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I actually read this years ago but was reminded of it this morning If I m remembering it right at all, it was interesting and moving While not painting a pretty picture of life for muslim women, Goodwin took care to show a variety of experience. This book left me shocked and outraged While the book is not anit Muslim, it definitely illustrates the plight of many Muslim women who are falling prey to the anti female teachings of Islamic fundamentalists Though parts of the book were hard to read, I was very glad I read it, and it left me really wishing there was something I could do to help these poor women It makes me sick to think that these kinds of abuses are happening in our world today I m so gratefuly I live in the U.S. ANEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK Explains Powerfully How Muslim Women Are Affected By The Rise Of Fundamentalism Dan RatherIn Recent Years, The Expanding Movement Of Militant Islam Has Changed The Way Millions Think, Behave, Dress, And Live, But Nowhere Has Its Impact Been Powerfully Felt Than In Its Dramatic, Often Devastating Effect On The Lives Of Women Award Winning Journalist Jan Goodwin Traveled Through Ten Islamic Countries And Interviewed Hundreds Of Muslim Women, From Professionals To Peasants, From Royalty To Rebels The Result Is An Unforgettable Journey Into A World Where Women Are Confined, Isolated, Even Killed For The Sake Of A Code Of Honor Created And Zealously Enforced By Men Price Of Honor Brings To Life A World In Which Women Have Become Pawns In A Bitter Power Game, And Gives Readers A Provocative Look Inside Muslim Society Today In Their Own Words An extremely intense read about women in the Islamic world, in particular the Middle East It should be noted that Goodwin is respectful toward Islam The first chapter of the book is a look at the history of Islam, in particular in regards to women The people that Goodwin interviews are followers of Islam The point is that the treatment is due to fundementalism, which would be true of any religion.Goodwin looks at not only the treatment of women under a fundementalism regim, but also why such regimes gain power A must read not only for the current events in the Middle East but also for the treatment of women. I cannot finish this book I tried really hard I got almost to the last chapter, but I ve come to dread picking it back up again It took me a long time to read as far as I did I had to stop after ever chapter to read some happy novels This book is full of sexual terror, gender based trauma, and just about every form of suffering a woman can encounter, all in the name of honor and religious ideals I give 5 stars to women brave enough to share their stories I give 3 stars to the author for her analysis on the nature of Islam She quotes passages from the Quran to prove Islam is in fact a benefactor of women s rights, but the passages she quotes make my toes curl Her passages prove Islam offers rights to women, but it is very clear that they are vastly inferior to those offered to their male counterparts I have studied Islam in depth and have personally traveled than once to the Middle East, I know first hand that Islam, at its core, does NOT support women s rights Let me rephrase It does not support equal rights Be warned before you read this book it is difficult, it will take a long time, and you will end up sharing in the suffering of every woman who shared her story. I thought this book was extraordinary It is filled with amazing, hard to find, information It s extremely depressing from a woman s perspective and painfully eye opening The saddest part about this book is the way Muslim women have internalized this misogyny in the name of religion No true God would make an entire gender fall to the mercy of another But this misogyny is cloaked in the name of honor and is falsely assumed to be written in the Quran I see no end in sight unless the men come to their senses or the women take up arms.I would have given this book five stars however, I was not happy with the Palestinian chapter The author tiptoes around the fact that in 1967 Israel won the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem during an attack by Jordan, Syria, and Egypt and with the help of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, as well as others As a result, a reader not familiar with the history would find extreme fault with Israel I don t agree with how the Israelis treat the Palestinians, if in fact what she describes is true There are many innocent victims in this mess and at the rate they re going, there will be no peace, and only deep scars will carry the hatred on for generations to come However, Israel cannot be blamed for the egoistic and misogynistic Muslim men writing up Sharia Law and severely punishing their women I too pray five times a day in all directions that they don t ever rule the world. I read this book in 2000, before the American media really exposed any of the plight of muslim women living under strict Islamic rule An incredibly jarring eye opener of a book Dr Goodwin has succeeded in opening up long barred doors and windows into the lives of these women, and eloquently and respectfully told the tales of those who would otherwise remain silenced by the oppressive regime under which they live Anyone and everyone should read this book. I found this a difficult book to read, partly because the politics is unfamiliar to me, and mostly because of the poverty, pain, and powerlessness of the women interviewed I wonder how much the situations have changed since the book was written I am profoundly grateful for where I live and the freedoms I enjoy. When I picked up this book I thought it would be just a sad tale of women s abuse in Islamic countries, but this is so much It s also a look at the geopolitics and history of the Middle East and Subcontinent, and is very well researched The author is an investigative journalist who spent four years traveling to 10 Islam dominated countries interviewing women from all walks of life from the very poor and disenfranchised, to privileged Saudi princesses and doctors She allows us a rare access into their world that we don t have through the regular media channels.She interviews women who have suffered psychologically, physically and sexually at the mercy of fundamentalist Islam, and also women who actively work towards a stronger Islamification of their own countries In this way she shows both perspectives of the trend towards a resurgence of fundamentalism, and what issues arise because of it She also explores the changing nature of the religion, how Islam used to be a lot liberal and inclusive towards women, and how the trend towards fundamentalism and radicalisation is strongly tied to political endeavours and geopolitics She also explores how the West s, especially the US s reliance of crude oil from the Arab states, and their purposeful lack of investment into renewable sources of energy such as solar, leaves them extremely vulnerable to a region of the world that is highly politically volatile and unstable This book was published in 1994 and lastly revised and updated in 2003, so with that in mind, you realize that a lot of the events predicted by experts on the region, and as outlined in this book, have come to fruition For example the toppling of Saddam Hussein is not covered in this book, and the outcomes the second Iraq US war had on the security and situation for women in that country Also the commencement of the second Intifada in Palestine is not addressed It would be really interesting to hear how the situation has changed in these regions, and what consequences it has had for women.This is not an anti Islam book This is a well researched account of the lives of women from all levels of society in the Middle East, the differences in how they live, in what way their personal and professional lives are curtailed and shaped by the decisions of men and religious leaders It was extremely fascinating, and anyone interested in women s issues, the Middle East, the history of Islam and politics would probably find it so as well. This book gave me nightmares Not a lot of books do that The characters were so vivid in my mind the struggles these women faced were horrifying everything was stuck in my mind The book was so good, it drew me in the author did an awesome job depicting Muslim women s daily lives in Dubai and other places in the middle east I have a lot of respect for the author, she knew it was necessary to write about women s lives by actually living with them I believe that this is the best way to write The author was forced to follow Muslim customs, and in some areas had to wear traditional clothing She also placed herself in danger while associating with women writers, journalists and political figures who challenged the Taliban regime She also writes about the Burka and the effect it had in women, and their daily tasks In this book you will also find a description of building structures houses with windows located in the roof so that women weren t seen without their traditional wear while at home T.V channels are also enforced by the government along with radio stations, life in the middle east is overly controlled Although this book gave me the goosebumps and nightmares I recommended it the voices of these women need to be heard, reading about them will create conscience and hopefully promote social change.