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Great After The First ChapterThis was a very entertaining story once I got past the first chapter Characters are very well developed I enjoyed learning about the world and the harsh female dominant society that it is set in and look forward to learningin books 2 and 3 I also enjoyed watching Peter s power develop as he continued to learnI am about to start book 2 and look forward to seeing how this story continues. I ve read the first five books now with only one left to go and this is a very good series despite the poor start at the beginning of book one There s a lot of action and some very interesting plot twists I like the harem plot and can t wait to read book six to find out how the series ends There were some really interesting revelations in book five including what was goimg on with the stars Book one introduced the world and some of the core characters but it had a nice plot by the end with a good ending My best book so far though was book four because it had some really awesome battles and an amusing perverted dwarf. I found the first few chapters a little hard work, which is why I m only giving this four stars The magic system was fairly basic, but still interesting and the setting was very different to most books I ve read There may have been one or two typos, but nothing that detracted from the story I found the way the characters developed their powers fascinating and by the end of this book I was so into the story that I had to read the next two book right away They were great right from the start I found Neko in the second book really amusing I can t wait for the fourth book to come out, nya That s not a book it s a chain of rubbish.There is no development, no depth, nothing It s a disgrace to the term book. This Story Is Told Mostly From The Perspective Of Peter, A Magically Talented Young Slave Boy Peter Is Of Typical Contractian Appearance, So Has Blue Eyes, Short Blonde Hair And Pale Skin He Is Generally Very Mature For A Twelve Year Old, Often Displaying Wisdom Far Beyond His Years, But In Some Ways And Situations He Is Still Just An Innocent Child For Now Is His Wisdom Though Just Because Of The Incredibly Hard Life He Has Lived Through, Or Is There Another Reason Waiting To Be Revealed Peter Starts This Story In The Arena Of Contractia Where He Must Fight As A Gladiator, But He Will Soon Attend One Of Contractia S Great Academies Of Magic This Is A School Where Poor Grades Mean Execution Contractia Is A Land Ruled By The Immortal And Almighty Queen, Who Has Ruled For Thousands Of Years It Is A Land Where Most Men Are Slaves And Children Are Considered The Property Of Their Mothers But Change Is Coming What Does The Future Hold For Peter And The Ancient Land Of Contractia This Is A Series Which Will See War Waged Between All Manner Of Races, Including Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Angels, Demons And Even The Gods Themselves Will You Join Peter On His Adventures As He Faces All Manner Of Dangerous Monsters And Animals Whether It Is Man Eating Bugs, Fire Breathing Bats Or Devious Goblins, Innocent Lives Will Be Lost If They Are Not Dealt With That S Before Peter Even Gets Involved In The War Please Note That This Series Is Unsuitable For Young Children Mostly Due To Violent Content And Occasional Non Explicit References To Matters Of A Romantic Nature There Are Also Very Rare Generally Innocent, But Compromising Situations It took me a while to get used to the author s writing style, but it is a great story with some really interesting and likable characters. It is all dialogue No thanks I abandoned it after 5 pages Maybe the story is even good but I really can t read something written like this. Great series Very interesting story and great characters. Poor Start but Great EndingThe start probably is worth one or at most two stars but I would never review a book after only reading a chapter or two The middle is average to good but the ending is great The last few chaptersthan make up for the poor start and would easily get five stars from me The rest of the series is much better too so it is worth reading if you aren t the sort of person who gives up after a chapter or three It may also take a little time to get used to the author s writing style.Peter is a young boy who knows very little about the world He has lost some of his memories and there are other reasons too At the start like Peter we know very little about the world but as the story continues we find outAs the series continues the world is very well developed There are also some big mysteries that don t get resolved until very late in the series Looking back on it having read the first five books now I think this approach works well but it does make it hard when you first start reading the story. Soafter the 5 first pages I asked myself what the heck I was reading. I considered myself an impatient reader before but miraculously I persevered to around 50 pages where I wondered how I got so far.How did the rating of this book get so high Anyhow it s the first time I stumble upon something like this.