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Portrait of a Prot g is the outstanding sequel to Portrait of a Girl Running It definitely took me on an enjoyable ride that was filled with unexpected twists and turns It may not seem like it to some considering all that happens to Leila , but J.B Chicoine was definitely thinking of her readers in this one She provides a wonderfully quirky and amusing segment at the end of the book that gives us a glimpse inside her mind Not many authors do that.Like Girl Running, Prot g is a novel that has many layers, and I cannot help but wantI just love the way Chicoine expertly crafted every situation and struggle, making them so real The characters are just as in depth and real as in Girl Running, and I could not help but miss them when I finished it I will be waiting and hoping anxiously for a third book I finished this book a few weeks ago, but couldn t decide how to rate it right away I thoroughly enjoyed the way it is written and the emotion and detail that flow throughout the story Some of the underlying themes were a bit much for me, though I understand that people often reach out in strange ways when they are suffering from severe trauma in their lives, but I almost wanted to skip over parts where the main character acts like a thirteen year old with a crush since she did not act that way at all when she actually WAS a teenager Her emotions and feelings in all other aspects were very mature even when she was suppressing them I loved Leila s interaction with although it was a very difficult situation for her The story line was good and the author kept me wondering how everything was going to work out Overall, this was a good read and I did like it.I received a free copy of this book from the author for review. 3 stars I liked it, I did Genuinely The writing is still of quality, and the characters are still all well fleshed out and relatable But this one started feeling a bit too much like a soap opera, for me So many male characters all vying for Leila at the same time, and she s not even really view spoiler over Ian yet hide spoiler After reading Portrait of a Girl Running, I was anxious to see where Chicoine would take Leila, Ian Brigham and Clarence Myles story The author did not disappoint, although I have to say I have mixed feelings about some of the turns this story takes I won t give anything away, but from the outset, I sensed something had gone very wrong in Leila s new life up in New Hampshire, as if she hadn t already been through enough Chicoine gradually reveals what transpired in the past several years, culminating with another heart wrencher Sensitive readers may want to keep a hanky on hand I have to admit, I was not prepared for what comes next Again, I don t want to spoil anyone s process of discovery Chicoine adeptly moves Leila through a gamut of emotions, developing the relationship between Leila and her guardian Clarence Myles, while taking us on a journey from New Hampshire to Philadelphia to Mississippi to Boston and back I had mixed feelings about how I wanted this story to end Again, I enjoyed reading in Myles point of view and even a little in Leila s grandmother s, Miss Angela Phillips after all, I am a grownup reading what is probably considered New Adult the follow up to a YA novel This story has a psychological bent without getting too heavy I m still thinking about the story and I reckon the characters will be with me a while longer I also loved the bit at the end Meet the Cast Be sure to read that, too Four Years After The Close Of Portrait Of A Girl Running, Leila Is Twenty Two And Living On A Pretty Little Lake In New Hampshire A New Set Of Circumstances Throws Her Into A Repeating Cycle Of Grief That Twists And Morphs Into Unexpected And Powerful Emotions Leila Must Finally Confront Her Fears And Learn To Let Go While Navigating The Field Of Psychology, Protecting Herself From The Capricious Winds Of Southern Hospitality, Playing In The Backyard Of Big Money Art, And Taming Her Unruly Heart Even Her Guardian Has A Thing Or Two He Must Learn About Love And Letting Go