong has done the best she can to tame her with the help of a paddle applied to her bare bottom as often as necessary Riley's reckless behavior has persistedThough she spends far of her time than she would like with her nose in the corner and her backside on fire being made to surrender her naked uivering body completely to Joanna's intimate practiced dominance never fails to leave Riley blushing and sore yet deeply satisfiedBut when a stalker sets his sites on Riley and she takes it upon herself to bring him to justice no matter the risk will her disregard for her safety end up tearing her romance with Joanna apart?Publisher's Note Riley's Reckoning is a stand alone seuel to Reining in Riley It includes spankings and sexual scenes If such material offends you please don't buy this book73200 words

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    The most awesome lesbian love story With some DDThis is the 2nd of 2 books I love the way the relationship between Joanna and Riley evolves over the story I like Good Girl spankings too I love their dynamic my partner and I have tried that life style It was helpful and going great until a family member had to move in Of course in the fantasy why not have all the money in the world Most people don’t I loved reading about though I wish was written in this genre Every time I look I come up with men’s stuff in the search results I really hate that I kinda wonder what the deal is with Helen not proposing to Kate I hope we keep seeing of these stories and hope for their wedding I’d love a peek into some of the other Women’s relationships too

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    Riley’s Reckoning has it all If you are looking for a book with strong female characters adventureromance and spanking you found it Ms Britain has written a wonderful seuel to her original book Reigning in Riley It stands alone but takes you on a fantastic ride in Riley’s life I am sure you will enjoy reading this fantastic book

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    I enjoyed reading this story It is a little longer than most SNP books so that is always a good thing The author has time to develop characters and the storyline The serial killer stalking was scary but oh so relevant in today’s culture Well done Ms Britain

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    Riley is annoying the shit out of me as much as it’s a dynamic plot line than the previous book but the story revolves around Riley doing some narcissistic choices and Joanna spanking her

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    Love it Just as good as the preuel It's a great story that had me reading long into the night

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    It was great Wonderful characters and intriguing storyline

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    Enjoyed the second book also

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    I was recommended this selection with the first book Reining In Riley The characters of Riley and Joanna had great chemistry and a exciting story The relationship between Joanna and Helen added an extra kick that kept you reading and wanting The supporting cast in the first book set this story aflame In Riley’s Reckoning the chemistry level was upped and new characters added for a extension of the story of Riley’s and Joanna relationship Also the added crime element along with the heightened love going on made this book just as good if not better than the first one I was surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did considering the spanking aspect but it was hot I definitely recommend reading both books Great job Claire Britain