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TurtleMe continues his unique and creative story with this second book of the series Can t say anythingthan how much I enjoy and recommend this series. Good read that needs some editingI enjoyed this book much like the first I do have a problem with the editing though The book is a translation of the original and because of this it had to be reviewed first Normally this wouldn t be a problem if I was reading it for free on Wuxia World or Quidon International but if I m paying 3 4 US, I want the editing to be better Still that aside I highly recommend. King Grey Has Unrivaled Strength, Wealth, And Prestige In World Governed Through Martial Ability However, Solitude Lingers Closely Behind Those With Great Power Beneath The Glamorous Exterior Of A Powerful King Lurks The Shell Of Man, Devoid Of Purpose And WillReincarnated Into A New World Filled With Magic And Monsters, The King Has A Second Chance To Relive His Life Correcting The Mistakes Of His Past Will Not Be His Only Challenge, However Underneath The Peace And Prosperity Of The New World Is An Undercurrent Threatening To Destroy Everything He Has Worked For, Questioning His Role And Reason For Being Born Again The editing is taking a turn for the worstThe story is becoming a little too fantasy fulfilling and the editing is becoming consistently worse The first book was better. The little schemerI enjoyed thisthan the first I think editing issues mentioned in other reviews were cleaned up This was a quick easy read and I m eager to see him do his thing at the academy It s fun watching the powerful character stay on the down low. Superb readThere is a great plot with lots of twist and turns along the way Just be careful reading there are a lot of mistakes But if u are accustomed to this kind of reading it will be fine. Fun seriesLike a funny anime, this series has its funny moments Mostly light hearted and fun with bits of action and drama Not sure if I like the MC though He can be a bit of an arrogant DB sometimes, but it is a nice contrast when the MC acts like a little kid. Essa historia realmente meu guilty pleasure , eu reconhe o que existem diversas falhas mas ainda sim acho divertido ler. Good book.I liked the first one and this one, but I can t wait to see him and Tess when they are older. I feel a bit conflicted while reading this book On one hand, the objective part of my brain is being rubbed the wrong way by the paint by numbers feel of this story and all of the typical negative pitfalls of the genre being present On the other hand, my lizard brain is constantly being rewarded since the story is still hitting all of the standard notes that I expect.So I end up getting pulled into the story and somewhat enjoying it as I m reading ituntil I hit a part of exceptionally bad typos and grammar errors which are present numerous times throughout the book , but then when I think afterward about where the story has gone, I can only shake my head.The main character becomesoverpowered than nearly any other overpowered MC in any other story He literally does it all best physical fighter, uses nearly all the magic, has other magic than the main type of magic, kills a creature that is so strong that it is only rud to exist in the first book, knows how to build inventions that don t exist, and even knows how to dance You ll see what I mean And this is all by the age of like 11 before he even begins attending magic school.Imagine if Harry Potter got the invitation to Hogwarts and next thing you know he s just slaying dementors and death eaters left and right and just Patronus ballin out his damn mind That s pretty much what we have here.So yeah, technically I can t say I am liking this too much, but I also can t help but somewhat enjoy it as I m reading it There s nothing here that s gonna blow anybody s hair back, but honestly if you re in the mood for some anime fantasy fiction fusion then you ll probably enjoy this series.