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Au Maroc, En Dehors De L Impr Cation Officielle, Personne Ne Veut S Exprimer Au Sujet D Oufkir, Sinon Sous Le Sceau De La Confidence Mohamed Oufkir Est Un Oubli De L Histoire, Mais Cet Oubli Du Peuple Marocain Et De Ses Dirigeants Confine Presque Au Tabou Il Faut Savoir Qu Oufkir A T Sous Mohamed V Et Sous Hassan II Le Plus Fid Le Serviteur Du Tr Ne Militaire De Carri Re, G N Ral, Conseill Des Rois, Ministre De La D Fense, Il Est Le Num Ro Deux Du R Gime Durant Les Ann Es Soixante Figure De La R Pression Par Excellence, On Lui Attribue D Avoir Orchestr L Assassinat De Ben Barka Et Puis, En , Il Tente Un Coup D Tat Imm Diatement, Il Est Ex Cut Et Sa Famille Emprisonn E Pendant Vingt Ans Le Symbole De La Loyaut S Est Transform En Symbole De Tra Trise Mais Pourquoi Le Myst Re Oufkir S Paissit La Biographie Crite Par Stephen Smith Cherche Ressusciter Oufkir Mais Surtout Comprendre Les Enjeux De L Histoire Du Maroc Et, Au Del , Ceux Du Monde Arabe Tout Entier Car Oufkir Et Sa Famille Ont Repr Sent Le Mod Le Achev De L Autoritarisme Tatique Et, En M Me Temps, Les Martyrs De Ce Type De R Gime Despotique Un Document Pr Cieux Et ClairantDenis Gombert

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    The book deals with the fate of the family of General Oufkir, who attempted to assassinate King Hassan II of Morocco in 1972 He failed in the attempt,allegedly committed suicide, and his family including children ranging in age from 19 to 2 were thrown into a succession of prisons The book provides background info on Oufkir and his wife and both their lives before the attempted coup, as well as glimpses into the royal court It also recapitulates the story of their imprisonment, which has already been told over and over in books written by Oufkir s widow and several of his children The main negative of the book is its willingness to take whatever the family says at face value, ignoring even blatant contradictions in order to present a flattering picture of them while portraying the king as an obscurantist ogre For instance, much is made of how modern and enlightened the Oufkirs were to refuse to arrange a marriage for their eldest daughter, saying she would only marry for love but then a young orphaned cousin who had come to live with them was married off at the age of fifteen to an abusive husband, apparently because she had become too beautiful and was attracting too much male attention So much for enlightenment No doubt their prison experience was harrowing and medieval, but they didn t seem to mind medieval methods when it suited them The author s failure to raise even mild objections to some of the Oufkirs assertions means that the book, which is otherwise exhaustively researched and well written, lacks a certain credibility.