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Best EPub, Moving Mars By Greg Bear This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Moving Mars, Essay By Greg Bear Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Greg Bear s MOVING MARS was nominated for the Hugo Award in 1993, sold well, and was acclaimed by some reviewers I loved every word of Kim Stanely Robinson s Mars trilogy, and wanting to learn about the Red Planet, I read MOVING MARS I was nearly instantly disappointed.MOVING MARS concerns a rebellion of the people of Mars against a hostile government on Earth Central to this event is the discovery of a small team of Martian scientists that space time is malleable and objects can be easily converted into energy or moved across immense distances The inhabitants of Mars decide the solar system is no place for them and move Mars 10,000 light years away The plot is somewhat reminiscent of Poul Anderson s risible Future History beginning with HARVEST OF STARS in which Earth is evil and oppressive and only the libertarian spacers can save humanity.Prior to the publication of MOVING MARS Greg Bear was an excellent writer His 1985 work EON and its wild sequel ETERNITY were innovative, well written classics of science fiction In MOVING MARS, on the other hand, none of Bear s talent is visible The characters are unrealistic, and the writing is as bad as a mass market paperback you d find in an airport Two of the most crushing blows concern the plot and the science behind it The plotting is badly done It is one thing for a writer to develop a plot and then introduce a surprise ending, but Bear doesn t even expose the plot until the last 100 pages, meaning that the reader has been forced to waste his time for three hundred pages Bear s physics are also loopy, rather odd considering that he is trained in physics and his former novels wielded this training well In MOVING MARS, however, the basics of Bear s science are not necessarily implausible, but the physicists go from discovery to implementation in an unrealistic amount of time.There are a number of nonsensical developments in the book Why is being bound to Earth necessarily bad The Martians rebel against a Terran government that shows itself only benevolent, How can Casseia find herself VP of Mars at the age of 30, especially when she has no legitimate political experience Also, how could Bear write a novel about Mars and hardly mention its landscape and the issue of terraformation MOVING MARS is a juvenile work that can t stand up against science fiction classics For an excellent work on Mars, check out Kim Stanely Robinson s epic Mars trilogy RED MARS, GREEN MARS, and BLUE MARS Robinson s superb prose describes the beauty of the landscape like a Gary Snyder poem If you want to try a Greg Bear novel, try EON and ETERNITY instead of MOVING MARS One of the slowest burns, but with a very bright ending You could say the majority of the book 400 pages is all backstory and character development, if not the entire thing All so the last 100 hundred pages can stitch up the story nicely with emotion, action and all even a little nostalgia it s a long book The main character was nicely set up over time Very epic She made a few leaps in skill level that could be a little unbelievable but the author kept her humble enough Same could be said for the suspension of belief regarding some of the scientific applications within the story Yet the book was very well researched in all aspects Another reviewer called Bear a master of extrapolation Which is dead on in this story Loved the mars vs earth political storyline Prevalent in lots of sci fi but woven together nicely into a doomsday nuclear stalemate type of war scenario, but with a wonderfully new and simple solution if you can t stand the heat in the kitchen, move the kitchen If you get stuck or bogged down in the first half of this story, try to read on I think your struggles will pay dividends in the end. Moving Mars is probably my favorite hard Sci fi book I ve read Although the first half is mind boggling and full of politics and science that I didn t understand whatsoever, the 2nd half than makes up for it with the breathtaking action Again, as in the first six or ten times I ve read this, as I flipped the last page, I let out the breath I ve apparently been holding for hours Yes, I know I didn t really hold my breath for hours, but it sure feels like it I have very mixed feelings about this book On the one hand, the author s vision of the Mars landscape and his back story about the planet s former life forms really grabbed me On the other hand, the characters seemed like robots, and the long narrative felt plodding, without a sense of rising crisis even though the actual events are cataclysmic I tend to prefer minimalist scifi, where everything flows from a few premises about future technology or society MOVING MARS, on the other hand, is of the kitchen sink school, with nanotech that can construct buildings or alter the brain, warm sleep that allows virtual immortality, geo engineering of the climate, and Therapy that can root out aggression and other anti social impulses in order to ensure a harmonious society This is all on top of the key technology that drives the plot, a new understanding of the universe that allows matter to be converted to anti matter and masses the size of the Moon or Mars to be moved instantaneously across billions of miles When there s so much futuristic technology available, anything becomes possible science becomes the magic Deus Ex Machina that will save the day For me, this reduces the appeal of the genre.All this being said there are enough interesting ideas and descriptions in this book to make it well worth reading I only wish the author had been a bit selective in choosing which products of his remarkably fruitful imagination to include in the novel The result would have been a stronger work, in my opinion. This thing about settling Mars always devolving into political strife has to stop Enjoyable hard science fiction novel about the coming of age of the Mars colony both politically and scientifically and how Mother Earth reacts to the changes Thought the main plot was very interesting and loved all the political machinations but did get a bit bogged down during the scientific explanations Listened to the audio version read by Sharon Williams. I m not into drama and character development, or long, elaborate social development stories I m much interested in the new tech, the scientific breakthrough, or just a good action tale in a sci fi setting that couldn t possibly be told in any other setting.Unfortunately for me, Mr Bear takes a long time setting up and developing his characters and the socio political background for his Mars colony If that s your cuppa, you ll probably love it If, like me, that just doesn t interest you, read the first section to get the characters and the background, then skip to the middle of the book like I did That s about where the science of the story starts to develop, and there s nothing in the part I skipped that I couldn t figure out on the fly.Even then, though, it was still a little slow and plodding, until the very end when all of sudden everything s happening now, and it s Go, go, GO The ending was well explained and set up, but Bear spent a long time telling why they had to do thing A, and then suddenly, admittedly forced by their opponents, they had to do thing B It worked, I think, but it still felt forced, so it didn t work well.I like Greg Bear s writing, but this one just didn t do much for me A shame, though, because I loved the scientific breakthrough. 4.5 to 5.0 stars This is a fantastic novel Greg Bear gives the reader a very well rounded view of a future Mars and Earth and provides fascinating ideas about a variety of topics, including future politics both Earth and Mars , artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and genetic engineering I enjoyed the way Bear addressed each of these topics and made them both accessible and very interesting All of the above is enough to highly recommend this book However, when you add in the major scientific breakthrough which is at the heart of the story and the reason of the title and the way it is incorporated into the plot, the book becomes a standout novel Winner Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee John W Campbell Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel What a great read You begin with a story, a psychology, an idiology and think, this book does a good job of understanding the human condition s Then the red rabbit hole deepens and you are taken into a science of scale that is wonderous and frightening The results of which create the mess and subsequent liberation of Mars.I was truly enthralled the whole time This book in itself could have been broken up into a few volumes and a number of tributaries to let you know of the people, politic, science, or any such other things but it wasn t It s not a weakness of the book but just an annotation What is delivered is broad like a sinewave deep in some places, shallow in others but understood nearly completely.It makes me grin in hindsight at the other books to this point You could read these backwards and be easily as forward Mars Moon Earth or Earth Moon Mars, it really doesn t matter Funny that way.Good read all around