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An Easy To Listen Guide Of What To Expect Week By Week When One Is Expecting Would You Like To Discover What To Expect Doing The Next Forty Weeks Of Your Pregnancy As A First MomProven Ways To Getting Pregnant Fast The Ten Best Foods For Pregnant Mothers Getting Your Body Back After PregnancyForgotten Tips To Maintaining Intimacy During Pregnancy How To Prepare For Your Pre Pregnancy Checkup Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra For A First Time Mom, I M Sure That There Are An Overwhelmingly Number Of Questions Flooding Through Your Mind About The State Of Your Pregnancy During YourWeek Journey It Is Said That One Child Is Born Every Eight Second, Or ApproximatelyMillion Birth In The US Each Year If You Are About To Join This List OfMillion Women, But Don T Know What To Expect When You Are Expecting, Then The Audiobook Pregnancy Week By Week Guide To Healthy Pregnancy Of What To Expect When Expecting For First Time Moms, Is Your Ultimate Audiobook Companion For Those Days When There Are Questions Than Answers

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week by Week: Guide to Healthy Pregnancy of What to Expect When Expecting for First Time Moms

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    first of all, most of this isn t pregnancy week by week that s just one section actually it s done month by month as I looked through that section, I immediately found inaccuracies 1 you should be showing by week 11 I don t think that s true for some first time moms especially, and I feel that could cause them to worry unnecessarily 2 you can know the sex of the baby in week 9 while the sex has been determined, no ultrasound can pick up the gender that early I m not going to read any further because I know that there s false information littered in here.

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    This book is awful DO NOT waste you time or money with this book Not only does it only offer brief summaries of all other pregnancy books out there, but much of the information is not even reliable This book has numerous spelling and grammer mistakes and it makes me wonder if this truly is even a legitimate book I only give it one star because I can t give it zero.

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    Perfect for the new Mom

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    It was a quick and informative read Lots of typos, but honest It won t be the only book I read over the next 40 weeks, but it was a good foot in the door.

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    The information provided was very vague I knew most of the information as being common knowledge More detail would have been much useful.