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Sugar, Spice, And Everything LiceMassie Block The Holidays Are Just Around The Corner, And The Only Thing Massie Doesn T Want For Christmas Is A Lip Kiss From Her Ninth Grade Crush, Landon Not That She D Ever Admit It, But She S Nervous To Distract Herself, Massie Focuses On Getting Revenge On Claire For Ditching The Pretty Committee But When The Plan To Bug Her Ex BFF Backfires Big Time, She May Find Herself Headed For A Merry Kissmass Whether She Likes It Or NotAlicia Rivera Promised Her Parents She Wouldn T Shop At Awl Between Thanksgiving And Christmas Her Reward An All Expenses Paid Trip To The Spanish Riviera But What Happens When She Sees The Cuh Yutest Pair Of Ralph Lauren Sunglasses No Pain, No SpainDylan Marvil After Going Overboard At The Westchester Mall, Dylan Isn T Worried About The Size Of Her Clothes But She Is Worried About The Size Of Her Clothing Budget Cuh Redit Denied Kristen Gregory Is Sick Of Being The Only Poor Girl In Westchester But Misery Loves Company, And Maybe, Just Maybe, She Won T Be The Only Broke Member Of The Pretty Committee For Long Claire Lyons When Massie Scares Off Her New Drama Friends With A Fake Lice Scare, Claire Decides She S Done Letting Massie Bully Her The Alpha May Have Exterminated Claire S Social Life, But What Goes Around Comes Around The Raid Is On, And It Won T Be Over Until The Fat Ladybug SingsThe Clique The Only Thing Harder Than Getting In Is Staying In

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    So I just read this book and my mind is still reeling from what happened All I have to say is the ending shocked me I WAS SHOCKEDWow Lisi Harrison definitely knows how to keep the action going, and I love how she can make up all of this such as the comebacks and sayings the characters say in the book I am a bit sad to know that the next book will be the last in the Clique series but thankfully I will still have the Alpha series her new series Monster High to look forward to Loved this book, and I cannot wait for the last one

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    Again, I hate when Claire and TPC are fighting, especially because Claire and Massie truly love each other so much However, I m so glad that Massie finally had a mature conversation with a boy she s crushing on It made everything so easier Now that Massie is poor, though, the one thing I wish we got in this series was a starter book of The Pretty Committee, before Claire came into the picture We know that TPC had their golden days a year before Claire moved in, but it would have been nice to actually read it, than having to read about it I would have liked to see how Massie, Dylan, Alicia, and Kristin operated as a team, before all this drama went down, to get a real picture of how perfect their lives were I would have loved to see them hang out together, go shopping together, get their hair and nails done together, etc before Claire, so I could really appreciate all the changes they went through within the two years the series spans.Oh well Onto the last book

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    Woowww Claire and Massie aren t friends any because Claire felt that Massie was so bossy to her and kept pushing her around Massie wanted revenge on Claire for ditching her but Claire refused Massie to treat her like a child Claire pulled a huge prank on Massie for revenge so she put bed bugs on her bed and then they had to get her whole house locked out for days to remove the bed bugs.Landon and Massie kissed but his grandparents saw and thought she was fast but it was nothing because Landon was her boyfriend and he had understood.And uh oh, horrible news , MASSIE.IS.POOR It s so true Her parents are now struggling with the crisis How could she maintain her Alpha status any She just couldn t tell her friends But Claire forgave her and atleast Claire was by her side she was the only one who knew She.was.stuck I don t know what she ll do next but I can t wait until the last book of the series A tale of two pretties comes out to find out what happens

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    My Little Phony is the second to last Clique series novel There have been so many clique books, that now I feel that I am way older than the girls, because when I started reading them I was in Jr High and felt relatable to the girls But, I still find the Clique series really funny The writing is hilarious, the comparisons and Massie s disses are pretty funny I also know the characters so well that I really want to know what happens next This one was pretty easy to get into Massie and Claire continue to have their long love hate relationship fights Massie makes up pretty cruel lies about Claire, but Claire in the end pretty much is forgiving and kind I grew a little bit closer to Massie as tragedy hits, and she breaks down a bit It was interesting because it was probably what Massie dreaded most I liked this book, and want to see how the final book plays out I want happy endings for everyone, but that doesn t always happen, so we ll see Although I wouldn t quite identify the Clique books by the individual books as ones that you would remember forever, all together they are a humorous read and fun to read The characters are all fresh and funny, and they can all remind you of your Jr High self I give My Little Phony a B It wasn t my favorite Clique book, but I still found it funny at parts and am still connected to the characters I recommend it for those ages 12 and up It is pretty clean.

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    More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World YA Book Reviews Nearing the end of The Clique series saddens me I ve spent years with these high horse girls and it s upsetting to know that no books will be made after the next novel My Little Phony was enjoyable to watch Claire stand up against Massie I ll say this now, Massie has her moments where I adore her but through out most of the series I just wanted karma to mess her up Claire happened to do that for most of the novel and I applaud her on such success But like the phoenix that is Massie Block, she always rises from the ashes.With such realistic outcomes such as bullying and finical difficulties in this book, there are people that can relate and some who know every brand name that Lisi happens to jot down I live near the Hamptons, so I know snooty rich folks that are like Massie Block and Co Thus I was able to relate in a way with Claire, and even know what places there were and some of the fashion extravaganzas that Massie s closet withholds

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    This is one of the many book I have read from the Clique Series By Lisi Harrison, her books are amazing and you just can t stop reading once you start.In this book My Little Phony, is action packed, you will not be able to put it , down once I started reading I got hooked, the author adds so much details , and it feels like you re right there Massie Block is a rich girl living her luxurious lifestyle in the wealthy part of Westchester,NY and she has it all money, fashion, popularity , friends etc But in this book she begins to lose it all , what everyone never thought would happen in their wildest dreams, and the only person she is trusting with this precious secret is her former friend.enemy and now Best Friend Forever Claire Lyons because Claire is used to the simple lifestyle and is possibly the only one who can help her through this This book was a shocker, and I m like amazed how the author cleverly twisted this book, now I can t wait to read the next one.

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    I give this book 2 out of five stars This book is kinda bad The author had never talked to a teenager before because they all sound like they don t even go to a PUBLIC school.Yet they all go to a private school Here are some quotes from the story Ehmagawd.What if Landon wants to kiss you en francais Ehmagawd I m so sorry Also the use of similes and metaphors was an overkill.These girls First world problems were crazy For example, when Massie Found out that her parents were going broke she acted like how any normal person would react to hearing that a family member died Lisi didn t even care about the other four girls problems only Massie s and Claire s Which makes no sense because she puts all of the girls problem in the book.Overall this book stunk but I like how the girls kinda stood up for themselves against the PC.

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    This was not a good book at all It wasn t really much like a clique book In the book, Claire and Massie aren t friends any Massie drives away Claire s friends and Claire tries to pull pranks on Massie Are you rolling your eyes yet

    THEN, the single most cliche thing happens The mean girl goes broke That s right, Massie s dad loses all his money and Claire and Massie make up because of it Oh, and all throughout the book, Massie is stressing over kissing her boyfriend Sigh I m honestly surprised I ever liked this series Let s just say that I WON T be reading the next one The one thing I liked about these books before was that they weren t cliche Now they re becoming just that.

    Sorry, Lisi Harrison You just didn t write a very good book this time.

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    It s been many years since I have read one of these books, but decided since I have so many students back into them this year, and I hadn t finished the series, I should know what they re reading Ugh Why do middle school girls like these books I get it, many have real life situations with friends, boys, school, and family, but who can relate to middle schoolers who live in mansions, have their own credit cards, drivers, maids, and massage therapists And I m tired of Claire allowing herself to get stomped on by Massie over and over and over again Where is the message on standing up for what you believe in

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    Ehtough to say since the other books were really dumb, but this book was really different Yeah the ending REALLY freaking surprised me SPOILER DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU VE READ THE BOOK Okaaayyy..so Massie goes POOR The whole bedbug thing really threw me off That s not a Claire Layne thing that would have happened in an earlier book I can t believe that plan really went through This book was creepily different I don t remember any of the books being like this, so I think I m going to read the last one just to see what happens.