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Zij Is En Blijft Een Van De Meest Raadselachtige Vrouwen Uit De Wereldgeschiedenis Waar Zij Vandaan Kwam, Hoe En Waar Haar Opwindende Leven Tot Een Einde Kwam We Zullen De Waarheid Wel Nooit Te Weten Komen Alleen Al Haar Naam Nefertete De Schoonheid Die Opdoemt Is Voor Verschillende Uitleg Vatbaar Was Deze Vrouw, Van Wie De Tijdloze Schoonheid Ons Nog Steeds Fascineert, Een Geschenk Van De Goden Of Duidt Haar Naam Erop Dat Zij Uit Een Verband Afkomstig Was En, Egypte Een Excentrieke Farao Huwde In Eik Geval Bleek Zij Geenszins Het Bevallige Speeltje Dat Haar Echtgenoot, Farao Achn T N, Verwachtte Zij Was In Feite Degene Die De Staat Bestuurde En Werd Als Een Godin Vereerd In Haar Korte Leven Bevorderde Zij De Cultuur En De Bouwkunst, Onttroonde De Oude Goden En Schiep Het Klimaat Voor Het Begin Van Een Nieuw Tijdperk Een Archeologische Biografie Van Een Koningin Van Wereldallure

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    Nefertiti An Archaeological Biography works neither as a reference book nor as a work of historical fiction, though it is closer to succeeding at the latter than existing as an objective and rational look at the evidence.Written in 1975 first translated into English in 1978 , Philipp Vandenberg s Nefertiti is a 160 page sketch on what the author thinks Nefertiti s life was like Published when it was, it is natural that Vandenberg does not draw on the most recent theories on Nefertiti and Amarna indeed, he seems to be writing from a time when Nefertiti was still largely considered to be a Mitanni princess and Kiya was yet to be discovered.Even considering this, Vandenberg s archaeological biography is particularly light on facts or acknowledgement of existing evidences Sure, sometimes Vandenberg sometimes references a theory that he then adopts, but he never explains why he does this whether it makes sense or has evidence supporting it Nope, it s here is a theory, this now our truth for the rest of the book and if I m honest, I think Vandenberg picks the theories he does because they re dramatic and or shocking.Even fringe theories, such as Immanuel Velikovsky s assertion that Akhenaten was Oedipus is given no interrogation as Vandenberg accepts it as fact and runs with it So, is it any better as a work of historical fiction No, not really Certainly, it has the ingredients to be a historically inaccurate rip roaring yarn I wouldn t be surprised at all if this was a major source for Pauline Gedge s The Twelfth Transforming , but at 160 pages, it reads like a summary of events with a few academic or pseudo academic references tossed in It lacks the depth to bring the characters and the context to life.There is one redeeming point though not enough to garner another star While I don t trust this book anywhere near far as I can throw it it s a very light book , it is easily written and understandable the pages do fly by At the end of the day, Nefertiti An Archaeological Biography is a waste of space as a reference book If I started picking apart all of the errors and issues found in the book, I d be ranting about nearly every paragraph I have better things to do with my time.

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    Beware when reading this book Do not take it for the entire truth This book was written in 1975 and a lot of new findings have altered some of the results within here This only represents a single string of theories among many others There are a lot of things about Nefertiti that today is a mystery but that is clear as day in this book like Nefertiti s origin, her connection with Amenhotep III and her demise I am, of course, not saying that he is entirely wrong I m just saying that this is but one of the many ways to interpret the archeological findings.

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    This book is a terrific complement to Akhenaten, Dweller in Truth, by Mahfouz novel I would have appreciated the background for reading Mahfouz s historical novel which is outstanding probably the best book I ve ever read Vandenberg is not an historian, and speculation abounds speculative speculation But I found the archaeological basis for this study to be informative and an incentive now to go back and read Mahfouz s novel for another time Also, the biography is well written, non tedious, and a quick read.

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    I found some facts incorrect For one Nefertiti passed BEFORE Akhenaten which is where Smenkhkare comes into it as co regent and also that it was Kiya that is rumoured to be Tut s mother.It s not a book that I would highly recommend, but by all means it was a good researched book.

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    It was flipping through this book and noticing one startling sentence that made me spend an afternoon reading it It was the comment that the infamous bust of Nefertiti revealed a blue hairline painted blue at the hairline, which was to indicate that the queen, like every divine being, had hair of lapis lazuli p 24 Some early depictions of the Buddha also depict him with blue hair of lapis lazuli What else was notable Depictions of the Egyptian sun god Aten disk with the rays of the sun disk, ending in hands p 91 Both Hindu gods and some Buddhist bodhisattvas such as Guanyin are depicted with multiple arms ending in hands holding attributes that help us identify them The multiple arms themselves represent the boundless power of the deity Aten s hands closest to the pharoah s and queen s faces hold the ankh, symbol of life in ancient Egypt One of the bodhisattva Guanyin s attributes is a small bottle holding the elixir of life.Such coincidences are fascinating examples of the phenomena of religious systems and for this reason alone, justify a summer afternoon s reading despite a book s obvious shortfalls several of which in the field of Egyptology have been commented on by other readers I want to note one shortfall due to our increasing knowledge of history p 69 No people in the history of humanity have put such a great value on the equipment of a tomb appropriate to the personality of the deceased as have the Egyptians The first edition of this book was written just four years after the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi s imperial tomb was discovered in 1974 since then, thousands have been discovered throughout China many extraordinary in their size, richness and decoration and no less awesome than Egypt s ancient pyramid tombs.

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    This book wasn t nearly as imformitive as I thought it should have been Most of it seemed to be focusing on speculation and theories I have a hard time calling this a nonfiction when most of it was based on speculation There is little information known for sure about Nefertiti I don t have a problem with hypothizing about her life and such, but if so, it should have been clearly stated that it is speculation than fact.

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    interesting information on an intriguing woman a little to much detail on the mummification process but overall a good review of the information that archeology has been able to uncover about this period in Egypt s history

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    Interesting, but dated and lacking evidence.