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Umm what to say of this except DNF It starts out with Cassidy and her family on this new planet some have been exiled to as at back home Earth is dying.This new planet is far from ideal though as its freezing cold and food is scarce.Every day is a battle and less and less food supplies are arriving from Earth.So Cassidy and her older brother decides to go into the forest to try and find out if there is some source of food there.Despite the rumors of people who venture in there goes missing.Presumed killed.They dont find food but something finds them and takes them prisoners.All of the humans are captured and taken to a place called Pelhoi Island in a cattle train guarded by aliens in At Pelhoi Island they are stripped naked,given uniforms and have their hairs shaved and they get a number and told that they have no names any .They are just their numbers now.OK Does anyone find this last bit reminds them of something If the excerpt had just continued on the not so exciting but still unobjectionable path as it had started I might found myself getting the book But this eliminated my last smidgeon of interest in it.So you want to have your main character end up in imprisonement but really there was no way you couldnt do it without making it so similar to the Holocaust Finally, an indie YA Science Fiction Novel that is actually done well That was my first reaction when I finished Naked As We Came by Amberly Wynn This one took me completely by surprise and was far better than I had hoped it would be.The book reminded me a lot of the Across the Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis in some aspects but I m happy to say that the author s own unique voice and way of telling her story really shines through in Naked As We Came For such a young author I was surprised by how strong her writing is but that goes to show you that age doesn t matter when it comes to writing.I really enjoyed the first book in the Cassie Tomei series, and thought it was well laid out and apart from a few plot holes, spelling errors and it rushing a bit in places that are to be expected in a first novel I really liked Cassie s character she was really smart and not as whiney as I thought she was in the beginning and by the end I totally loved her along with the other characters in the book both the good guys and the bad guys The character development in some of the side characters could have done with a bitsubstance I d say they were pretty well developed overall.The plot though was soooo good Seriously, I was completely sucked into the story from page one and I just couldn t stop reading though this became a problem when meal time rolled around I loved the science fiction aspect of the book a lot It wasn t one of those completely out there examples of science fiction so I really appreciated that part of the story The world building was really well thought out and you can tell a lot of attention to detail was paid to it Overall, I thought this was a pretty darn good debut novel and I can t wait for the author s next book in the series to come out so I can see where things go The adventure, the drama and the mysterious alien setting all worked out really well in Naked As We Came and I can tell the author has a gift for the craft and think she has a long, and successful writing career ahead of her I would recommend this to anyone who likes Sci Fi YA novels and YA novels in general I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my free and honest review All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are 100% my own. In all my years of reading books, I ve always been drawn to the ones that I can relate to the best It s the books the bring to life a world and characters that do not exist, yet in my mind they linger for days These characters leave a sympathetic plea to be helped, to be loved, to be wanted, and it s something about the characters that make the story real In all my years of reading, this book brings to life a story that is as heart wrenching as it is heart warming Cassidy is so real to me that sometimes I thought I could feel her emotions coming off the page I applaud the author for creating a world and a character that surrounds the reader and makes them never want to leave.Naked As We Came is the tale of a young woman named Cassidy who just might lose everything in the blink of an eye In a world like Nyx, it certainly seems like a legitimate possibility Her fear of what might come is hidden by her strength She is determined to be whatever her family needs her to be and if it means killing herself in the process, I doubt she would even blink This is the story of her survival as she finds herself surrounded by hostile aliens and frightened humans The only certain thing about this story is that her life will never be the same and this world she finds herself living in might never let her go Is happiness possible in a world where the inhabitants seem hell bent on making humans suffer What does the future hold in store for this beautiful young woman Only time will tell.The plot of the novel is unique and intense and it definitely would ve taken a lot of time to conceive which shows how important this story is to the author One of my favorite things about the plot is how real it seems and how relatable the author makes it I never imagined that I would find myself in awe of a story quite like I am of this one It was well constructed and complex The whole story itself has to be peeled off layer by layer until you can see the true problems that lie beneath the surface There is a beautiful darkness that takes up the story and I love that about it.Cassidy, the main character of the novel, has many different faces to her She is confident and self reliant which leads her to refuse charity from others during the beginning of the book If she does accept it, well, that s because it is absolutely necessary Her emotional persona is strong or at least her facade is Even while she is being marked with her number, she tries to hold off the screams and the tears and she holds off longer than I would have She manages to only cry out but even that happens until her throat is raw with use As she is introduced into this new world, she is extremely curious about those that she finds her surrounded with Her eyes seem to be unable to take in everything that she wants to know and she wants to know everything, even the things that might frighten her or even destroy her Bravado is definitely a good adjective for Cassidy but underneath it all, she is still young and unprepared for the world she is facing Her greatest asset is her acting ability and it protects her in even the worst situations, it keeps her from collapsing and helps her keep her head high I definitely love and admire her as a character But the thing that makes her stand out from all of the other characters is her desire to protect the innocent from horrific fates and the only thing she wants is to make them happy.Her family, although they may not make up a big part of the story, are the driving force behind Cassidy s thoughts and efforts The first family member introduced is her younger brother, Tariq, and he is perhaps one of the most innocent characters in the book It is hard not to love him He is the one family member that lasts the longest in this world but once he is reintroduced, it is clear that he is not the same boy he was in the beginning Her Mama is described as a strong woman but not indestructible and I think that Cassidy learned a lot of her greatest traits from her I wish I would ve had the chance to get to know and understand her mother in greater depth But the only reason is because I want to see what led Cassidy to be who she is Her elder brother, Lonnie, is another character I admire greatly and I think he gave her the strength to survive in the beginning He is described as being like her Papa who had died prior to the book s beginning with his easy smile and sense of humor.The lieutenants or soldiers of this alien race are the herders of these humans The creatures that are introduced in the beginning are definitely cruel and take pleasure in killing the humans under their charge It was sickening to watch them find humor in the murder of innocents and yet, when we humans are in a war, we are as cruel as they are And this is to our own race It s a game of superiority I suppose and they assert themselves over these humans by killing them off in front of the other ones The most cruel of the lieutenants introduced is Kivo Nixo, who seems to target Cassidy from the beginning Apparently, he has a thing for damsels in distress and that is what he sees from the moment he is introduced The people that Cassidy tries to protect are the ones that are threatened by this alien.Red Eye or rather Alyen Ofeni is the love interest of this story, despite the fact that he is not human He is a lieutenant in charge of the human prisoners but for some reason he seems to be the less cruel of them He does not seem to take pleasure in killing them or hurting them in any way, including using derogatory terms for them Cassidy calls him the soldier that cannot kill or at least he won t From the moment he is introduced, you can tell that he is protective of Cassidy and cares for her beyond what she assumed was possible for her captors I honestly adore him and even though he is an alien who s job is to keep humans in line, I think he is the best thing for Cassidy Their love is wonderful story and I want to see it continue on Perhaps they can beat the odds Perhaps true love will win out.I fell in love with a lot of the minor characters as the story progressed and as things happened, my heart broke for them The author definitely made me fall in love with every character and that is what makes it most difficult to read I think the fact that every character is so lovable is the reason why I love this book so much.Go read this book, it s really amazing I love this story and I know you will too. I considered not even registering this book as a DNF, just deleting the entry, because it s plain embarrassing to say I made it as far as the saliva scene This book is so nonsensical, so full of things that don t add up, are outright silly, it s just awful Was there no editor to keep this author in check Didn t anybody proofread and was honest enough to gently let the author down by telling her to please forget about her writing ambition I ve been DNF ing lots of books lately, but comparing those works to this, I ought to at least have awarded them two stars instead of my usual one star for DNFs Never mind, the sooner I forget about this abysmal attempt at storytelling, the better. Escaping Earth Was The First Triumph Surviving Nyx Will Be The Last Sixteen Year Old Cassidy Tomei Was One Of The Lucky Few Airlifted Aboard The Wonder To The Planet Nyx This Emergency Exodus From Earth Was Meant To Bring New Hope For The Remaining Survivors Of Humankind, But There S One Problem Humankind Isn T Alone On This Mysterious New Planet On Nyx, Cassidy Is One Of Many Living Amongst Subzero Temperatures And With Nothing, But A Meager Ration Of Food For Every Household When The Rations Deplete, She Flees To Into Unfamiliar Wilderness In Search Of Food, But Instead Discovers Debris From A Foreign Spacecraft That Proves Humankind Is No Longer The Dominate Species Soon, Everything She Knows Is At Stake And Everyone She Loves Is Dead But She S Got One Battle To Fight When She S Taken Prisoner Within Pelhoi, A Concentration Camp Constructed Specifically For Humans Where Hominoid Creatures Dubbed, The Achillai Reign SupremeShe Seeks Freedom, But Finds Romance With Someone Who Might Either Save Her Or Get Her Killed ORIGINALLY ON READ A HOLICZ, HERE Going into this book I was curious to see what would happen because the summary got me really thinking and wanting to knowNow, I m not a really big fan of heavy sci fi but if it has romance then I am in Knowing it did I took a chance on this book and was surprised at what i found The story starts out all nice ish and peaceful with our main character Cassidy living on Nyx with her family and there being an emergency that pushes her to go out and about to find resources Where she and her brother, Lonnie, find a broken shipand that s when everything takes a turn for the worst I don t want to spoil the book but there are a few scenes that are pretty intense and if you don t like the harsh, gritty stuff then take caution while reading it I had to put the book down a few times because I WAS NOT expecting what happened, AT ALL Yes, from the summary I knew what I was getting into, concentration camps but I wasn t really prepared for it Although, the author wrote this book in a way that those things didn t make you uncomfortable or want to throw the book away but made you want to knowSo i kept reading and to my surprise it was a pretty great story I loved the world building and the alien race that was already there It kinda reminded me of the Nazis OO maybe it was based on it I don t really know The romance was okay, no ista love but great chemistry between Cassidy and Alyena half human AchillaiThe Ending It was EPIC it was heartbreaking and shocking There were so many things that were revealed, broken, surprising, and dangerous It ends perfectly with not too much given away but still wetting my appetite forOverall I really enjoyed this book Though if you re not much into sci fi but do love a great romance then definitely try this one 4 5 stars D My thoughts on this book are very muddled It is a wonderful book The style of writing was easy to read and relate to, and the writing itself was beautifully done This story was amazing in so many ways It s a very sad story, and I m having a hard time getting past the saddness.This is a futuristic book from the viewpoint of Cassidy Most humans have left Earth to go to Nyx, a freezing cold planet that has the means of sustaining human life Earth is virtually a wasteland of the dead Then the colony gets attacked by natives of the planet and some are taken as slaves and the others killed Cassidy of course is in the first group.I guess the sad part of this book is that everyone is killed or kills others so easily, over such simple things we all take for granted IF any of you guys do read this book, you will never again fell self pity.And it reminds me a lot of what happened with Hitler and the Holocaust It s beautiful, an amazing read, but it s a heart wrenching story too It makes you think What would I do in this sityation I ve always thought that if anything like this ever happened, I d say Fuck you I d rather die a free women than live as a slave But then you see how scared the chaaracters are And Cassidy damn Casidy is fierce And yet she is scared shitless at times It makes me think that as much as I d like to think I d be different, I wouldn t I d be scared shitless too.I love this book It s one of those books that you won t forget about It s one that you ll think on for a long time It s a what if kind of book This is all in the realm of possiblity for the future I just hope I m not around to see it.Overall, I think you should read it And not all parts in the book are bad A lot of them made me smile and laugh I think the idea was really creative and I hope to readin the future. Listened to the audiobook yes I could hear at times some errors that came out in the writing but much less so than if I d read the book I liked the narrator Really brought for the fiery spirit the main character has Firstly, it s really good to have a black author writing black characters, it s super rare in literature, especially YA Is this YA, does YA let you say fuck, piss, and other language so thoroughly I don t know if there s a comparable ratings system in lit as there are with films and the MPAA Cassidy sure ain t afraid to say it straight, though She throws shade, throws the whole tree at times The focus on her love for her family was so good, her fear about her mother s fate and the powerful bond with her brothers being the driving force was my favorite part I was iffy on the need to add a romantic subplot with the half alien who is kinda what an SS officer if they were secretly Jewish would be to to someone imprisoned in Auschwitz Especially because of the licking At least it wasn t insta love, but it was still very by the numbers, nothing I was fluttering about for The backstory about what year exactly it is and the timeline of it all could have beenfleshed out There s a definitive idea of how the planets Earth and Nyx and their histories are entwined but there s not enough to make it clear, thus a little confusion.Also soylent green.PS And I don t know why there is a second book listed, nor a third Google gives me no results onor anywhere else that they were ever written, Just a summary and a cover picture does not a book make. I ve had a row of great YA sci fi novels lately, and Naked As We Came is a nice addition to that list The few problems I had with Naked As We Came were down to the ARC format typos and few plot holes or inconsistencies, but other than that which I assume will be fixed in the final version overall I found the story to be good.The story takes place on Nyx, a planet quite similar to Earth It s a refuge for a rather small colony of humans who managed to escape Earth before a disaster Cassidy was a character that I felt a lot of sympathy for from the very beginning Her resilience and determination to protect her family were admirable throughout the novel There s not only the horrors of being enslaved by a domicile humanoid alien sort, but a personal revenge between two Achillai that make her a special target.I felt very uncomfortable with the violence The whole captivity resembles an Auschwitz in space Some scenes were truly disgusting, one in particular I believe that the same effect could have been achieved with a less graphic scene The mystery surrounding the Achillai as a species so similar to humans kept me guessing until the end, and there are a few unexpected twists and new adventures to look forward to in the sequel. I got this as an ARC copy for the upcoming blog tour I chose this book because it s YA and I now have a thing for alien type books and I m glad that I agreed to read this book The plot of this story is unique and intense It definitely keeps you on your toes and it makes you wantMany movies have been done like this where you see hostile aliens and frightened humans trying to survive but reading it on paper, made me appreciate it so much .Cassidy is a young woman who fights to hold onto everything she has She s strong willed and confidant Red Eye or Alyen is Cassidy s love interest in this book and I like him right away When you first meet him, you can tell that he wants to protect her This story as a whole is about survival and Cassidy would be willing to do anything if it means keeping her family and those closest to her alive She wouldn t even blink at the thought of death if that would guarantee her family s safety I found the author did a great job on the character development and the details of the book It left me feeling like I was there and that I could see everything through the eyes of Cassidy If you love sci fi type books, you ll enjoy this one.