[download epub] Nutrition Guide for Dogs and Cats: Tricks and Habits to Raise Your Pet Happy and HealthyAuthor Diana Ashtor – Cekhargaproduk.co

You Are About To Learn How To Meet The Nutrition Requirements For Your Dog Or Cat Using Homemade FoodsYou Are Looking For A Comprehensive Guide On How To Feed Your Pet Cat Or Dog , Right Do You Wish There Could Be Anything Else You Could Give Your Dog Besides Meat, Kibble, And Different Store Bought Treats Are You Looking For Food Alternatives For Your CatIt Is True That Many Of Us Pet Owners Around The Country Have Been Brainwashed To Think That The Only Thing That Our Cats And Dogs Can Eat Is The Dog Cat Food That We Buy From Various Stores I Can Tell You With Confidence That It Is All One Big Lie Words Like Fortified , Natural , Human Grade , Holistic , Enriched , And Enhanced Are Just Marketing Buzzwords To Make You Part With Your Dollars For Garbage, Which May In Fact Be Harming Your Dog Cat Than Anything You Could Be Feeding Your Pet Why Is That, You May AskBecause The Ingredients From These Foods Are Often Waste Products From The Food Industry, Animal Waste Manure That S Right , Grains, Pellet Fiber Plastics, GMO Feed Seed, Or Carcasses Of Diseased Animals In Simple Terms, They Process The Garbage That Humans Can T Consume, Add Some Unknown Chemicals, Then Pack For Your Pet It Is Sad That We Pay For ThatWould You Be Happy To Give That To Your Cat Or Dog If You Truly Love, Adore And Value Your Pet A Member Of Your Family, Your Guess Is As Good As MineThe Processed Food Garbage Perhaps Explains Why, Despite Our Dogs And Cats Eating What Many May Consider Healthy, They Are Still Scratching, Whining, Itching, Vomiting, Having Diarrhea, Yeast Infections In The Ears And Paws, And Lots Of Other Problems That Make Us Keep Going To The Vetthan Normal TimesThe Audiobook Includes These Topics A Comprehensive Background Into The World Of Dog And Cat Nutrition The Nutritional Requirements Of Dogs The Nutritional Requirements Of Cats Tell Tale Signs That Something Is Off With Whatever You Are Giving Your Pet Questions You Should Ask When Shopping For A Pet S Food Foods Ingredients That You Are Free To Give To Your Cat Or Dog And Those You Should Not Healthy And Delicious Recipes You Can Prepare For Your Dog At Home Healthy And Delicious Recipes You Can Prepare For Your Cat At Home The Specific Components In Store Bought Pet Food That You Should Actively Seek To Avoid The Question Is How Do We Feed Our Dogs And Cats Right Well, This Book Will Show You Exactly How You Will Learn, Among Other Things How To Tell If Your Cat Or Dog Is Getting Proper Nutrition How To Tell How Much Food To Give To Your Dog Or Cat How To Tell If Your Cat Or Dog Is Not Responding Well To What You Gave Him How To Introduce The Correct Supplements In Your Dog S Cat S Diet For Optimal Health When To Consult A Vet And MuchWhat Are You Waiting ForDon T Go Shopping For Your Dog Or Cat Before Listening To This Book You Will Save Your Pet A Few Scratches And The Agony Of Having Itchy SkinClick On The Buy Now To Get Started