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Publishing Contracts Can Readily Be Negotiated That Balance The Rights And Interests And Meet The Needs Of Author And Publisher Alike This Book Is Designed To Alert Authors, And Their Agents And Lawyers, To The Many Points That Are Either Omitted Entirely From Some Publishers Contracts Or Are Written Primarily From The Publishers Perspective Authors Should Be Aware That Virtually Every Publisher Regularly Revises Its Standard Contract In Many Areas When Asked To Do So By Authors And Their Representatives It Is Only The Author Who Doesn T Know It Is Perfectly Acceptable To Ask For Changes To The Standard Contract Most Of The Points Noted In This Book Can Be Obtained Simply By Asking Others May Require Harder Negotiation

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    CD, this is a super informative book Short, but very dry, it really goes into the nitty gritty, section by section explanations of everything you need to know about a book contract Could be useful for you and anyone trying to break into this business.

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    I found this book very helpful in negotiating my first book contract all by myself, as well as reviewing contracts later negotiated for my by an agent.

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    3 3.5 stars This was a really great starter s or refreshed s guide to the basics when it comes to publishing contracts For the most part, the main points are explained hit upon, but there was a fair amount missing once payments, warranties, and basic terms were outlined Clearly, the information re electronic rights was pretty much all out of date at this point I would have appreciated a much in depth look at the types of subrights one can grant to the publisher or sub license the clauses terms involved there A closer look at remainder stock deep discount royalties, clauses regarding reissues not just nonfiction new editions, would have been appreciated as well.This wasn t a bad book by any means, but it won t shed too much light on anyone whose already familiar with publishing contracts and be warned, of course, that there are many points of advice here that may not be practical or considered standard practice Solid pick, however, for anyone in need of a starter s guide Just be sure to mark down all your questions as you go

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    Very helpful book Should be on the shelf of every writer serious about selling their work Only downside is the price It s expensive for a thin little book But definitely informative and a key reference.

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    It s a grim, joyless slog of legalese, but the information is priceless.