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Over My Dead Body is the seventh Nero Wolfe detective novel The story first appeared in abridged form in The American Magazine By the time it was published the WolfeGoodwin books had become an established series but Wolfe's background had never been explored Here Stout starts to do clarify Wolfe’s youth by bringing in in a number of characters including some from Montenegro Carla Lovchen and Neya Tormic two young women from Montenegro come to Wolfe's office asking for help Miss Tormic has been accused of a theft of diamonds from the locker room where she works She claims the accusation to be false and cannot afford to pay Wolfe’s fee but she has a document that shows Wolfe adopted her when she was an infant Although he has never seen her since Wolfe agrees to undertake the investigation As Archie is dispatched to investigate murder is discovered In the end Wolfe gets the main characters together in his office and in the manner typical of the series he will expose the murderer and the motive

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    While this WolfeGoodwin outing wasn't terrible it wasn't one of their best either Yes you have to ignore racism in so many early 20th century books but this started in this book on the first pageUntil I reached the 50% mark there wasn't much of the usual WolfeGoodwin banter and I found the plot confused and confusing From the half way point the story does pick up thoughWhile I should have guessed whodunnit I didn't and I think that might have been my general lack of interest in the result I always found this series very uneven the modern equivalent would be the Kinsey Millhone series and one average book won't stop me reading further