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The trouble with running away is you take yourself with you After a case goes south Colleen McDonald leaves her police job in Oregon for a fresh start as a civilian in Orlando The last thing she needs is some cop with killer blue eyes coming around looking for her missing landlord The quickest way to get Deputy Graham Harrigan out of her life is to beat him at his own game Finding Jeffrey Walters might be Graham's ticket to a slot in the Criminal Investigations Division Determined to prove he's the man for the job despite the stain of an unsavory reputation passed down by his training partner he can't afford to be distracted by the pretty tenant in Walters' guest house A tenant who seems to know about the case than he does A tenant with her own demonsWill Colleen's secrets destroy Graham's chances for a promotion or will love make theirs a permanent partnership?

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    Another good read from the Pine Hills Police series This is actually book 4 but in chronology of the series it happens between Finding Sarah and Hidden Fire Colleen was introduced in Finding Sarah She is Randy's sounding board and is like a little sister to him She is a Pine Hills police officer Or rather was As this book opens the reader is in a scene at Randy's house where some of the officers are unwinding in a poker game Colleen is one of those officers She leaves the game and Pine HIlls virtually at the same time Suddenly Colleen is across the country in Orlando FL starting a new life As far away as she can get from home and police work She has left it all behind that horrible night when she answers a domestic call and within seconds her life is shattered If only she could leave the nightmares behind as easily Enter Graham Harrigan Orange County police Graham is working his way up in the force and finally has an opportunity to prove himself in the CID He also can't quite get that first meeting with Colleen out of his mind There's plenty of action and a mystery to solve I couldn't connect all the dots on this one until Terry Odell decided it was time Well written and fast paced but enough pauses to allow the reader to become involved with the characters At first I wasn't sure I wanted to leave Pine Hills and Randy and Sarah I was glad I did Colleen's story was worth it Now it's time to pick up book three return to Pine HIlls and let everything come full circle Maybe it will and then again maybe it won't