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What happens when you leave twenty six little monkeys home alone? Lots of monkey business that’s what The charming chimps in this book with names and misbehaviors to match each letter of the alphabet cause all kinds of trouble when Mom and Dad go out Jim Aylesworth’s rollicking rhyming text and Henry Cole’s irresistibly mischievous monkeys teach thealphabet with unmatched exuberance from Andy all the way to Zelda

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    Text to Text ConnectionThis book reminds me of the story of The five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Both stories are about monkeys being naughty but this story does not end with the monkeys going to bed It also made me think of all the trouble Curious George gets into in every book or tv show he appears in Monkeys are always portrayed as mischievous playful and naughty much like how they are in this book